RC V4 Car Full Brake Disc System Test!

10. mai. 2020
2 919 858 Ganger

►Transmitter and receiver: bit.ly/2tMUDNG
►Servo: bit.ly/2SyBMy6
►3D printer: bit.ly/3bjK3i9
►Thermal camera: bit.ly/2SAjInv
►Toyan V4 MIcro Engine: bit.ly/2pd23XI
►ESC for the starter with button: bit.ly/2tU7qNW

►Other Toyan Engine:bit.ly/2SVK4zR
►PocketNC 5 Axis Mill:bit.ly/2TeYxt4
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  • Game changer

    Nathan DeanNathan DeanDag siden
  • So where do I buy it, that’s awesome.

    Lance WilliamsLance Williams5 dager siden
  • Brushless is 10x faster..

    ddjj868ddjj8687 dager siden
  • NIce !!

    David PerryDavid Perry11 dager siden
  • Beautiful

    Darden OakleyDarden Oakley12 dager siden
  • You fucking crazy genius!!

    Minsu KimMinsu Kim13 dager siden
  • *nice car rc . Tôi rất thích xe rc . Tôi là người việt nam*

    Phát VlogPhát Vlog14 dager siden
  • Alpha Mods это твой 2 канал что-ли ? 😊

    Сергей СергейСергей Сергей14 dager siden
  • Stunning engineering. Congratulations on the build.

    David ArberyDavid Arbery18 dager siden
  • JohnnyQ90 What kind of luck have you had out of your Pocket NC ? Do they have their own CAD program, or do you have to adapt someone else's? Thanks

    Alden HaulAlden Haul18 dager siden
    • Hi. I've been using it for the past 3 years, and for the kind of work that I need it it's perfect (small prototype parts). I wouln't recommend it for part production. I use Fusion 360 as there are some educational videos on how to set up a part and mill it. You can find them on their NOworld channel noworld.info/dev/1zXa_8xzMDIdP2k90cYflA. Cleaning of chips should be done with brushes and never with compressed air.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ9018 dager siden
  • Dude you should just build a full size car

    NoseefoodNoseefood19 dager siden
  • Sweet, this is fantastic!!

    Joaquin DiazJoaquin Diaz22 dager siden
  • Nothing like 10k rc car!

    Stand AloneStand Alone23 dager siden
  • *Wow i like it*

  • How much would you charge to make me a car?

    blackman Hblackman H24 dager siden
  • When will be W12?

    Василий ГрачёвВасилий Грачёв28 dager siden
  • Mantab 👍

    Agung NugrohoAgung NugrohoMåned siden
  • Use The Muscle Car Bodies Bro, It'll Be Cool With The V4 Engine

    Ragawan Sina KanapathyRagawan Sina KanapathyMåned siden
  • Covid not gonna end, take em out for a run dawg

    julian Burrjulian BurrMåned siden
  • No open road tests until we get out the covid-19 situation? Bro then you might as well throw that thing away. Because we ain't ever going to get out of nothing.

    patman0250patman0250Måned siden
  • Question: How does a 99.8% survival rate virus going to get you while making an open road test? Put a mask on the car.

    Sam HoustonSam HoustonMåned siden
  • What is this cable you used at 08:03

    Addy ShimovAddy ShimovMåned siden
  • It's not every day that i appreciate the recommendation section but damn yt did me a solid by recommending the video before this

    HALU-RE FFHALU-RE FFMåned siden
  • You can make a very good angle grinder out of an rc emgine. It is strong enough to cut hardened steel, and it is very good for sharpening, too. It doesn't need special parts.

    Jozsi OlahJozsi OlahMåned siden
  • The original disc brake kit, did you make that also? If not could you point me in the direction, so i could buy a set

    Nitram AlugyrNitram AlugyrMåned siden
  • Self made positive displacement supercharger should be next. I have faith in you.

    mgt97PUNmgt97PUNMåned siden
  • This guy is brilliant. What an awesome engineer.

    Red RidersRed RidersMåned siden
  • Make the hydraulic brake for this car 😊

    Raja WaqasRaja WaqasMåned siden
  • Congratulations . Very nice cnc

    Oliver mbkOliver mbkMåned siden
  • RC cars and trucks absolutely can “not” get covid

    William StewardWilliam StewardMåned siden
  • This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

    Paul WatsonPaul Watson2 måneder siden
  • CAn u make muffler for Small engines which could reduce engine sound

    Hassan AliHassan Ali2 måneder siden
  • Just fantastic!

    Jack OstranderJack Ostrander2 måneder siden
  • I could imagine him in a competition and everyones like dude what do u got in that thing and hes just like its a mini lambo engine i made it myself Him:🙂 Them:😱

    Joe WilsonJoe Wilson2 måneder siden
  • Just a question how does driving something on a road have to do with covid that’s like saying driving is dangerous because of covid if you just drove it by yourself on a road you would be fine

    gold lifegold life2 måneder siden
  • Sampean hebat nmen bro

    Ahmad FurqoniAhmad Furqoni2 måneder siden
  • Can brake bias be adjustable?

    RoyperRoyper2 måneder siden
  • Amazing! That 2nd design you came up with for pulling the brake lines with the servo maybe wasn’t the most efficient, but it definitely looked super badass!

    Weather as a WeaponWeather as a Weapon2 måneder siden
  • Very nice work, designed so well. My only question is why would you use Aluminum for the brake discs?

    Markus AllportMarkus Allport2 måneder siden
  • Super amazing work 👍👍👍

    Arman BestcheaprcArman Bestcheaprc2 måneder siden
  • Why would you need disc brakes on something so light

    Dane Van PeltDane Van Pelt2 måneder siden
  • good

    Trường PtTrường Pt2 måneder siden
  • Camera on nose end vr!!!! Bulet!!!

    Slava Chaca ChacaSlava Chaca Chaca2 måneder siden
  • Why not hydraulic? Replace servo with electricpump or co2 and a valve.

    Jay BrooksJay Brooks2 måneder siden
  • Bro this is insane your the $#&# man I am a proud owner or 2 and a half nitro rc cars. Lol your like a nitro rc god with that C n C machine.

    Joe BluntsJoe Blunts2 måneder siden
  • Awesome work !!! Have always dreamed of this

    Adam BandaAdam Banda2 måneder siden
  • That thing is zippy! Nice work!

    sLyKnEzZsLyKnEzZ3 måneder siden
  • Σωραιος

    marios dsmarios ds3 måneder siden
  • Cool video! Looks like you used old style bike brake cables and housings? They make way better bike shift cables and housings that you may want to try. Smaller diameter stainless cables and shift housings that have Teflon inner sleeves. Just a tip if you need to use cables again. :)

    EL34XYZEL34XYZ3 måneder siden
  • No reverse gear?

    Nathan BoultonNathan Boulton3 måneder siden
  • I wish i could be happy

    Nathan BoultonNathan Boulton3 måneder siden
  • Impresionante!!! A Lot of congratulations. Very greate Job!!!

    Jorge SilvaJorge Silva3 måneder siden
  • Excellent machining work mate. It would be nice to see a twin exhaust system with rear pipes out the back. The sound will improve due to the stereo effect. 🦘🦘

    Kelvin EnglandKelvin England3 måneder siden
  • How much does it weigh?

    jason morganjason morgan3 måneder siden
  • Magnifique !

    FrpvFrpv3 måneder siden
  • Uncle Jonny, show us a Pic of u and your workshop

  • What you had at 9 minutes. Why u dont use 2 wires. from the servo to a 90 for front and then directly to the rear cables. But the whole design is wrong if you don't have anything to equalize brakeforce. You should make 1 cable from the servo, take a piece of flat bar alu and drill 3 holes, with the 2 outer at the same distance from the center. This works like a handbrake on a trailer were 1 rod goes to set of hooks connecting the 2 brakes. You got enough skills to build something like this in a small car. If you take a servo with arms on bothe sides and you could make room near the middle of the car u can just do it separate front and back. But i don't think you have room for that. But it will reduce drag anyway if u just use 1 cable from the servo. There is just no need for 4 cables if you equalize the pressure.

    FelixQFelixQ3 måneder siden
  • Good job! The best part of this video is the way you are searching and evolving each time. Very cool!

    taydilarel27taydilarel273 måneder siden
  • Like this so much. Handels good as well.

    Timo VerkadeTimo Verkade3 måneder siden
  • Jesus christ, that's clean.

    IddeIdde3 måneder siden
  • 0:03 Dude if you were to hit someone's shin with that it would cut there leg iff

    JayJ_PlayzJayJ_Playz3 måneder siden
  • One of the best RC car "DIY" i've never see... Respect from France

    ArnaudArnaud3 måneder siden
  • Awesome!!

    Michael MinardMichael Minard3 måneder siden
  • Really enjoying your videos, you are an amazing engineer, and a darn fine machinist.

    Pete DazerPete Dazer3 måneder siden
  • 材質が弱そう。ステンレスなら行けそうだが?w

    燃え子ギューン燃え子ギューン3 måneder siden
  • What a incredible engineering!!

    K HK H3 måneder siden
  • 凄い

    ミニチュアダックスマロンTVミニチュアダックスマロンTV4 måneder siden
  • It's cool you share the stuff you dig man.

    pugnuggerpugnugger4 måneder siden
  • Build me one!! My mountain bike has hydraulic brakes, so can that car! Those calipers are so small! Cool video

    David FoxDavid Fox4 måneder siden
  • You should use torsion bars for suspension so is more compact

    Minerboy 676Minerboy 6764 måneder siden
  • Wow 🤩 nice. Next up is ABS brakes😀

    K-MaisarahK-Maisarah4 måneder siden

    Bent WaterBent Water4 måneder siden
  • Time for mini twin turbo kit

    Blake StinnettBlake Stinnett4 måneder siden
  • What no hydraulics? Cmaaaaaan, man! Get in the 1940s already! (J/K! this is awesome)

    FlankyFrankieFlankyFrankie4 måneder siden
  • Bruh what I'd do for a 5-axis

    SirkillertoasterSirkillertoaster4 måneder siden
  • Hmm for the steering wires you could use Shimano tubes and spring steel wires ?

    95lovi95lovi4 måneder siden
  • Brakes - hydrolic actuator, young friend.

    Doug ThomsonDoug Thomson4 måneder siden
  • The Brakediscs are in the right material? 🤔

    Kevin PKevin P4 måneder siden
  • Siiick!

    The9220The92204 måneder siden
  • What kind of transmitter and receiver are you using?

    Cameron DofferCameron Doffer4 måneder siden
  • Μπράβο ρε φίλε!

    Giannis KounnasGiannis Kounnas4 måneder siden
  • 대박! 진짜대단하다!

    아저씨RC아저씨RC4 måneder siden
  • u came along way u did that----u ready to mass produce

    BOBBEATS504BOBBEATS5044 måneder siden
  • 보는 내내 입이 다물어지지 않는군요~!!!

    불타는밤2오면불타는밤2오면4 måneder siden
  • Woah!! Mind blowing.. don't know what's better, the rc car or watching the process!! 🔥

    Big HeadBig Head5 måneder siden
  • Nice

    Chad WilliamsChad Williams5 måneder siden
  • It is nice to see iterations on your designs!

    izleaaizleaa5 måneder siden
  • Otaknya luar biasa Indonesia mana ada yg bisa

    Aryo YudhoyonoAryo Yudhoyono5 måneder siden
  • Patent it. Then license the plans to a major manufacturer as ( i.e. traxxas!). Then I can buy two of them. Seriously. Do it!

    Calvin JacobsCalvin Jacobs5 måneder siden
  • Once you get the blower on that engine, you won't be able to see it when you drive it. LoL

    Hank HildebrantHank Hildebrant5 måneder siden
  • Covid is a nightmare

    Hank HildebrantHank Hildebrant5 måneder siden
  • I figured the exhaust would melt at some point. Has to be a reason they do it the way they do and not with solder.

    GivesNoFux FPVGivesNoFux FPV5 måneder siden
  • turbocharge that lil rascal!

    Anthony SauterAnthony Sauter5 måneder siden
  • Συγχαρητήρια για τις φοβερές κατασκευές σου!!

    Konstantinos LampropoulosKonstantinos Lampropoulos5 måneder siden
  • I want to see it in FULLSPEED

    Filip Stojanovic - Training ethusisastFilip Stojanovic - Training ethusisast5 måneder siden
  • Now you have to maintain the rc car like the actual car. I love your videos! Keep on doing it❤️

    Z FZ F5 måneder siden
  • Im writing a story about a guy that shrinks himself to 1 foot tall then he goes and finds a guy like you to build him an actual miniature car that he races against RC cars

    WhatyoudoWhatyoudo5 måneder siden
  • oh sorry didnt see how old this vid is, your prob not still believing the Covid baloney at this point currently

    WhatyoudoWhatyoudo5 måneder siden
  • your too afraid to test your car outside because of Covid? Seriously? I am amazed how many intelligent people believe in BS just cause someone said it...whats actually happening around be damned!

    WhatyoudoWhatyoudo5 måneder siden
  • Hi sir I'm Filipino can I have some free rc car like using gas I want to say this cuz my son like rc car using gas ang I can't buy it cuz we are poor can I have free rc car using gas I want to gift it to my son in this christmas

    Avelino AparecioAvelino Aparecio5 måneder siden