TWIN Cylinder 4 Stroke R/C Car Build & First Test!

21. feb.. 2021
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  • Formidable travail avec un matériel et des machines très modernes. Benny Rooman à Bruxelles.

    Benny RoomanBenny RoomanDag siden
  • anticlimataic af

    Bob DoleBob DoleDag siden
  • I had one of these about 20 years ago. Could never get parts for it after I sent some ally off for anodising and they were stolen by their employee. Chassis, head, upper plates. Old school

    Lee BevanLee Bevan2 dager siden
  • hello Johny if you don't mind to share the name and model of your lathe machine, it seems to perform quite good for the scale you are working with.

    Rodrigo FlotaRodrigo Flota3 dager siden
    • Hi Rodrigo, it's an Optimum tu2004v mini lathe.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ903 dager siden
  • I whant to buy.

    MAGE OP 2019MAGE OP 20194 dager siden
  • Where is the watercooling...

    Eva OrkEva Ork6 dager siden
  • wow

    Tim HittTim Hitt6 dager siden
  • YOu should give us a tour in your workshop I am super intrigued on what machines you have there.

    Portugal DesignlabPortugal Designlab7 dager siden
  • Awesome build 👏 we're can we buy the pipe bender from please

    cooga RCcooga RC8 dager siden
  • Too bad all that beautiful work lead to no power! I was expecting more juice than that. I play with the electric cars now so much torque it is insane! I have always loved watching your builds it is nice to watch once and awhile to de stress man! I would like to see that car fly as it should!

    W4RD1N8ERW4RD1N8ER8 dager siden
  • Nice video, could you give a link for this chassis please.

    Le_RouxLe_Roux9 dager siden
  • i think you should make a V8 engine

    Fatih ASAFatih ASA10 dager siden
    • built it

      Fatih ASAFatih ASA10 dager siden
  • absolutely love the tapping stand thing

    MrMikedejeunerMrMikedejeuner10 dager siden
  • LOCKDOWN!?!???? yall can't even go out to a street!?!?😳 GO DEMOCRATS!!!😂😭😂😭😂😭😂

  • Vraiment magnifique de la précision au top bravo 👍👍👍👍👍

    Jean-bernard QUENEJean-bernard QUENE10 dager siden
  • Running a tad rich still you already broke the engine in in another vid so you might want to lean it out a bit what type clutch u runner there? If leanin it out doesn’t help you might want a stiffer clutch

    Anthony McCoyAnthony McCoy11 dager siden
  • Looks a tad small for a 1/8 scale

    Anthony McCoyAnthony McCoy11 dager siden
  • Not sure why but these videos are so therapeutic.

    Rodney MitchellRodney Mitchell11 dager siden
  • Change that steering servo asap! Awesome build man

    mguarin912mguarin91212 dager siden
  • Where did you get smaller pulley?

    Ev0ltionEv0ltion13 dager siden
  • You rl should get a bunch of caps for the glow plugs and make your own igniters. You can make them from 3 amp dc/dc step down converters and a rc switch for fraction of the price + these are much more compact.

    Ev0ltionEv0ltion13 dager siden
    • @Anthony McCoy Yea expensive igniters straight from china. Granted there is nothing wrong with these and they get the job done but are BIG!

      Ev0ltionEv0ltion11 dager siden
    • Why what he is using is top of he line equipment

      Anthony McCoyAnthony McCoy11 dager siden
    • Btw is the igniter on your setup always turned on?

      Ev0ltionEv0ltion13 dager siden
  • ce moteur c'est bien un 2 cylindres ? on voit bien 2 entrée d'admission et 2 bougies ? en tout cas c'est dû très bon travail 👍

    Jérôme P.JJérôme P.J13 dager siden
  • Wonderful professional

    rick ashleyrick ashley13 dager siden
  • this 4-stroke revs too low for the clutch to operate correctly.

    MWXYTMWXYT13 dager siden
  • Sei un mostro!

    2mattley2mattley14 dager siden
  • This is actually pretty awesome

    Michael VogelMichael Vogel15 dager siden
  • Mans a bit of a wizard with tools........

    Jeff HubbardJeff Hubbard16 dager siden
  • What brand is the cNC mill ? Great video

    Ken GrayKen Gray16 dager siden
  • Bro i want this type of buggy please help

    Sameer HasanSameer Hasan16 dager siden
  • ভাই এই ইঞ্জিল কোথায় পায়ায়াবে

    মো: মিজানুর ইসলাম সবুজমো: মিজানুর ইসলাম সবুজ17 dager siden
  • 👍👍👍

    Zulkifly Hj AliZulkifly Hj Ali17 dager siden
  • I heard a dog barking, what's his name?

    Meeky SwillMeeky Swill18 dager siden
  • Another great JohnnyQ90 build. Very nicely done.

    Clayton TrouttClayton Troutt19 dager siden
  • A simple curiosity: almost never mounting the air filter, why do you choke on the fuel flow, when you could put a finger on the carburetor? Also preventing the mixture from becoming lean and the engine overheating?

    Dario MarantaDario Maranta19 dager siden
  • I wanna see a turbocharger ngl

    Botho RhakhoBotho Rhakho19 dager siden

    Luiz RipperLuiz Ripper20 dager siden
  • You have a very expensive hobby are you a trust fund baby?

    NoseefoodNoseefood21 dag siden
  • why such a high idle?

    daniel langdaniel lang21 dag siden
  • My dog would go crazy for this. He loves chasing RC cars.

    Archie The DogArchie The Dog21 dag siden
  • Fabulous work !

    patrick desjardinspatrick desjardins21 dag siden
  • The clutch is slipping becouse your not the rpm for a nitro cluch need to go larger bell and clutch for the low end tourx the engin is made for

    DanielDaniel22 dager siden
  • Next project: a 5-speed gearbox attached to this R/C car.

    Goe BannGoe Bann22 dager siden
  • how much would this cost if you sold it?

    shadowskshadowsk22 dager siden
  • Hi. I have the same model. Does anyone know where can I find spare parts? Me model dos not have the 2 speed transmisión nor the carbón fiber top brace

    Mariano Moreno AlvarizaMariano Moreno Alvariza22 dager siden
  • wow the sound is amazing

    curtis newtoncurtis newton22 dager siden
  • this is so cool

    curtis newtoncurtis newton22 dager siden
  • Imagine hooking up a mini turbo system on this😂

    Tyla DubeTyla Dube22 dager siden
  • Next episode BOXER engine?

    kamalHzmnkamalHzmn23 dager siden
  • I really wish that was JQ90’s own music. I heard on other videos and felt betrayed cause when I 1rst heard it here It made the experience complete. Yea I’m over here jamming out to the last 10 seconds on repeat. Manual repeat. Thank You Mr. Q90

    FishTail FistScaleFishTail FistScale23 dager siden
    • Also whoever made that track .... You won

      FishTail FistScaleFishTail FistScale23 dager siden
  • It looks like your bandsaw-blade is not quite running like it should.. Is there a bend in the blade, from a ''lockup'' maybe?

    R DR D23 dager siden
    • @JohnnyQ90 It looks like the blade is ''moving'' about even before touching the material. I had that happen to after I sawed a piece of round wood that I didn't hold tight enough, so it slipped and locked up the blade in the wood. The speed and the sudden stop caused the blade to get a bend/warp, which made it wobble and make the sawing harder. Love your craftsmanship!! And I'm in love with that 5axis bench top CNC!!

      R DR D23 dager siden
    • Actually yes, it's not running well which is probably from the fact that I'm using fewer teeth per inch and it's struggling.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ9023 dager siden
  • Meu sonho ter um desse

    Joony 157 SilvaJoony 157 Silva24 dager siden
  • Is there any sale on your products

    kabilan kabikabilan kabi24 dager siden
  • Nice Work! Fuck the Lock Down!

    Hugo StiglitzHugo Stiglitz24 dager siden
  • ware are you from

    NoduNodu25 dager siden
  • well done

    ShadesOfMistShadesOfMist25 dager siden
  • Just wondering as I was looking into the same engine, well the new 4 cylinder one. Does that engine perform like a normal nitro engine or is it mainly for show. I know it doesn’t rev as high but gearing will fix that but if it’s more show than go is really what I’m wondering. Thank you Johnny.

    Anthony LodiAnthony Lodi25 dager siden
  • Wow

    Richard TexasRichard Texas26 dager siden
  • Do thoes engines need a break in?

    Joe MamaJoe Mama26 dager siden
  • Holy crap, what kind of lockdown prevents you from driving It in the street.

    MichelMichel27 dager siden
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    Margaret MargaretMargaret Margaret27 dager siden
  • mabe a lower tought spring around the centrifcal clutch,stock one will be made for higher rpm

    szechinszechin27 dager siden
  • your exhaust is quite close to the intake. it is heating up your intake air.

    Eric WilsonEric Wilson27 dager siden
  • the thing sounds cool!!

    danodano28 dager siden
  • Nice nice nice

    Sven EarthSven Earth29 dager siden
  • Where is the part 2?

    Aristotelis GAristotelis GMåned siden
  • I want one built

    buckwrightbuckwrightMåned siden
  • Pls add supercharger and radiator

    Yusuf KCYusuf KCMåned siden
  • Why put a muffler on an RC car, will the RC police pull you over for noise violation?

    Luke ManeyLuke ManeyMåned siden
  • awesome working on a l200 project myself so I understand how much work it takes

    Linscott engineeringLinscott engineeringMåned siden
  • Your an amazing talent my friend

    Steven G.Steven G.Måned siden
  • The Machanic Doctor, respect 😎👍😎👍

    Alexander PalmerAlexander PalmerMåned siden
  • 🙄

    Raj Kapoor mouryaRaj Kapoor mouryaMåned siden
  • Nice work, think I'm gonna build me a RC car.

    M SM SMåned siden
  • i gonna buy 1 for my kickass RC cars (Hobao Hyper ST, Cen genesis, HPI savage x, Protech evo)

    checkmymoviecheckmymovieMåned siden
  • Like good

    bozes el-fathin tv 2021bozes el-fathin tv 2021Måned siden
  • heavier cluch shoes maby.

    Skit ungeSkit ungeMåned siden
  • thats a sick build. what is your profession if you dont mind sharing?

    samsonsamsonMåned siden
  • I never knew that a Toyan engine can power a RC car! I was dreaming about that for months!

    Izz AirellIzz AirellMåned siden
  • Nice vedio

    Junax BlueJunax BlueMåned siden
  • That sounds so much better than a normal petrol RC car!

    Ian PetrieIan PetrieMåned siden
  • This is hands down one of the best videos I've seen on NOworld. 👍

    Varun TyagiVarun TyagiMåned siden
  • Lockdown? WTF you in jail??

    Mike VMike VMåned siden
  • Yes every boys dream 🥺

    Ankit PatilAnkit PatilMåned siden
  • That was fantastic. Nice machining skills.

    Jon HillJon HillMåned siden
  • looks byutipul

    nakanonakanoMåned siden
  • Very cool. Due to the lower engine RPM the clutch is not matched up. Reduce spring pressure on the clutch so it can engage. Normal two strokes turn 35k.

    Corey BlueCorey BlueMåned siden
    • Exactly. Also an aluminum clutch should also grab the clutchbell harder.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90Måned siden
  • Hey Johnny! Ah, when you have the right tools, anything is possible, bro. Right? I wish I could do that, even if I am a retired engineer. :-(

    Mick CarsonMick CarsonMåned siden
  • You must be an engineer at a car racing team?

    Noro ArdantoNoro ArdantoMåned siden
  • This is like asmr

    THEBOY 007THEBOY 007Måned siden
  • You should make a website selling tuning parts for these engines haha. Tuning STONKS

    Lennart GerkenLennart GerkenMåned siden
  • Mantap boskuuuu🔥

    Ega Pratama123Ega Pratama123Måned siden
  • Where is the CDI unit?

    WR3D OriginalsWR3D OriginalsMåned siden
    • @JohnnyQ90 OK

      WR3D OriginalsWR3D OriginalsMåned siden
    • It's not a gasoline engine. It uses glow fuel, and it has glow plugs. They are powered by glow igniters, which keep voltage stable.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90Måned siden
  • I dunno I feel like I get more instant power from my non gas rcs

    Samuel GoldsmithSamuel GoldsmithMåned siden
    • That's true. Electric vehicles are the way to go when you want more speed.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90Måned siden
  • why is this mans not verified

    Jeremiah J. NoblesJeremiah J. NoblesMåned siden
  • Hi I want to know the price to buy it like this

    JcJcMåned siden
    • @JohnnyQ90 and where can I buy the complete set

      JcJcMåned siden
    • Oh ok, unfortunately this is being sold as a kit to assemble it by yourself. No assembled engine.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90Måned siden
    • @JohnnyQ90 for example so with everything that I preside has

      JcJcMåned siden
    • @JohnnyQ90 You did not understand my question, I want to buy it already armed with all the accessories, that's why I told you that if you don't sell it that

      JcJcMåned siden
    • Hi, please read the description below the video, and you'll find everything you need.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90Måned siden
  • Kecil kecil cabe rawit

    Destra AmniDestra AmniMåned siden
  • Please make a supra with 4stroke automatic gears please bro

    DHRUV YTDHRUV YTMåned siden
    • Please I love supra

      DHRUV YTDHRUV YTMåned siden
    • Yes bro please

      DHRUV YTDHRUV YTMåned siden
    • I don't know if it's going to be a supra, but it's definitely automatic with 3 speeds and adjustable shift point.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90Måned siden
  • Tgx with so many original hop ups.. 😍

    RetrovibesRetrovibesMåned siden
    • I was pretty lucky to find this one on ebay. The are pretty rare.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90Måned siden
  • Add a tiny motor to generate power to keep battery charged

    sammy cardososammy cardosoMåned siden