7. mars. 2020
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►Transmitter and receiver: bit.ly/2tMUDNG
►Servo: bit.ly/2SyBMy6
►3D printer: bit.ly/3bjK3i9
►Thermal camera: bit.ly/2SAjInv
►Toyan V4 MIcro Engine: bit.ly/2pd23XI
►ESC for the starter with button: bit.ly/2tU7qNW

►Other Toyan Engine:bit.ly/2SVK4zR
►PocketNC 5 Axis Mill:bit.ly/2TeYxt4
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  • I also want that pls

    MAD bros vlogMAD bros vlogDag siden
  • Love it! 😸

    Mahalia WildcatMahalia Wildcat25 dager siden
  • Its Good For Me To See The Car Works... Very Nice Actually. But I Have Some Suggestions... Its Better to Use The Muscle Car Bodies... Looks Better With That V4 Engine...

    Ragawan Sina KanapathyRagawan Sina KanapathyMåned siden
  • Dream rc car

    Botho RhakhoBotho RhakhoMåned siden
  • The first time I commented. This legend responded and gave me a heart 😍

    SeanSeanMåned siden
  • Is the tools like lateral machine , digital caliper all of your own ?🙄😃

    Pete Van NuysPete Van NuysMåned siden
    • Tool are you own or other person ?

      Pete Van NuysPete Van NuysMåned siden
    • You mean, made by me? No, can't do that haha.. But yes, they're mine ;)

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90Måned siden
  • How much do you sales rc cars

    Toan TranToan TranMåned siden
  • jo jelouse and amazed about the tools you have...:D wish i could have a metal mill and space for it..

    Timo KlapTimo Klap2 måneder siden
  • I remember my first RC car experience (some other kid have the car) it was battery power.. nice & it was fast .. My fantasy of a gasoline (liquid fuel) began when it takes 6 hours to recharge his battery car zzzZ... You made my fantasy into reality WOW! so amazing thank you for sharing your skills in this video! it made me dream like a kid once again! so fun!

    Polar BluePolar Blue2 måneder siden
  • I'd mount either 1 or 2 of the disc brakes on the transmission shaft.

    Jason HolleyJason Holley2 måneder siden
  • यह इंजन कहां मिलेगा यार यह कार कहां मिलेगी

    mr crazy experimentmr crazy experiment2 måneder siden
  • can you tell me where you bought these wheels? and send the link please?

    joão paulo andradejoão paulo andrade2 måneder siden
  • 님은 천재

    do_ itdo_ it3 måneder siden
  • Very cool build, epic video! You are a Genius!

    Cecil RC FANCLUBCecil RC FANCLUB3 måneder siden
  • Wow.amazing video

    Udesha JayashanUdesha Jayashan3 måneder siden
  • Amazing brainpower . Well done . Poor dog .

    lazaruslazarus4 måneder siden
  • Ya Enjan ketni ka hi

    Rahul KashyapRahul Kashyap4 måneder siden
  • Honest opinion. Mount the engine transposed to reduce the number of power transfers. Directional power transfer is a power robber. Mount the clutch directly to the engine and do away with the manual gear box.

    Jeff MaloneJeff Malone4 måneder siden
  • What was the base car used for it?

    Ev0ltionEv0ltion4 måneder siden
  • The way you Fabricate is unmatched. Consider a CVT, Miniaturizing will be tough, but If anyone can, I guess it is You :)

    Marcel SchullerMarcel Schuller4 måneder siden
  • well i just spent my night watching all your videos on this RC build

    Link ZzLink Zz4 måneder siden
    • i'm on your 3 speed electric RC videos now :P bro turbo/supercharge one of these engines! it'll be amazing. I believe in you!

      Link ZzLink Zz4 måneder siden
  • You should sell that gearbox you made at the end. A lot of people would be looking for that

    Patrick LeyvaPatrick Leyva4 måneder siden
  • love the diagnosis and open experimentation. and of course the opportunity to glean some insight/2nd hand knowledge :~)

    Ward KlineWard Kline4 måneder siden
  • Super cool, I would have built most of the chassis out of carbon fiber, install a smaller fuel tank. How much does it way? I have a 8lb Crawler Vaterra Ascender

    Random StuffRandom Stuff4 måneder siden
  • can i have?

    Z4CKNU YTZ4CKNU YT5 måneder siden
  • Class work😎

    guidelineukguidelineuk5 måneder siden
  • I like these videos

    jawead gamer tvjawead gamer tv5 måneder siden
  • Just keeps getting better. Nice work. Thank you for sharing.

    donald naymondonald naymon5 måneder siden
  • Love these, you should make a car where the engine could actually fit in the front and exhaust come out the baxm

    Jermaine GuyJermaine Guy5 måneder siden
  • So what you are saying, is leave it stock

    Hank HildebrantHank Hildebrant5 måneder siden
  • Try giving it lower gears

    Hank HildebrantHank Hildebrant5 måneder siden
  • 7:55 don't scare the dog.

    Nazer MalaguiaNazer Malaguia5 måneder siden
  • Mount the engine transverse and get rid of the bevel gearing to increase reliability 1000%. Very nice craftsmanship everywhere.

    George TempestaGeorge Tempesta5 måneder siden
  • I like how this guy shows his failures as well. It makes the video more relatable.

    Not SureNot Sure5 måneder siden
  • Hi sir I'm Filipino can I have some free rc car like using gas I want to say this cuz my son like rc car using gas ang I can't buy it cuz we are poor can I have free rc car using gas I want to gift it to my son in this christmas

    Avelino AparecioAvelino Aparecio5 måneder siden
  • Do u want to sell the car

    Green HillsGreen Hills5 måneder siden
  • This is beyond RC..it's not a toy , you must be an engineer to create this amazing kit... No Traxxas BS ,

    Roy ArseyRoy Arsey5 måneder siden
  • All that skill and no friend to hold a camera.

    Craig MocelloCraig Mocello6 måneder siden
  • Did you sell it? How much the price sir?😊

    Rσтι ՏυѕυྉRσтι Տυѕυྉ6 måneder siden
  • lol that dog in the end🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Adarsh s nairAdarsh s nair6 måneder siden
  • 7:30 sound like Redbull F1 2019 low rpm when stop at the end of pit stop.

    Naufal FarabbiNaufal Farabbi6 måneder siden
  • Now i realised how much money you’ve invested in tools :))

    Gabriel StefanGabriel Stefan6 måneder siden
  • Can u make it spit flames?

    moving glassmoving glass6 måneder siden
  • WOW very Good 👍

    Abuzar ZahidAbuzar Zahid6 måneder siden
  • wonderfull!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can I buy that😞

    sahan kiridensahan kiriden6 måneder siden
  • 7:55 dog is scared. 🤣🤣

    Arun 2 WheelsArun 2 Wheels7 måneder siden
  • This is more powerful than my toyota

    Therese DianoTherese Diano7 måneder siden
  • How much

    Luis GonzalezLuis Gonzalez7 måneder siden
  • That dog probably shit himself back then

    Radical GamingRadical Gaming7 måneder siden
  • I predict whatever you come up with will kick ass

    Cory JeffreysCory Jeffreys7 måneder siden
  • Your lathe did you pay around 5 thousand for it?

    Cory JeffreysCory Jeffreys7 måneder siden
  • Very impress with the details, CNC and machining work..👍👍 keep moving bro.

    Jimmy MarkJimmy Mark7 måneder siden
  • This may actually be the coolest toy that has ever existed.

    Mark OMark O7 måneder siden
  • Doggo to the car following be like bit,ch relax ...🤣😂

    Akshay OvalAkshay Oval7 måneder siden
  • Great work... I have allot of ideas... Once I'm able to get some equipment, I may practice following some of your work...🤘🏽🤘🏽👏🏽👏🏽👊🏽👊🏽

    SiN FPV 711313101SSiN FPV 711313101S8 måneder siden
  • Can it drft?

  • Thats it scare the crap out of the poor dog Lol

    Darcy Brawata AKA Ontario StackerDarcy Brawata AKA Ontario Stacker8 måneder siden
  • Love watching your videos,and the fact that your a committed to making your own parts that takes tallent

    Darcy Brawata AKA Ontario StackerDarcy Brawata AKA Ontario Stacker8 måneder siden
  • Wild build ! Love your channel. Its quite unique 🤟

    Kyle TraceyKyle Tracey8 måneder siden
  • Insomma tutta roba per la gente normale mi sembra di capire...

    GianlucaGianluca9 måneder siden
  • Dog 😜😜😝😝

    Animal and Bird LoverAnimal and Bird Lover9 måneder siden
  • ʸᵉ ᵍᵃᵈⁱ ᵏⁱᵗⁿᵉⁱ ᵏⁱ ʰᵉⁱ ʸᵃʳ

    mp 44 vale comedy boy mp 44 comedy boymp 44 vale comedy boy mp 44 comedy boy9 måneder siden
  • Nice.....

    Aromar MustahabAromar Mustahab9 måneder siden
  • cool it with a radiator

    V12 5500V12 55009 måneder siden
  • what about a mini turbo haha

    Abel CrucibleAbel Crucible9 måneder siden
  • Hi hello give me RC cars please salamat po I am from Philippines

    Jjt TorresJjt Torres9 måneder siden
  • The dog just wants to take a walk on the second test

    ZeroHero PlaysRobloxZeroHero PlaysRoblox9 måneder siden
  • Honestly, pretty cool. Nice job : )

    Matt MattMatt Matt9 måneder siden
  • Absolutely technically on point!! This is the true epitome of the hobby at this level 💪💪 this would be a dream car to me so I'm going to keep my eyes on your page thanks for sharing! You rock !!

  • Futuristic looking, I bet you were thrilled seeing it move and move well by the end. Nice work!

    AnokopwvasAnokopwvas10 måneder siden
  • This is one of the coolest projects on NOworld right now. The amount of time and engineering required is just mind blowing. Great job.

    Avalanche SJAvalanche SJ10 måneder siden
  • What fuel does it use?

    Boiisblack 2000Boiisblack 200010 måneder siden
  • Turbo charge it

    Rodrigo B.PRodrigo B.P10 måneder siden

    Thorvald SpearThorvald Spear10 måneder siden
  • org indo man suranyaaaa woy

  • What are the machines you used in making?

    kronos darkangelkronos darkangel10 måneder siden
  • 7:47 Dog: "IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT"

    DerBurner1709DerBurner170910 måneder siden
  • Can you make rc gear changes?

    Laljiahir 5Laljiahir 510 måneder siden
  • Craft v12 twin turbo

    KaefKaef10 måneder siden
  • 我只有仰慕,感觉完全做不到

    Max DMax D10 måneder siden
  • Needs a 7 inch turbo xd

    Tristan 2342Tristan 234210 måneder siden
  • Marvelous

    Toad In the holeToad In the hole10 måneder siden
  • The ship of Theseus. 🔧

    Eric XavierEric Xavier11 måneder siden
  • Can u make most silence exhauste

    Mhmd FirzMhmd Firz11 måneder siden
  • As far as your intake goes. Remember if it is a 4 stroke they go by 2 rules. A small long tube intake runner is good at producing low to mid rpm torque but have a really high velocity due to a smaller diameter tube and on a higher revving engine you want a shorter straighter runner into the engine because you don't need the increased velocity on the intake charge also a little bit rougher intake poet helps keep the fuel atomized if you have any drastic bends in your intake

    Jon-Christian KaczorJon-Christian Kaczor11 måneder siden
  • You now have to upsize x10 and make it street legal ... :)

    PipPip11 måneder siden
  • I want rc engine

    Gayala SreekanthGayala Sreekanth11 måneder siden
  • I need this car

    Ahmad AwanAhmad Awan11 måneder siden
  • Nice,,

    khairel relkhairel rel11 måneder siden
  • Your just oo bro its amazing

    Suyog DeshmukhSuyog Deshmukh11 måneder siden
  • May I know where I can buy one from you ?

    Ricky LiuRicky Liu11 måneder siden
  • Ürün satışınız varmı varise iletişim bilgileri lütfen

    İnan Demirİnan Demir11 måneder siden
  • Nothing like the hiss of a sharp bit.

    HonorNecrisHonorNecris11 måneder siden
  • I don't know if you know Mr. Rojas Baszan, but if you two ever get together I can't imagine the wonders that would come out of those those hand skills super dudes....☺👍

    i have seen thingsi have seen things11 måneder siden
  • Nissan gtr body PLEASE ?

    Leon BennettLeon Bennett11 måneder siden
  • it's very nice I'm very interested in it

    liang justinliang justin11 måneder siden
  • Can we get some AWD donuts?

    API CarsAPI Cars11 måneder siden
  • The engine has the HP just not enough torque to move it.

    API CarsAPI Cars11 måneder siden
  • smaller exhaust

    Edgardo MorandiniEdgardo Morandini11 måneder siden