Printing UNBREAKABLE Nylon Parts! - Qidi X-Max 3D Printer

24. juli. 2020
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  • Get the QIDI X-Max 3D Printer here! $50 discount coupon:H574C6509F553000

    JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ908 måneder siden
    • Hello Johnny, using PETG where you attach the spool, inside or out? And do you dry PETG before printing? Thanks!

      Petr TikhonovPetr Tikhonov23 dager siden
    • @Ridge Bodie Testing it out now. Looks to be working.

      Jorge JakeJorge JakeMåned siden
  • Hello Johnny, using PETG where you attach the spool, inside or out? And do you dry PETG before printing? Thanks!

    Petr TikhonovPetr Tikhonov23 dager siden
    • @JohnnyQ90 Thank you very much!

      Petr TikhonovPetr Tikhonov23 dager siden
    • Hi! If I remember correctly the spool of PETG was mounted outside the case. In this video, this spool was dried, but I usually dry a new spool for a day in a food dehydrator.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ9023 dager siden
  • What brand of nylon were you using?

    P2PScrambleP2PScrambleMåned siden
    • I used Taulman bridge nylon.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90Måned siden
  • Are you converting a gas to electric?

    BraaapAllDayBraaapAllDayMåned siden
  • the petg almost breaks like abs

    OliverOliver2 måneder siden
  • Hi. Did yoou have to re-level the bed, when you changed the hotend?

    MazingaMazinga2 måneder siden
  • What kind of foam that "tire" is? I need to make custom foam tires for my onroad project

    Attila KissAttila Kiss2 måneder siden
  • is it true that it has a max print speed of 50mms?

    i cant think of a namei cant think of a name3 måneder siden
  • Don't get the qidi x-crap let my wasted 1k be your ticket elsewhere .

    Mc DumbshitMc Dumbshit3 måneder siden
  • The x-max is the only printer with a decent price for printing nylon, with an estruder ready to use. I love mine, now with octoprint is more customizable.

    Multi MagicalMulti Magical3 måneder siden
  • Nice work Johnny, and very helpful. Would having a second extruder (for dissolvable supports) be something that you would wish for, or are you happy with single extruder supports?

    Dr. NordstromDr. Nordstrom3 måneder siden
  • Yo just got the same printer for Christmas can't wait to print some rc car stuff.

    anyfittedwaveanyfittedwave3 måneder siden
  • My son just bought this X-Max and the power keeps shutting off. Anyone else have this problem. Printed for 2% of the test print, total power shut off.

    Michael HaiseMichael Haise4 måneder siden
  • I'm surprised at 100C the bed didn't lose its magnetism.

    HonorNecrisHonorNecris4 måneder siden
  • Try use Nylon with carbon reinforcement is the most robust material I tested.

    Rudá BittencourtRudá Bittencourt4 måneder siden
  • Can acetone vapor smooth the parts?

    Tom KaoTom Kao4 måneder siden
  • you have too many subscribers to be putting out shit content like this

    Jesse DylanJesse Dylan4 måneder siden
    • Then don’t watch it

      Tom KaoTom Kao4 måneder siden
  • Who else is here from Maker's Muse?

  • hi there.. i just goit a qidi x maxx.. wana share ur temps and speed and setting to print nylon??? ty

    lame solamelame solame6 måneder siden
  • Questions: PETG vs PLA, not based on test in this video? Is PLA worth getting if you can’t afford the Nylon? Or is nylon cheap enough to be worthwhile the investment?

    Top SecretTop Secret6 måneder siden
  • @5:08 Did you print the tire?

    BossaNossa1BossaNossa17 måneder siden
  • I’m in the market for a 3D printer. May I ask what all things do you plan on using the 3D Max for?

    Cory JeffreysCory Jeffreys7 måneder siden
  • What type (or brand) of nylon filament did you use?

    Martin GrenierMartin Grenier7 måneder siden
  • Nice

  • You should buy a resin printer.

    John DickinsonJohn Dickinson8 måneder siden
  • Just to be clear, you would not always want bending strenght but rather breaking strenght. Nylon is not the best for every project. Sometimes you want the plastic to break.

    SnopFopSnopFop8 måneder siden
  • Hey bro do you sell the economy cars after there done

    Edgardo MarquezEdgardo Marquez8 måneder siden
  • RIP the PETG vase.

    CalthecoolCalthecool8 måneder siden
  • sorry... I can only describe my impressions of what i saw in this vlog ( with regards to an understanding of material structures / properties ) as gobsmacking, unbelievable, but for all ! the wrong reasons... I can only pray you don t build bridges for a living.

    firebugfirebug8 måneder siden
  • Pleas a Workshop roomtour

    Philip BleuelPhilip Bleuel8 måneder siden
  • You can't just say one material is better then another. Someone 1 matches up better for your task. I would personally never use nylon as it's too flexible to be useful. Of it were a spring then sure but I would print a lot. PETG is a great material, PLA MAG be better. But no one material is better then another. You compare small parts mean for strength but then only use 30% infill? It's like your trying to make nylon look miles better then PETG but it's not better. It's different. Different plastics have different properties. If you want certain properties of course the material that has those properties will win. But those properties you showed on camera were meaningless. You just crushed up a thin part and broke bars. PETG took the most effort to bed all the way over. Nylon is a semi flex material so of course it's going to flex. Especially are 30% infill!

    Wa geWa ge8 måneder siden
  • Hi sir johnyQ90 can you give me an idea of estimated price of your project rc car. Just want to know the price also of a toyan engine. Thanks and more power.

    Vincent VeranoVincent Verano8 måneder siden
  • Shmmml i use PLA cuz it's the only thing i can afford

    Tom ChevréTom Chevré8 måneder siden
  • Sir how made diagrams of these printed objects please share us

    PAK SitePAK Site8 måneder siden
  • That discount code saved me $142! Your a champion!

    Mart HoughMart Hough8 måneder siden
  • wow i use that combo for my 1/8 electric competition buggy

    HMC _PROJECTHMC _PROJECT8 måneder siden
  • This printer is really shit to its price. Always have a problem with extruder and z axis layer not good. So this us just paid promotion. I will make a video with review for this printer on my channel and show its problem. Don't recommend to buy it

    КитайЧаКитайЧа8 måneder siden
  • Dont stres nylon printed parts for two weeks. Nylon must drink water from air.

    Paweł DubielPaweł Dubiel8 måneder siden
  • Make a Rimac C_2 shell, then a 2 speed gear for it

    Daniel LohDaniel Loh8 måneder siden
  • If you want more grip for the tires rub sunscreen into them. Sticks on tarmac so well

    Senorpickle 420Senorpickle 4208 måneder siden
  • I been printing with nylon for a couple years but it’s a bit to soft for my RC stuff. It’s expensive and not really easy to shatter but so is TPU. So I use TPU because it’s much cheaper and just as durable for canopies & camera mounts ect, PLA for stiffer suspension/frame components and PETG for more anti friction/heat type things. I bet if you did similar tests @ 10% infill, 50% 75% and 100% you may have different ideas on what to use ... good video all the same

    IyyobrIyyobr8 måneder siden
  • A dedicated extruded for nylon is a good thing, I used this printer with a lot of filaments; robust machine

    Multi MagicalMulti Magical8 måneder siden
  • You probably know more about this stuff than I do, but carbon fiber for example is fairly brittle, yet very strong. Carbon fiber would definitely break where a nylon part wouldn't, but it doesn't flex as much and is much stronger per unit of weight than nylon.

    Mace DinduMace Dindu8 måneder siden
  • I don't think you're printing that PETG correctly. PETG should give before it breaks, yours almost exploded which means it's too brittle. Probably printed too cold. I get this issue as well if i print it below 250C.

    HallslysHallslys8 måneder siden
  • For the next progect make a mini 2 strokes engine

    X_ALTER itaX_ALTER ita8 måneder siden
  • Nylon isn't environmental friendly

    Valentino KingsleyValentino Kingsley8 måneder siden
  • What nylon filament are you using?

    MotoErgoSumMotoErgoSum8 måneder siden
  • Any chance youd be interested in making a scale 4g63

    keith brueykeith bruey8 måneder siden
  • Great video! Would be awesome to see comparison of ABS, POLYCARBONATE (and PC ABS, PC NYLON) etc. POLYPROPYLENE!!!!

    Tim DTim D8 måneder siden
  • Now that's a microwave! Bolted down ultra thick flat bed too! NYLON printed TV Dinners here I come!

    Tim DTim D8 måneder siden
  • How can PETG be more brittle than PLA? Are you sure you didn't mix up the tags?

    bestbattlebestbattle8 måneder siden
  • you have to add some music to those videos

    Ondrův jůtůbe kanálek CZOndrův jůtůbe kanálek CZ8 måneder siden
  • Dude! I just got that brushless combo and installed it in my truck last night it, rips pretty hard even on 4s, I can't wait to see what you do with it.

    Kyle LundKyle Lund8 måneder siden
  • Exelt cidirt, thx

    Gallardo6669Gallardo66698 måneder siden
  • I went to the website to buy this printer it says they have sold 4 printers and the only payment method they except is PayPal so its no surprise that they have only sold 4 of them and I will be buying a printer from someone else

    BmillerBmiller8 måneder siden
  • Have you heard of Nylon X

    KoenKoen8 måneder siden
  • Seems a good machine!

    seriousCADninjaseriousCADninja8 måneder siden
  • @01:39 "It can not be used bla bla fan"...but hell there is a fan!!!! You see it clealy @01:42 .....WTF ----- Your hole thumb is on it m8e.....

    Kenneth RosenstroemKenneth Rosenstroem8 måneder siden
  • You should print polycarbonate, it is even tougher

    kukkuu :Dkukkuu :D8 måneder siden
  • Что за pet-g такой говеный, у меня некогда он, как стекло не разлетался

    Альберт ХакомиовАльберт Хакомиов8 måneder siden
  • This is Good

    RetroToonsRetroToons8 måneder siden
  • Why not 3D print a water bottle out of nylon it decomposes after 30 to 40 years instead of there being a metal water bottle that will probably sit there for longer before it rusts

    Tristan PrederTristan Preder8 måneder siden
  • You said it can't be used for low temp applications because it had no fan, but the extruder has a small fan on it??

    Jason ShermanJason Sherman8 måneder siden
  • PETG breaks like Carbon Fibre.

    Koton BadsKoton Bads8 måneder siden
  • Thanks for doing that PLA PETG Nylon comparison. you're a champ!

    fightmeirlfightmeirl8 måneder siden
  • A "high temp" extruder for only 240 degrees? I print at 285 on a stock Prusa extruder all the time.

    Mason NelsonMason Nelson8 måneder siden
  • Phaaa! Nothing new, wheels have been round for years!

    Stephen JobeStephen Jobe8 måneder siden
  • Parts came out better then I was thinking but im not sure about a electric motor with gears. but good luck. and nothign is unbreakable at over 100km/h :)

    k1e1v1i1nk1e1v1i1n8 måneder siden
  • awesome

    Tyler DTyler D8 måneder siden
  • Just buy a Prusa

    George TownGeorge Town8 måneder siden
  • I just want u to make a 300 mph car

    Amaar KhanAmaar Khan8 måneder siden
  • My qidi should be here Tuesday!😁

    ActivemachineworksActivemachineworks8 måneder siden
  • What nylon filament do you use ?

    Longwood MediaLongwood Media8 måneder siden
  • The best traction you will get in my experience is with rubber tires that are or have a similar tread design to Proline Road Rage tires. I love foams as they are so light, but on cool or dusty pavement the traction is not great. They need clean, hot, almost tacky asphalt to stick well, or carpet while using traction compound which eats at a thin layer of the foam and makes it almost greasy.

  • This printer is an fdm one or it has a direct extruder? Couldn't find out. Thanks.

    gabrielemoro1gabrielemoro18 måneder siden
  • Where's ABS?

    Louis CypherLouis Cypher8 måneder siden
  • Nylon is "semi-flexible" structural material, its mechanical properties lie partway between PC and TPU. It's key property is extremely low coefficient of friction. PC would be optimal material for RC car suspension. It is also extremely difficult to break but it's a lot stiffer than nylon.

    Mi 28Mi 288 måneder siden
  • Hi. What kind of nylon filament did you use? Is there a special way you dry it? Thanks in advance.

    ridepantridepant8 måneder siden
    • I would also like to know. Did he really print at 250c?

      Aaron BlankenshipAaron Blankenship8 måneder siden
  • Have you ever tried to CNC wheels on your pocket nc, I’ve always wondered if it was possible.

    Jason BarrettJason Barrett8 måneder siden
  • You remind me of How To Basic

    paramoreguateparamoreguate8 måneder siden
  • Nice video.. What's the brand of the nylon filament you used?

    Zakaria KhameesZakaria Khamees8 måneder siden
  • You should do a hybrid rc race car that would be cooler than a just electric car

    p Fritzp Fritz8 måneder siden
  • I built a electric rc Gt40 with brushless motor and lipo power batterys and can not get the car to stay on the road, go's airborne at about 85 - 90 mph and crashes every time or the tyres just explode

    AG- lathe-cncAG- lathe-cnc8 måneder siden
  • It’s BENJI boat

    Dalton HarringtonDalton Harrington8 måneder siden
  • 240 is considered high temp? thats a bit low for nylon im surprised it didnt have layer seperation issues at that temp. any cheap entry level 3d printer will do 240 and something like the ender 3 could do 260 with a small upgrade of a capricorn bowden tube that can take that temp

    random stuffrandom stuff8 måneder siden
  • Hey mate, you didn't show up on my sub feed or notif. NOworld's fault ?

    FireFlyFireFly8 måneder siden
  • Maybe the Nylon didnt break but when it is deformed its bad and maybe you wont see it. (As a part for the RC Car) 7:00

    MerlinTheMagic12MerlinTheMagic128 måneder siden
  • You should do a triple motor build 1 for each rear wheel and a big 1 for the front through a diff. be better than that crappy V4, seems like your on a hiding to nothing with that

    rx323bugrx323bug8 måneder siden
  • Why do you use a 3 speed on an electric car? With the right gear ration you can go pretty slow and easily reach 100kph, aint that enough? :D Or do you plan on crawling or doing 200 as well?

    DennisDennis8 måneder siden
  • Very interesting comparison of these materials. Thus far I was less than impressed with the products coming from 3d printing machines, but those nylon parts are actually useful.

    Chubby MothChubby Moth8 måneder siden
  • IV watched till the end. as usual. but i need to know the name of the song at the end. PLEASE.

    Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela8 måneder siden
  • That 3 Speed Electric is going to fly!

    Money Origami OriginalsMoney Origami Originals8 måneder siden
  • You should try printing a similar design to the michelin x turf tires used on tractors with a thick rim and maybe knobbly bits on the tread surface, they should deform and grip pretty good

    Henning KockHenning Kock8 måneder siden
  • I was wondering if you could help me with building a reduction gearbox with a clutch on the outgoing shaft for my dirt bike. I have ideas to figure it all out but i havent got those expensive tools that you have to create everything that your creative mind comes up with.. Can you please help me out Johnny?

    MonoRacerMonoRacer8 måneder siden
  • NIceeeee I got 2 of those printers and many of the other ones they sell!!

    MrCuteStuffMrCuteStuff8 måneder siden
  • Have you tried PETG reinforced with Carbon Fiber? It's a nozzle eater, but I'm loving it!

    André LourençoAndré Lourenço8 måneder siden
  • hello from Russia 😁👍

    Emanation UniversumEmanation Universum8 måneder siden
  • Hard parts = Break Flexible parts = Unbreakable But Torsional stiffness .... Flexible parts = Driving stability (↓) , Coltrol (↓) , response (↓)

    청담이청담이8 måneder siden
  • amazing it stayed together at the bead seems. is there a weight difference?

    Happy HandsHappy Hands8 måneder siden
    • yes

      Finian ZepsFinian Zeps8 måneder siden
  • Sick. Just finishing assembling my new prusa i3. I already have an Ender 3 and a CR10. Be careful or you’ll keep buying more machines😂

    Jack VandergriffJack Vandergriff8 måneder siden