TWIN RC Wankel Rotary Engine First Run!

22. des.. 2020
897 836 Ganger

The final part of the twin rotary engine. It uses 2 x O.S Wankel 49pi II engines. It has a great flaw at the moment which I'm going to fix it at some point. The eccentric shaft is not hardened. I made it out of ck45 steel. It's very durable and can be used as a shaft just fine. However the lobes, as well as the front and rear of the shaft, spin inside 4 needle bearings in total. That means that the shaft will be chewed by those hardened needle bearing material. I need to harden the existing e-shaft, which is the wrong method since it's in its final dimensions, or make it all over again. The process is as follows: Turning on the lathe leaving it slighltly overised, quenching and then grinding. I don't feel very confident about the last two, but I'll try it. Any ideas on what material can use to avoid the hardening and grinding? Something that can be turned only with carbide I guess.
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  • great fuel economy : )

    Nolan AdamsNolan Adams18 timer siden
  • What about... 2 more rotors and turn some pieces to titanium so they resist more wear and the supercharger?

    José EL MACHO RodríguezJosé EL MACHO Rodríguez18 timer siden
  • Build a baby RX7 to put the engine in. What next ? ROAD TRIP !

    George CicairosGeorge Cicairos2 dager siden
  • Now you need a pet squirrel to strap to it. Awesome work.

    william killingsworthwilliam killingsworth2 dager siden
  • 14:07 wouldn’t that be wear from the side seals?

    BPDBPD2 dager siden
  • Slap a turbo on it Lol I'm being sarcastic 😂

    siddhanth 666siddhanth 6663 dager siden
  • Impressive!

    periklisgkperiklisgk4 dager siden
  • Runs like shit I will stuck with stroke engines

    Chak&StakChak&Stak4 dager siden
  • Realy nice if you us HHO ...

    Phais KreckPhais Kreck5 dager siden
  • Can you make a rc boat or tank with an mini engine

    Angelo SalviaAngelo Salvia7 dager siden
  • Please complete it with rx7 bodyshell

    Kail TajamKail Tajam7 dager siden
  • a problem with Wankel engines is that the tips on the rotor wear out quickly and need to be replaced to keep compression high in the ignition chamber, they sprung loaded some tips to help with longevity but this problem along with its thirsty nature sidelined Wankles from mass usage in the auto industry, do you have the same problem, I.E. the tips wearing out quickly, in a car it makes the servicing of these parts to much hassle, the time involved is just too much, labour costs and downtime of the engine,

  • Johny I think your going need a bigger tank!

    Jason TJason T9 dager siden
  • Incredible skill 🤙🏻

    Jason TJason T9 dager siden
  • How can I get these engines?

    Minsu KimMinsu Kim13 dager siden
  • rx7 so niceeeeeeeeee

    Richard BekkersRichard Bekkers14 dager siden
  • put it on an rx7 model

    franco Gonzalezfranco Gonzalez14 dager siden
  • I wonder how much horsepower that thing makes, plz sir let me know.

    Kurtis HeardKurtis Heard14 dager siden
  • I wonder if that would work well for like a 3D acrobatic flyer, all that torque

    Jonathan NaranjoJonathan Naranjo16 dager siden
  • Did you add premix?

    PF_EngsPF_Engs19 dager siden
  • Meu deus vc e top

    Lc lcLc lc20 dager siden
  • Nice build! but it really needs a flywheel and I would run 30% Nitro, you'll get a much smoother idle from it.

    Fun freqFun freq24 dager siden
  • 4:23 that caught my attention 😂

    jesse villanuevajesse villanueva24 dager siden
  • 12:25 "that thing is thirsty" rotary owners: first time?

    Black UnicornBlack Unicorn25 dager siden
  • 10:56 starting it. Put it in an RC Toyota Starlet, or a Suzuki Samurai.

    TE BETE BE25 dager siden
  • Amazing, love it. Gotta ask, where do you even get the plans to build this.

    Michael JayMichael Jay25 dager siden
  • Too thicc for a mini nature engine. Use some better material and lose some weight probably would make a good Ver2.0

    Chen LChen LMåned siden
  • RC motors porn

    Gabriel KGabriel KMåned siden
  • just wow

    YuriYPYYuriYPYMåned siden
  • Is there a Solidworks compatible file available?

    TraderParker 13TraderParker 13Måned siden
  • i wood treat the shaft with cherry red its a case hardening and hard anodized the aluminum parts nice motor where did you get the plans for the Wankel motor?

    Danny PetoDanny PetoMåned siden
  • Hey cool vid, how do you determine the fits between the parts? Do you use some recommended values from specific book or how do you do it? Cheers!

    ZombartiZombartiMåned siden
  • That’s like a mini Peripheral ported billet air cooled 13b

    AnokopwvasAnokopwvasMåned siden
  • johnny:What now? me:add a twin turbo set>:)

    fabian sfabian sMåned siden
  • So cool

    Alexander SillanAlexander SillanMåned siden
  • OMG this NEEDS to be in an rc car/truck. Maybe make an Rx7 or rx8 inspired street car and see what she can do? With the right gearing and such I bet it screams.

    NeoIsrafilNeoIsrafilMåned siden
    • This is the plan at some point ;)

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90Måned siden
  • If ye do a type 3 hard anodize on the aluminum plates, they wi wear longer.

    J MacLarenJ MacLarenMåned siden
  • you could use the little engine to power a radio control model airplane

    • I'd love to, but I'm more a car guy. Plus, I've never flown an rc airplane before and there is no place for such activities in my country.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90Måned siden
  • Anodize the irons man I know you can do it and they'll last alot longer. Great work though beautiful stuff please though fix your exhaust situation those 90° bends are so bad on an engine that relies on harmonics so heavily and I mean your work is so good that if you knew I'm sure you would've already haha. The day you make a 4rotor is gonna be amazing especially a boosted one and I hope that's where this is going

    Oliver ScorsimOliver ScorsimMåned siden
  • Hardening, I thought you could heat it untill bright orange then dip it in old oil?

    Steve MedvedSteve MedvedMåned siden
  • Wankel engine is a 2 stroke type engine..

    kure autokure autoMåned siden
  • Jhon in the house 😅

    A YAA YAMåned siden
  • What’s the quote on one of these 🧐

    Dr. DelusionalDr. DelusionalMåned siden
  • Johnny maybe use encanel for shaft?

    Alek FreeManAlek FreeManMåned siden
  • No springs or keepers for the graphite?? Do you think this engine is reliable or would that be a flaw??

    Mike FickMike FickMåned siden
  • 1/5 scale RX7 RC drift car build?

    Steve ZimmermanSteve ZimmermanMåned siden
  • Now need 4 rotor😁

    Arif x402Arif x402Måned siden
  • you make a Good job but ist interesting to See how you make a 3 our a 4ROTOR for a RC CAR but With a wather Cooling System!!!!👍🏼😉👌🏼

    EmilioLEANDRO TodoEmilioLEANDRO TodoMåned siden
  • I wish my RX-7 sipped fuel this conservatively

    TraditionTraditionMåned siden
  • ***PLEASE TAKE NOTE*** I am very experienced and formerly a distributor of JUSTICE BROTHERS Automotive Products. They have a copyrighted element in all their products called "metal conditioner" with the machines you make you NEED a bottle of "HEAVY DUTY VEHICLE" or other Misc products with a lesser concentration and added oil base. But HEAVY DUTY VEHICLE specifically is PURE metal conditioner, this is a product that will cut your friction on contact surfaces to as little as humanly possible. With enough soaked into a full sized engine it can even run (for a while at least) with NO OIL AT ALL thats how effective it is. You have enough scaled engines you can absolutely prove what I'm saying. For $20, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? But I'm 100% positive from an insider's perspective it'll make all of your creations run longer, faster, more trouble free, with less wear. It stops metal from leaving the system. Instead of scraping and scoring on bearings and these rotary face plates you'll see it basically POLISHES anywhere that metal rubs metal, if area gets hot it's even more effective. I want you to put some in your little engines so when you take them apart it'll PROVE BEYOND ANY QUESTION what these products do. But as you rely on oil content in your fuels to lubricate you more than anyone could benefit the most from what they have to offer. If you have a hard time finding some to use on your projects Message me at I really enjoy your videos and can't wait to see how much better they'll work/longer they'll last!!

    Jiva SaktiJiva SaktiMåned siden
  • Can you get it to two step? Maybe flames? 😅

    LMAOPicturesLMAOPicturesMåned siden
  • I'm surprise this little guy wasn't water cool. I thought the engine would freeze up.

    Vince FelixVince FelixMåned siden
  • Anyway I cam!!!

    James BarkerJames BarkerMåned siden
  • 1/8 or 1/10?

    Jacek TomczakJacek TomczakMåned siden
  • 11:07 goodbye headphone user

    MyUserNamesSonicMyUserNamesSonicMåned siden
  • Just harden the old one, the friction surfaces are already polished 😂

    Heart-Under-Blade 忍野 忍Heart-Under-Blade 忍野 忍Måned siden
  • Im trying to figure out what the hexagons on the cutting mat could be used for.

    mecon92mecon92Måned siden
  • Would a single rotor be extremely unstable Because of all the weight from the rotor

    Definitely a FH4 professional okDefinitely a FH4 professional okMåned siden
  • 4-Rotor please!

    Inline fourInline fourMåned siden
  • Turn it on the lathe a bit oversize, then send it out to be hardened by a company that does that. It could also be case hardened by them. Also- an American mechanic has come up with a new and likely better design whereby the rotor's combustion point indent is not located on the mid point between the two "corners" but is located more logically near the "corner" that is leading the spin. In this way the explosive "push" is out to one side like a push on a lever to give more force and to logically increase spin faster. He has not to my knowledge made this full size as yet, but it seems the first step would be to instead make a model to test it. YOU should be the first gut to do it. Naturally the ignition plug would have to be over on that side as well.

    Paul BriggsPaul Briggs2 måneder siden
  • Usualy for shafts that endure a dynamic stress you use Steel with a bigger yield resistance. e.g. 42 CrMo4 maybe also look into those materials Not directly necessary but definitly futureproof

    dermaxamilliondermaxamillion2 måneder siden
  • This is a very nice engine for a Nuova Faor RC motorbike..! :-)

    António RebeloAntónio Rebelo2 måneder siden
  • ohhohooooo the amount of fuel it consumes is CRAZY!

    Brett HinkleBrett Hinkle2 måneder siden
  • If you ever decide to sell off any of this or are willing to do custom work, I would pay a decent chunk for a hardened e-shaft. I've got the motors but definitely not the skills to make my own.

    ragea1ragea12 måneder siden
  • Not a rotary fan but loved watching this. Incredible what CNC machines can do in the hands of a skilled operator. Good to see the little rotary is true to life, with its fuel consumption lol

    Tim JohnTim John2 måneder siden
  • A rotary diesel. Tricky

    Michael KnorrMichael Knorr2 måneder siden
  • 👍

    Rony FransiscoRony Fransisco2 måneder siden
  • i heard the brap brap brap from across the other side of youtube, i see why everyones here

    W MW M2 måneder siden
  • Wâñkèł

    The Mole RatThe Mole Rat2 måneder siden
  • Having trouble looking for this rotory motor...where can I get this. Everytime I ask someone I get no response

    Sammy GonzalezSammy Gonzalez2 måneder siden
  • Next ? scale model 787B

    Chill HardChill Hard2 måneder siden
  • 00:00

    iqbal sped87iqbal sped872 måneder siden
  • the only logical next step is a 4 rotor TT :P

    rotaryenginepeterotaryenginepete2 måneder siden
  • Thats insane, you can "feel" how violent it is!

    Brainc0la :TBrainc0la :T2 måneder siden
  • F

    bauaganbauagan2 måneder siden
  • I don't believe that engines of this sort are made to be gunned like that, have you ever been in an airplane where the pilot did that? when considering the acceleration and deceleration of the internal parts is not a great idea. take the same scenario but with heavier internal parts.

    M KeplerM Kepler2 måneder siden
  • It would make a nice moped.

    the brainthe brain2 måneder siden
  • If I had the time, the money, the machinery and the skill, without a doubt I still wouldn’t be able to do this.

    notfiveonotfiveo2 måneder siden
  • now make 1/4 scale of Mazda Rx7 and put it in there

    Jiří ŽáčekJiří Žáček2 måneder siden
  • Very good engineering

    sohail khansohail khan2 måneder siden
  • Can someone tell me we’re to find these rotary engines for less money than 680 dollars cause that’s ridiculous I can get a running pitbike for that much

    Agent327Agent3272 måneder siden
  • Ooooh maaan, can I have this like 49cc for my moped?! Would be awesome to ride a twin wankel haha

    rian ritzenrian ritzen2 måneder siden
  • How much power does it put out

    Lorrie CarrelLorrie Carrel2 måneder siden
  • How about making a "Liquid Piston" engine? I don't like the name but it cleverly swaps the rotor stator shapes. A flat oval rotor runs in a trochoid stator. The stator has three combustion chambers and it breathes via the rotor. It's under patent so working commercially would need a licence.

    David ElliottDavid Elliott2 måneder siden
  • Won't the twin rotor self balance?

    David ElliottDavid Elliott2 måneder siden
  • Don't be shy, make it bridge ported

    Jhon AngelesJhon Angeles2 måneder siden
  • Bro, wtf that little thingy eats more fuel than my full sized rotary :D

    Ortan ClaudiuOrtan Claudiu2 måneder siden
  • I think the bearings are not meant to be high RPM. They are originally meant to built in a scooter between the piston and rod but they are not really rotating. I hope it won't cause problems. But very great project!

    Stefan TrautvetterStefan Trautvetter2 måneder siden
  • How long do the apex seals last lmao? Guessing you still premix the fuel?

    MrAnthonyfilmsMrAnthonyfilms2 måneder siden
  • forged crankshaft

    ChrisGR93 _TxSChrisGR93 _TxS2 måneder siden
  • Johnny:What do we do now? Me: *ADD TURBO AND 2 MORE ROTOR*

    KakEvanKakEvan2 måneder siden
  • Awesome.

    Jordan TobinsJordan Tobins2 måneder siden
  • 11:33 make exhaust muffler RC

    MALIK MALIK02MALIK MALIK022 måneder siden
  • Just like a big rotary it sucks the fuel down

    Anthony yyyAnthony yyy2 måneder siden
  • Man that thing sounds angry... Awesome!

    Jason HolleyJason Holley2 måneder siden
  • Make it 3 rotor

    AngelaAngela2 måneder siden
  • Try build quasi turbine engine

    SpóźnionySpóźniony2 måneder siden
  • that guy still has his fingers?

    sammy boisammy boi2 måneder siden
  • Drifting in a rx-8 would be fun.

    J ayJ ay2 måneder siden
  • blow it up

    YeeqsterYeeqster2 måneder siden