World's First Production Micro 4 Stroke Engine with See Through Head!

29. juli. 2020
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  • How much is that

    Khreez AbellaKhreez AbellaMåned siden
  • So folks that's how the inside of a piston chamber woks!

    Mohit GauriyaMohit Gauriya2 måneder siden
  • Too cool

    aj growsaj grows2 måneder siden
  • Imagine turbo...!!!

    Marcelo Bayer ValleMarcelo Bayer Valle2 måneder siden
  • @letslearnsomething channel already did it may be 5 - 6 times

    Jaswanth NaiduJaswanth Naidu2 måneder siden
  • Engine: 10 Filming: 1

    IAmAgainstIAmAgainst2 måneder siden
  • so your telling me the cycle happens so fast that the spark plugs look like they are always on? is that how car engines work? like it's that fast? wtf am I doing gonna youtube this shit rn.

    Krabby PattyKrabby Patty2 måneder siden
    • No, it's much much slower than that, each piston fires a little more than once a second.

      IAmAgainstIAmAgainst2 måneder siden
  • Can you put it on a dyno and see how many hamsterpower it has?

    Eric BitzerEric Bitzer3 måneder siden
  • 4:00 Would it run on a 50/1 mix with the appropriate oil ?

    Donal CaseyDonal Casey3 måneder siden
  • Is that @ 1:34 plastic spark plug heat proof ?

    Donal CaseyDonal Casey3 måneder siden
  • thatll be so cool to have that window on a motor bike or car

    The Matrix WeaveThe Matrix Weave3 måneder siden
  • 4:20 enough said

    lilkurd2000lilkurd20003 måneder siden
  • Uncle Rey

    Uncle ReyUncle Rey3 måneder siden
  • Need to load up the motor and see how it looks

    Phil WilliamsPhil Williams3 måneder siden
  • beautiful sound .... f

    do_ itdo_ it3 måneder siden
  • Greenhouse gas production machine

    Ashutosh PrasadAshutosh Prasad3 måneder siden
  • Blue fire more energetic! Tune that's

    সূর্য্য SUN ukসূর্য্য SUN uk3 måneder siden
  • No high speed camera? !...

    iyi biraiyi bira3 måneder siden
  • I'd use a paint maker to clock the high speed needle position. With the plan of switching to a clicker style aircraft needle valve assembly, if the friction o-ring one moved with vibration.

    TonyTony3 måneder siden
  • excellent

    Adam Pike CollegemanAdam Pike Collegeman3 måneder siden
  • It's normal size

    ottootto3 måneder siden
  • It is mind boggling as you would never think air movement and combustion could happen that fast. You know fast enough to allow for even 10,000 rpm let alone much higher in some engines. It is hard to grasp that stuff when we work on such a slow time scale by comparison.

  • Isn’t it weird how we have progressed but we still use fire to move us around

    Henry GardnerHenry Gardner3 måneder siden
  • It would have been interesting to have seen it in slow motion.

    Maine Rock FlourMaine Rock Flour3 måneder siden
  • Someone put window in Motor. Me:*Visible confusion* Johnny:"Visible combustion!"

    NicoNico3 måneder siden
  • cool vid, just a slight shame there is a hiss on the background of all the audio. may be a filter out there to clean that up for you easily

    Th3MafiaTh3Mafia3 måneder siden
  • Where can I get one

    Omer AskinOmer Askin4 måneder siden
  • with "see through head" i doubt that the creator of this engine did wrote this title. I mean retards doesnt create things :D

    Y. LatinovY. Latinov4 måneder siden
  • Блестяще

    Uncle YakshengeUncle Yakshenge4 måneder siden
  • Get this over to the slowmo guys! I want to see each stroke at 200,000,000,000 fps!

    Brett PriorBrett Prior4 måneder siden
  • imo it needs a load so it can run better and also warm up properly, then you wont have the excess oil because the heat will burn the oil properly.

    bittasweet symphonybittasweet symphony4 måneder siden
  • If that were a big Gunson Colortune, I'd say it was running a bit rich :)

    lordandprotectorlordandprotector4 måneder siden
  • Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow...somewhere my high school auto-shop teacher has a massive hardon for this thing...

    Ari MouratidesAri Mouratides4 måneder siden
  • Pretty video. Too bad, though, about the narration.

    Dan YeagerDan Yeager4 måneder siden
  • How long do cranks last on these engines , is the conrod just connected with a cintered bush to the crank due to the low power output?

    NeilNeil4 måneder siden
  • That's Christmas sorted!

    Good luck everyoneGood luck everyone4 måneder siden
  • Imagine this on a toothbrush, that would be fucking epic.

    gogleeatmyshitgogleeatmyshit4 måneder siden
  • Adding a small oil pan for cleaner operation is not a big deal for this motor, yes, more part and more complication, but what's the point of having 4 stroke engine without proper lubricating system? excess unburnt oil creating mess even for minutes of operation, the whole idea behind 4 stroke engine is clean operation, as much as possible, otherwise there is no deference with 2 stroke smoky one.

    A OA O4 måneder siden
  • Can we have DOHC with two separate valve covers like on a classical inline-4 in a bike? Maybe quadruple the displacement and reuse window and valves ( 4 instead of 2)(double stroke half RPM).

    Arne Christian RosenfeldtArne Christian Rosenfeldt4 måneder siden
  • The spark gap seems quite large to me. Surely needs a very high voltage. Also I want laser ignition as an option!

    Arne Christian RosenfeldtArne Christian Rosenfeldt4 måneder siden
  • So where does the excess oil come from? From the pan, doesn't it? It is just missing an oil pump. Even 2-stroke engines can mix the oil themselves. After all most of it is needed for the bearings. So no matter if the fuel washes it away afterwards, the ideal point for oil injection is in the bearing and not the fuel tank.

    Arne Christian RosenfeldtArne Christian Rosenfeldt4 måneder siden
  • Pompeo thinks these are a threat to US security.

    KoxingaKoxinga4 måneder siden
  • You need to make slomo shots of that combustion chamber.

    pangrac1pangrac14 måneder siden
  • all this video did was make wonder why a car even needs a distributor lol.. looks like the plug never stops

    phantommaggotxxxphantommaggotxxx4 måneder siden
  • If you have to mix oil with the gas then it's NOT a 4stroke it's a 2stroke !

    Joshua TisdaleJoshua Tisdale4 måneder siden
  • Imagine a human with a see through head

    CortexCortex4 måneder siden
  • you could probably advance and retard the timing by moving that magnet sensor and make it burn cleaner

    SledgeSledge4 måneder siden
  • I need the slow Mo guys in here!

    Imadur RahmanImadur Rahman4 måneder siden
  • Please can you talk in your video it starts being annoying

    Simon LalondeSimon Lalonde4 måneder siden
  • Why did you buy something you probably could've made better?

    Bent WaterBent Water4 måneder siden

    DoElectronicsYourselfDoElectronicsYourself4 måneder siden
  • Visible combustion, to combat visible confusion!

    TonatsiTonatsi4 måneder siden
  • Accurately skilled.... wish i have that skill The eyes, smooth and steady hands Of course the brain

    Edison YeeEdison Yee4 måneder siden
  • What's it for? What can it power?

    Donna MarieDonna Marie4 måneder siden
    • @Cynthia Johnson-Eaton Thank you.

      Donna MarieDonna Marie4 måneder siden
    • Its a bench engine, so its literally meant to be looked at, run for amusement. I mean you could use it for something but I would be a waste when cheaper more powerful normal engines could be had.

      Cynthia Johnson-EatonCynthia Johnson-Eaton4 måneder siden
  • Don’t say 2 stroke oil it is r50

    Carter LentCarter Lent5 måneder siden
    • But r50 is two stroke oil

      Cynthia Johnson-EatonCynthia Johnson-Eaton4 måneder siden
  • Aapane engine kahase liya muze Lena hai rate

    Narayan ShindeNarayan Shinde5 måneder siden
  • Will this be able to run a 1/5th scale rc truck??

    iLoveNYthisMuch iLoveNewYorkThisMuchiLoveNYthisMuch iLoveNewYorkThisMuch5 måneder siden
  • No comment?

    Hadj NabilHadj Nabil5 måneder siden
  • That's why I love engineering

    Emmanuel DuruEmmanuel Duru5 måneder siden
  • 4 stroke that runs like a 2.

    Cameron PooleCameron Poole5 måneder siden
  • Der hat ja eine unten liegende Nockenwellen

    Der Putz EimerDer Putz Eimer5 måneder siden
  • It looks like a Toyota camera.

    Buf foonBuf foon5 måneder siden
  • Why bother

    bike kingbike king5 måneder siden
    • In a few years you will get the warm fuzzies from cool stuff that is pointless. Or not, idk you, I just know that interesting things that don't have utility is a bit of an older person's interest

      Cynthia Johnson-EatonCynthia Johnson-Eaton4 måneder siden
  • THAT WAS AWESOME. thankyou. so happy i've seen inside a cylinder head whilst its running, albeit a little rc engine. all the same just smaller lol. proper chuffed

    Down - The - ShedDown - The - Shed5 måneder siden
  • Flathead designs kinda suck

    madjimmsmadjimms5 måneder siden
    • No shit, it was done so they could make the glass top. Kinda hard to run a valve train through glass

      Cynthia Johnson-EatonCynthia Johnson-Eaton4 måneder siden
  • Mine Gasoline goes up in the tank impossible to start...

    p8036p80365 måneder siden
  • That is not a 4 stroke it take 2 cycle and that is for 2 stroke

    Lil SkizzyLil Skizzy5 måneder siden
  • I need a new bracket to hold the starter, anyone know where I can get one?

    twistedyogerttwistedyogert5 måneder siden
  • I bought one and im going to charge my phone with it

    Car Lover PhotographyCar Lover Photography5 måneder siden
  • Super

    technical subhadeeptechnical subhadeep6 måneder siden
  • Lmfaooo who else got the maxine waters add

    jr Ojr O6 måneder siden
  • wow that’s so amazing!!

    Jonathan HillJonathan Hill6 måneder siden
  • For sale one day?

    James TeichlerJames Teichler6 måneder siden
  • That cannot be good to the engine

    Siddhart SinghSiddhart Singh6 måneder siden
  • Bang bisa pesan mesin mini yah gak

    Sarman SarmanSarman Sarman6 måneder siden
  • Good👍👍👍👍👍 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    yok solawatanyok solawatan6 måneder siden
  • when you turn the gear right starter motor turns but when you turn the gear left starter motor doesn't move. When the engine starts I assume gear will turn left to not damage the belt.

    baba yagababa yaga6 måneder siden
  • Not since the Tee Dee .010 have I felt compelled to describe a combustion engine as 'adorable'.

    Stoop SoloStoop Solo6 måneder siden
  • 2nd bro watch destins video from smarter everyday

    DiaperpoopmanDiaperpoopman6 måneder siden
  • Dell?

    R ‐ TechR ‐ Tech6 måneder siden
  • Compression ratio- 1.6:1, haha!

    The sinner Jim WhitneyThe sinner Jim Whitney6 måneder siden
  • In slow motion? (Dustin Smarter everyday)?

    Manu WeyersManu Weyers6 måneder siden
  • cool

    Jeff JoyJeff Joy6 måneder siden
  • How and why the excess oil ends up in that container?

    Estêvão PessottaEstêvão Pessotta6 måneder siden
  • Imagine putting that in a rc car

    Drifty Boi 69Drifty Boi 696 måneder siden
  • Simply awesome!!!

    Diego LeocádioDiego Leocádio6 måneder siden
  • Niceeeeeee

    Gabriel VieiraGabriel Vieira6 måneder siden
  • Heh, the detailing reminds me of a camera.

    Hunter GmanHunter Gman6 måneder siden
  • Please slowly but this is good

    Puvaneswary Puva puvaPuvaneswary Puva puva6 måneder siden
  • Idk why I read the thumbnail as,"visible confusion"

    Claudio AndyanataClaudio Andyanata6 måneder siden
  • where to buy excess oil tank? thx.

    碧玉小家碧玉小家6 måneder siden
  • Mini stinger v8 engines are way better same scale roughly and are made to be almost completely accurate as can be and have superchargers check them out

    life gainslife gains6 måneder siden
  • Imagine we inside that space

    Sanju SunojSanju Sunoj6 måneder siden
  • Sounds like my first car🤣

    A. PaulA. Paul6 måneder siden
  • *Me* : trying to increase my phone volume.(At first) *Also me* : Trying to decrease my phone volume.( When the engine starts)

    Unknown personUnknown person6 måneder siden
  • i want one !

    RF monkeyRF monkey6 måneder siden
  • Класс!

    Homa526Homa5267 måneder siden
  • A lot of blue flames Surpised by how clean the combustion is

    DatGamehDatGameh7 måneder siden
  • Wow

    Mark Dave VelascoMark Dave Velasco7 måneder siden
  • *project farm wants to know your location*

    andrewesquivelandrewesquivel7 måneder siden