RC Jet Engine Thrust Test

21. mai. 2020
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    CorrodeCorrode7 timer siden
  • put an afterburner on it and mount it on an RC car😋😎

    Thorn MtsetfwaThorn Mtsetfwa13 timer siden
  • I want to build my own flying car!

    Paban BiswasPaban Biswas17 timer siden
  • My ceiling fan

    WizzyTrippyWizzyTrippy22 timer siden
  • Run Forest.!!!

    max moversmax movers22 timer siden
  • 연료 소모가 너무 창열이지 않냐? 어따 써먹을수나 있을런지..

    신나면신나면Dag siden
  • Damn, that burns thru the fuel so quickly. Real airplane jet engine must be more efficient with higher compression.

    Huy NguyenHuy NguyenDag siden
  • So you built that fantastic Heath Robinson rig to hold the engine and forgot to weight the table down adequately ? 😂😂😂

    Andy XoXAndy XoX2 dager siden
  • Where did you get it

    Salman KhanSalman Khan5 dager siden
  • Amazing! Thank you for sharing it!!

    Douglas MeekDouglas Meek7 dager siden
  • So, let's say my weight is 50kg, if I make a small plane with 6 of that engine, can I fly? Obviously with fuel

    David OhDavid Oh8 dager siden
    • It depends which mean you are using Say for example 1) you use a cycle then even 12kg thrust is enough to accelerate the cycle 2) in a plane a higher amount of thrust is required as you are flying and force is needed to keep it moving against gravity (but still less thrust is required in terms of kgs than the whole body "you and the plane") 3) when you are using a helicopter then even a higher thrust will be required for the same amount of Weight.

      Brawl stars- Funny momentsBrawl stars- Funny moments6 dager siden
  • Bro Wtf My headset become loudspeaker

    D. N.AD. N.A9 dager siden
  • Olá beleza pesual.em quanto é esse motor aí

    izidorio severino costaizidorio severino costa10 dager siden
  • Awesome videos ! 👍

    ScrewsNutsAndBoltsScrewsNutsAndBolts10 dager siden
  • love the video JohnnyQ90! Looks like you managed to turn a hobby into a full-fledged, well-oiled money multiplier - love it, brother! And not surprised if you have people pay you tons of money to have these jet motors and other gadget-esque, cool primed inventions to show off to their buddies or use for personal or business use. Shit, having over 1M subs, gotta be doing something right - I could definitely use some of your talents and passion - I'm currently developing (in R&D) a device that is specially meant to remove hairs/debris from textiles. I currently have some printed prototypes but the issue I have is driving/amplifying the cleaning heads of this semi-robotic movement device. I have been at this project/product for the last 12 months and got some 3d printed parts and other videos/CAD designs/sketches for you to work off of. I envision a product like this will really stir up the clothing & upholstery markets and down the road make a splash and put Dyson and other big vacuum manufacturers on their heels. If you love building things and very handy, which clearly you are, I would say, let's jump on board and make history!

    BonafideBonafide10 dager siden
  • chupa que da miedo!!!!!!!

    Die-go M.G.Die-go M.G.12 dager siden
  • 어따썩먹어 저걸.

    Mo TourMo Tour15 dager siden
  • *Me at 3am trying to play on the PS4.*

    SaberSaber16 dager siden
  • Fabulous shape and small for a jet engine with so little weight and lots of power!

    201 201201 20116 dager siden
  • Tocket engine is better

    Young BoyYoung Boy17 dager siden
  • Great but that's some fuel burn

    JesusSuperLight ChrisJesusSuperLight Chris17 dager siden
  • How much did that engine cost?

    jtsctjtsct19 dager siden
    • $1500-$4000 Depends on the thrust of the engine

      Brawl stars- Funny momentsBrawl stars- Funny moments6 dager siden
  • Perfect hair dryer...🙌🙌

    Fuad ZubaidiFuad Zubaidi21 dag siden
  • JohnnyQ90, how about modifying this into a high bypass turbofan?... or a geared one? The P&W 1500Gs, the ones on Airbus A220s, are some beautiful pieces of engineering. Wonder why miniature baby gnome makers aren’t evolving theirs as well.

    Tim O.Tim O.23 dager siden
  • Next step: Afterburner.

    milan1200milan120023 dager siden
  • when this guy makes a rocket in the future then i am the first with a ticket !

    Mikepdrummer77#Mikepdrummer77#24 dager siden
  • lol

    Popa AdelinPopa Adelin24 dager siden
  • Run it at night time, I wanna see the blue flame😁💯

    Flashbang83Flashbang8325 dager siden
  • 뭐하냐

    김태영김태영26 dager siden
  • So you are not using radio controller to control the engine?????

    Arti MehtaArti Mehta28 dager siden
  • 10:50 lol fuel be like - Am I a joke to you

    Shaurya Pratap SinghShaurya Pratap SinghMåned siden
  • Te agradecería pusieran subtítulos en español.grasias

    Alberto ZavalaAlberto ZavalaMåned siden
  • It really sucks of lot of juice :o

    We are not livestockWe are not livestockMåned siden
  • I dont think this thing rotates breaking the sound barrier

    Prasath NagarajanPrasath NagarajanMåned siden
  • Don't watch with headphone on.

    David SteggsDavid SteggsMåned siden
  • Imagine how much fuel a normal size jet engine uses.

    Gary RGary RMåned siden
    • Boing 737 uses 3 litres every second

      Brawl stars- Funny momentsBrawl stars- Funny moments6 dager siden
  • Anjir alus pisan euy hello i can from indonesian

    Yayan SupriatnaYayan SupriatnaMåned siden
  • you can get fuel from plastic , search on youtube

    illimited knowledgeillimited knowledgeMåned siden
    • Yes, but the fuel that we will use to turn plastic into fuel will be much higher, for eg. You use 20 litres of fuel then you will get 5 litres of petrol (The fuel is required to heat the plastic in absence of oxygen) And these numbers are not accurate just an example

      Brawl stars- Funny momentsBrawl stars- Funny moments6 dager siden
  • That’s the sort of appliance you really need ASAP you rent your first apartment: dishwasher, a blender, microwave and a jet engine.

    runner007runner007Måned siden
  • А где же "Привет всем любителям турбореактивной тяги"? :)

    Slava7572Slava7572Måned siden
  • Its funny how the jet is called brushles pump

    Thijs slootwegThijs slootwegMåned siden
  • 👍👍👍👍👍

    samarasekara farnicharsamarasekara farnicharMåned siden
  • Isnt it supposed to cool off gradually?

  • Okata enjine ekak hayikaralaa balumu

    Bavidu ChathuminaBavidu ChathuminaMåned siden
  • ESC 30A???

    Faky WoodenFaky WoodenMåned siden
  • Giá của một động cơ phản lực là bao nhiêu tiền vậy bạn

    TDP Nhạc RemixTDP Nhạc RemixMåned siden
  • I think it for the best if u just talk instead of writing ...

    Cristian BCristian BMåned siden
  • New to your channel, love the videos!!!

    Duane BennettDuane BennettMåned siden
  • ok

    Johnny BahamaJohnny BahamaMåned siden
  • Great Demo! I want one!

    Timothy ScottTimothy ScottMåned siden
  • You ddnt even bother making it yourself...you're soo lame

    Zosc MengisteZosc MengisteMåned siden
  • hello good night, how do i have one of these.vara am crazy about me jet this here in Brazil has no way do help me please

    souza Deltasouza DeltaMåned siden
  • You could make a baby tomahawk.

    Ean EricksonEan Erickson2 måneder siden
  • Thirsty little tike isn’t it ? Lo

    nick osbournnick osbourn2 måneder siden
  • I love the sound of jet engines. It's so loud, and seems it's almost blowing. I love it, Thanks for share.

    Hendrick OliveiraHendrick Oliveira2 måneder siden
  • Hi bro raho my bro does flight engine how much

    V PrabhakarV Prabhakar2 måneder siden
  • Your speaker burns out first

    MeloNWalkeRMeloNWalkeR2 måneder siden
  • Johnny do you think 2 of these would be enough to move a glider?

    Boiisblack 2000Boiisblack 20002 måneder siden
    • @Boiisblack 2000 it can move a cycle, And it can even move a glider without a person When a person is added (more thrust will be required)

      Brawl stars- Funny momentsBrawl stars- Funny moments6 dager siden
    • Like a real glider

      Boiisblack 2000Boiisblack 20002 måneder siden
  • Hey JohnnyQ90 & everyone watching, notice how that Portable Electronic Scale doing the measurement has orange buttons that were designed to look like there's smiley on it?

    MJT777XMJT777X2 måneder siden
    • those who have motors in their devices wont think of airplanes, especially areophobic people.

      MJT777XMJT777X2 måneder siden
  • dont like your videos only because you dont talk

    Wayne RobertsWayne Roberts2 måneder siden
  • çok yakar bu benzini içiyor resmen

    Ali AyşeAli Ayşe2 måneder siden
  • My ps4 used to be like

  • Now put it on a skateboard.

    Turn RightTurn Right2 måneder siden
  • so like 10 of these and you got yourself a jetpack

    R3K3MR3K3M2 måneder siden
  • Sweet! I spent a good part of my career working on small turbine technology at Williams International. Fascinating. Most of my career was in aerospace. I was a jet engine mechanic in the Navy. Amazing machines!

    PrivatepilotPrivatepilot2 måneder siden
  • His neighbors: where is these fu?king planes

    shahzad ahmedshahzad ahmed2 måneder siden
  • Mantap

    Arsika GedeArsika Gede2 måneder siden
  • 👍

  • Oh. Scientist why overheated..

    Ronaldo ArabitRonaldo Arabit2 måneder siden
  • IMG. Camero zl1.DF

    Jimmy Bernabet rodriguez.Jimmy Bernabet rodriguez.2 måneder siden
  • Good 👍🇮🇩

    Deddy FritsDeddy Frits2 måneder siden
  • Superb. But your english a bit iffy.

    Sabah TahaSabah Taha2 måneder siden
  • I am from indonesia, l need jed it. Please sent to me

    PUTRA BOYSPUTRA BOYS2 måneder siden
  • I am from indonesia, l need jed it. Please sent to me

    PUTRA BOYSPUTRA BOYS2 måneder siden
  • i mean we can power it with a battery

    Alakay AnandAlakay Anand2 måneder siden
  • why do we need fuel here?

    Alakay AnandAlakay Anand2 måneder siden
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    Birjesh GuptaBirjesh Gupta2 måneder siden
  • Impressive!

    Reginald Mc NabReginald Mc Nab2 måneder siden
  • Are you made a,drone🤔

    Anuj vermaAnuj verma2 måneder siden
  • Se traga la gasolina 😂😂

    Huarachy playHuarachy play2 måneder siden
  • Commercial jet engines run on a different technology, very little fuel consumption and only compressed air used. The apu at the back of the plane generates the initial requirements after that its a self generating system.

    rana trana t2 måneder siden
  • Holy gas guzzler batman

    JeremyJeremy2 måneder siden
  • can you send me the construction plans, please; I would like make a jet toys eduardochichaco@gmail.com

    Eduardo Eustacio Ch.Eduardo Eustacio Ch.2 måneder siden
  • That's the thrust

    science knowlegescience knowlege2 måneder siden
  • If you look close at the tall grass in the back, you can see the engine affect it.

    Ntchwaidumela WilliamsNtchwaidumela Williams2 måneder siden
  • Yeah buddy, they are thirsty! Nice jet!

    Greg GarnerGreg Garner2 måneder siden
  • Brother I need a mini jet engine weighing 6 kg from which country will I take it and how much will it cost my country's name is Bangladesh I live in Bangladesh please tell me a little

    Sobuj BanglaSobuj Bangla2 måneder siden
  • The first oil one is actually extremely cool. Essentially when considering it's made from random parts.

    Bob ThompsonBob Thompson2 måneder siden
  • Jjjjbse dieron cuenta que los supuestos jet son cohetes. En realidad solo son unos parlantes

    Carlos SarmientoCarlos Sarmiento2 måneder siden
  • gr8 video man. AWESOME SOUND. can you please tell me the link or website that you bought that engine from so i too can order one please.

    Daineil DennisDaineil Dennis2 måneder siden
  • Boy, I'm very impressed, that little thing can actually make that sound super HIGH, I can't believe that it can replicate the close decimals of a real jet engine, WOW😱😱😱🤯, The heck with neighbors, no really, that was AMAZING!!! I wish I could get me a REAL (tail engine) of a DC-10, I live out in the country, pure farmland, and I'd put it in my back yard and play with it, run it, tinkle with it, ect, just love that sound and that idle, puurrrrsss like a kitten💯👏✌️👍 nice legs, lol😂😅🤣 take care, Thanks for sharing this with me, more PLEASE😉

    SD 90MacSD 90Mac2 måneder siden
  • Why don't you try it with water? This is separating H and O with a battery and putting them back together or using either H or O separately. These lead to highly exotermic reactions.

    fb pliegorriverofb pliegorrivero2 måneder siden
  • 3,3K dislike...why?

    Al71Al712 måneder siden
  • 👍👍👍

    Juni Lumbanraja RopehamiJuni Lumbanraja Ropehami2 måneder siden
  • Thats crazy 😳🤯

    Lucas NadeauLucas Nadeau2 måneder siden
  • I want to buy this eingine how much for this n from where

    Tweety PiTweety Pi2 måneder siden
    • Search for it online, they go for like 100 bucks

      Max LeonMax Leon2 måneder siden
  • Osm 🔥but Fuel consumption is too much

    #s Goyal#s Goyal2 måneder siden
  • Anyone interested in an engine with 400kg thrust?

    Amir HussainAmir Hussain2 måneder siden
  • These engines are great

  • All that noise and fuel and it only has a max of 12kg? or 12 x 2.2 = 26,45 lbs?? WTH??? at 10:40 even ten times that is dismal.... and the fuel use .. ridiculous!! My lawn mower does better and uses that much fuel for hours and way less noise and since I get them off the street for free all the time I know it beets what a $3k price tag of this???? something wrong here!!!

    colin-man yeates-clancolin-man yeates-clan2 måneder siden