R/C V4 Car Final Modifications & Run!

27. juni. 2020
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I wish it was a liiiittle faster XD. Seriously though, the fact that it even moves makes me happy.
As for what it can be done to make it faster, I'm pretty sure the clutch should be upgraded because this one must be slipping really bad. The second thing I'd look is the 3 speed automatic gearbox which never engaged 2nd and 3rd gear due to the fact thay this engine can't rev that high, so the centrifugal clutches of the above gears to engage. The problem is that other 3 speed gearboxes are adjustable for the shifting point of each gear, while this one isn't. I need to find suitable springs of various stiffness and test them out. There is a possibility to make another video to show you all this.
Thank you again for your support and kind comments!
► Some parts and tools that I used and you might find them useful:
-Transmitter and receiver: bit.ly/2tMUDNG
-Servo: bit.ly/2SyBMy6
-3D printer: bit.ly/3bjK3i9
-Thermal camera: bit.ly/2SAjInv
-Toyan FS V400A Engine
bit.ly/3fyb4Qh --- 10% Coupon Code :jq90
-Toyan FS S100G Engine
Watercooled version: bit.ly/3cZJBFi
--- 10% Coupon Code :jq90
Aircooled version: bit.ly/3hwcGeX --- 10% Coupon Code :jq90
-Other Toyan Engine
bit.ly/3hrVM1f --- 10% Coupon Code :jq90

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  • the shifting is the pulley you have to give more revs to transmission

    Thanos KamThanos KamTime siden
  • Ugly? More like work of art you should have an extra body that’s left clear so you can see inside

    The fallen MoonThe fallen Moon17 timer siden
  • That's just to crazy! Wow! Very cool.

    Ron HoughtonRon Houghton21 time siden

    Claudio JuniorClaudio Junior22 timer siden
  • Incredible!!!

    j Gj GDag siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/zl_VfrGAxrunk80.html

  • this would be fun with an fpv cam

    DS007DS0072 dager siden
  • good jobbbb!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dynamic GadgetsDynamic Gadgets2 dager siden
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  • car bad nuh bloodclaat

    dmetri Hyltondmetri Hylton3 dager siden
  • Great job, you are truly an innovative creative!

    Deshaun R. BrownDeshaun R. Brown4 dager siden
  • ελληνας εισαι?

    Konstantinos RizosKonstantinos Rizos5 dager siden
  • How does that whole monocoque not just melt around the whole thing? Lol.

    patton303patton3035 dager siden
  • Here I was admiring your beautiful handiwork, and then you put headlight decals on the body, instead of making LED nacelles.

    TheDownerTheDowner5 dager siden
  • Those pipe bends were on point!

    atamisk21atamisk216 dager siden
  • Sucks how joe Biden is putting an end to building things with 3D printers

    Fermin ValdiviaFermin Valdivia6 dager siden
  • What kind of tires do you run with this

    Nick DawsonNick Dawson7 dager siden
  • Sounds like a mini moto gp bike

    Tom HalsteadTom Halstead7 dager siden
  • Bro, that is far from ugly to an engineer...

    Rickey HarrisRickey Harris7 dager siden
  • 6:41 nah.. its not ugly, its a piece of engineering and i love the look of it!

    Tim EndewTim Endew7 dager siden
  • Paint it YeLlOw

    ZhawnZhawn7 dager siden
  • Next I want a badass sounding V8😈

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  • 10:30

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  • 5::30

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  • What IDE love to see is a rotary engine RC car custom made like this xd are am I asking to much here xdd but sweet job

    Marcus PotterMarcus Potter9 dager siden
  • I can't believe how beautifully this is engineered. Amazing work!

    Sebastian75020Sebastian750209 dager siden
  • Damn this video is beautiful you’re amazing man!

    Nahu LeonNahu Leon9 dager siden
  • Fuck this is so epic vs just slapping some electric motor in an RC car, this shit is cooler than shit.

    ShoegumShoegum10 dager siden
  • Your car its so 🔥😍❤️

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  • Slow on bottom end let it rip

    all-around vapesall-around vapes11 dager siden
  • GandA !

    michael josh gajudomichael josh gajudo11 dager siden
  • V4?

    Big ALBig AL11 dager siden
    • V4 is the type of engine that is on the car. It's a V-shaped 4 cylinder 14cc engine.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ9011 dager siden
  • man if only i could afford one of these, this looks awesome

    SouthernAutoDiySouthernAutoDiy13 dager siden
  • Did you make that engine? That's a miniature engine. Nice engineering. You should make a bigger car with automatic transmission. A size of car proportionate to that size engine. Because that car is a bit small for that size engine. Have the engine at the front. You might as well make a car with a real replica for a chassis.

    AlAl13 dager siden
    • Much like a real car. With a drive shaft and axles. Scaled down.

      AlAl13 dager siden
  • Stay cool.. amazing

    Windy wahyu SaputroWindy wahyu Saputro13 dager siden
  • Wow !

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  • Impressive skills you got!

    Alex TurcotteAlex Turcotte14 dager siden
  • Just watched this entire playlist. Jesus dude, the engineering involved in this is out of this world, You are a very talented man. Subscribed

    SloopyFPVSloopyFPV14 dager siden
  • At idle it sounds like a full size WRC car!

    Dušan NestorovićDušan Nestorović14 dager siden
  • Nice

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  • Just a beautiful evo bro 😆 absolutely astonishing! !!

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  • It’s not ugly man it’s a piece of art IMO, mechanical art!

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  • Engine roaring is the best...!!!!

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  • Needs a side winder exhaust on the one side. Or maybe stretch it along having it come out farther back....to be honest I'd put sidewinders on anything 😆 I just love them.

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  • Or you spamming the throttle? Maybe keep constant throttle pressure and drive it like you mean it. Drove like a bitch in this video

    Cleetus McBittiesCleetus McBitties17 dager siden
  • Great engineering marvel Maybe you can install gear to gear flywheel to camshaft system rather than pulley system which could increase the rpm by a significant amount as pulley system can’t accommodate high rpms

    Shital LadShital Lad17 dager siden
  • Slow

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  • Incredible, Super talented, you should be very proud of yourself. RESPECT!! 👏🏻👍🏻

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  • Look its something fantastic but it takes a lot of time and for what😇😇

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  • working lamps or neon kit plssss

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  • God job😍😘

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  • porsche will be amazed

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  • what is the maximum speed of the cart?

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  • Kereeen

  • I think your car has Covid... because it’s fucking sick!! 🔥

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  • thats so cool, maybe put a turbo on it???

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  • Who else is triggered that he did not just hold down the button to see its full speed

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  • Looks like a TAXI (who knows it?)

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  • That a lot of work for what you actually get in the end. .......still it’s awesome 👍🏾

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  • If the case was clear or you could see all the inside parts while it runs!

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  • Evo 6 body?

    • Exactly ;)

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  • +Just Incredible. Really really impressive.

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  • so is this petrol?

    Lisa GrannellLisa Grannell26 dager siden
  • Hello. It was very interesting for me to watch the rework of the model. You have excellent equipment and golden hands. In Russian terminology, this means that you are a wonderful master! But there is one question that haunts me. Have you ever thought about making a small car. For example 1/5. It seems to me that it will be very difficult. But in the end, with your talents, you will build a wonderful project. Sorry if it’s not clear anywhere. I'm very bad at English. Therefore, I wrote through a translator)))

    _ Алекс_ Алекс26 dager siden
  • u crazy , man

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  • Indo sendiri boyyy

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  • I’m surprised this doesn’t have working windshield wipers and lights/blinkers. This video showed up in my recommended and just this alone has me wanting to see more. No idea how any of it works but it’s incredible.

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  • Legend has that his friends would buy the same toy car that he had. Frustrated as he wanted to have one of a kind toys, he started making his own. Now look.. how far he has reached. His copy cat friend gave up long back.

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  • I love to see if you can put a turbo on it

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  • beautiful build man... but are you telling me after all this work, the car will only go 5 to 8 mph? dammmmmmmnnnnnn

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  • Just found this video and I enjoyed every minute of it. I salute you sir.

    Bret KilonziBret KilonziMåned siden
  • in my opnion, with that body shell, the problem is how in the world will the engine cool properly? The roof scoop is cut. but that won't provide enough cold air so the engine willcool properly.

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