Micro SUPERCHARGER on the TWIN Cylinder 4 Stroke Engine! - First impressions

2. jan.. 2021
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While I'm waiting for parts to arrive for the 4 cylinder 1/6 rc car, I decided to install my micro supercharger that I made almost 2 years ago. Of course I didn't have any expectations as in order to produce usable boost, it would need to spin at hundeds of thousands of rpm. Nevertheless, I tried with a rather small pulley (I could make a larger one but don't have a belt for that) and I got an engine that san't running very well. The dual carburetors don't help either. My plans are on the end of the video. Anyhing you can suggest is much appreciated.
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    Alex HudsonAlex Hudson11 timer siden
  • @2:22 My first thought was ,... No

    Zsavage1Zsavage120 timer siden
  • Came here after seeing some dude installing a turbo on the same engine. Not just a compressor, but an actual turbo, and it kinda worked

    Никита КНикита К2 dager siden
  • I like the idea of these motors but i wanna get one hust to make tons of crazy builds with just dont have the budget with them costing as much as a fullsized motor

    Poke12GaugePoke12Gauge2 dager siden
  • My need one Machine pleases cement replay

    Md. Hadiul IslamMd. Hadiul Islam2 dager siden
  • where is the STUTUTUTU sound =))

    Benjamin MaoBenjamin Mao2 dager siden
  • 😆😆😆ฝากชื่อด้วยนะจ๊ะ

    Don-NoppadonDon-Noppadon4 dager siden
  • กะใส่ชื่อทับคนที่ถือเงินได้เงินไม่ได้ชื่อ

    Don-NoppadonDon-Noppadon4 dager siden
  • เพราะยังไม่ได้ถือเงิน

    Don-NoppadonDon-Noppadon4 dager siden
  • 😅😅😅อยู่ในมือด้วยกะใส่ชื่อเราไปจนหมด

    Don-NoppadonDon-Noppadon4 dager siden
  • Почему ты всегда молчишь мне как русскому трудно понять пиши хоть кометы что ты делаешь

    Александр ДружининАлександр Дружинин4 dager siden
  • ص

    كوكو المحمداويكوكو المحمداوي6 dager siden
  • That’s a centrifugal turbocharger

    Preston GarveyPreston Garvey8 dager siden
  • Can you put these on cars like RC cars?!

    EnpsychlodelicaEnpsychlodelica9 dager siden

    สิทธิโชค ทรงแก้วสิทธิโชค ทรงแก้ว13 dager siden
  • Damn, that scare me, 1:23 i thou u made a mistake,

    Amala MurtadhoAmala Murtadho14 dager siden
  • Wow

    Aldrich jay EleccionAldrich jay Eleccion16 dager siden
  • Doesn't even drive them??

    YouTube makes me angry But i cant stop watching!!YouTube makes me angry But i cant stop watching!!19 dager siden
  • Can you measure the power by hooking it up to an electric motor and see how many watts it can pump out? I swear I've seen you do that before, might have been the nitro generator video.

    Thomas SThomas S20 dager siden
  • this engine more expensive than my moped

    M5A1 StuartM5A1 Stuart20 dager siden
  • Are you sure that is a supercharger and not a turbocharger

    Daniel DarchDaniel Darch24 dager siden
  • If you manage to put this in the front of arc car omg this would be a game changer for the RC community

    SharptastiC MadeTheHiTSharptastiC MadeTheHiT25 dager siden
  • Try to higher octane

    Andi AbdillahAndi Abdillah26 dager siden
  • put a turbo on use exhaust gases

    langra manlangra man27 dager siden
  • A turbo is different than a pro charger

    Jacob Game playJacob Game play28 dager siden
  • As a car guy and representing the car community, we usually say .. FFFXKING SEND IT! 🤣😂

  • Put this engine ( in at an on to ) nissan gtr34 the monster

    Dark AngelDark Angel28 dager siden
  • Johnny if you did make a functional air blower that opens up when revving also functional intercoolers, if you did it as a business I would these things from you and I am sure other people will too

    BoostedlifeBoostedlifeMåned siden
  • Super intelligent 👍👍👍💎

  • That's an awesome concept and opens alot of possibilities. Full drag ? Genius level

    James ChappellJames ChappellMåned siden
  • Busut dah bisa ajah akalnya ya

    erwin herdiansyaherwin herdiansyahMåned siden
  • This is not a turbocharger?

    Nikola JokicNikola JokicMåned siden
  • whoever disliked should try this themselves. Imagine how much effort and time he put into this thing

    Joakim Matthew N. CastilloJoakim Matthew N. CastilloMåned siden
  • ...now spray paint your mouth silver and spit fuel into the supercharger intake... Screaming "witness me" beforehand is optional...

    RobertRobertMåned siden
  • Give me the stututututut!!!!!!!!! 👁👄👁

    a1faa1faMåned siden
  • looks like a turbocharger, works like a supercharger

    foxhunter 137foxhunter 137Måned siden
  • I think the design of a super charger with high rpm and speed would lend it's self better to a two stroke twin model engine design

    Sir. Lord. Dr James bottom tooth the 3rdSir. Lord. Dr James bottom tooth the 3rdMåned siden
  • So like any good muscle head can you make a v8? Or would there be too impractical

    moosles 1357moosles 1357Måned siden
  • Have you considered rigging a NOS system up to this engine?.. you know, for science.

    Nesley.SnipesNesley.SnipesMåned siden
  • That’s a turbo not a supercharger

    EJ ByrnesEJ ByrnesMåned siden
  • Do a k20

  • cann you make it not so load the motor muffler?

    Leon_07 ?Leon_07 ?Måned siden
  • I wonder what his but smells like???

    Daily Dose of RipsDaily Dose of RipsMåned siden
  • Boosty boy

    Cl1nical DepressionCl1nical DepressionMåned siden
  • That engine would be amazing in rc car👍

    Tobok 7Tobok 7Måned siden
  • *A S M R A S F*

    CordellaCordellaMåned siden
  • Need cooler from trubo

    Viswajith KsViswajith KsMåned siden
  • Are y8u goin to put this into anything a model car ect. When you get it all done an running right?

    LoDown318LoDown318Måned siden
  • Some times just wondering and feeling pretty for people who gives dislikes to such high-performance ...

  • You need to coat your plenum with resin, FDM always leaks. I’ve made plenty of 3d printed intake manifolds before I made them for good out of carbon fibre. Inertia dyno easiest way to calculate power, basically torque equals inertia times angular acceleration in radians.

    Corey BlueCorey BlueMåned siden
  • 와우..GOOD~

    매니져임매니져임Måned siden
  • It could be that the supercharger is creating more restriction than it is increasing airflow and that it is actually starving the engine of air at high rpms. Have you tried measuring how much air it is actually pushing through vs how much the engine is drawing.

    Joel RaatzJoel RaatzMåned siden
  • You clearly have the skills to build a mechanical Dynamometer. Then you have one for all your builds. Hoping to see you put a port on the intake manifold for a boost gauge. Then you can see how efficient your SC is. Great work.

    custardavengercustardavengerMåned siden
  • You maybe need to flow more fuel at higher rpm so it doesn't cut off because now you have much more air in the combustion chamber. I love watching your vids.

    Franky KFranky KMåned siden
  • That's so freaking awesome!!

    Sam CoonSam CoonMåned siden
  • Who else wanna see a rc car build with this

    Botho RhakhoBotho RhakhoMåned siden
  • Figure out a way to measure boost I'm thinking the supercharger might be robbing horse power instead of making it. Also do a before and after max engine Rpm . A supercharged motor tend to extend the rpm range of engines if they are working properly.

    boosted saleenboosted saleenMåned siden
  • Skookum

    goochman 420goochman 420Måned siden
  • Mini detonation is what i was looking forward

    2jzMafia 4L2jzMafia 4LMåned siden
  • Measuring power out would be fairly simple: Get a reasonably large DC motor (500W or so) Short the terminals together through an ammeter This will make the motor oppose its own rotation (electric braking). Power-in on the motor will be directly proportional to the current flowing through the ammeter It will not give you a wattage reading (difficult to measure as you have low resistance in the short), but the motor power should be approximately equal to the current flowing multiplied by the internal resistance of the motor windings, which may be able to be measured with a multi-meter if the resistance is not too low

    Rory PRory PMåned siden
  • Very talented guy for sure. What is the output of this engine now and what is its purpose?

    Robert RudorfRobert RudorfMåned siden
  • 2:01 maybe add a flash warning

    Jonantr05 OofJonantr05 OofMåned siden
  • I'm amazed at this little thing has a turbo it's crazy

    carl seizcarl seizMåned siden
  • Kann you you make me e charger ? I paid for this

    Fabi OlschewskiFabi OlschewskiMåned siden
  • Welp I learned something new titanium can go kaboom

    JustLuisReallyJustLuisReallyMåned siden
  • Whats that tapping fixture used at 3:00 for the m3 threads?

  • Its crazy that these are micro and still working

    Isaac PiernaIsaac PiernaMåned siden
  • tırışka

    0M420M42Måned siden
  • It's a turbo not a supercharger

    jgamer 2655jgamer 2655Måned siden
  • does the supercharger get oiling?

    Gerilynn TarvinGerilynn TarvinMåned siden
  • Add some music.....🤕🤒

    Tush95 TTush95 TMåned siden
  • I wish this had a full exhaust system and was inside a rc scale crawler our drift car!!💯💯💯 thanks for making this video bro

    Entz BrazyEntz BrazyMåned siden
  • Awesome!!!

    Scott KScott KMåned siden
  • Bro your RPM numbers are way off regardless that little "supercharger" doesn't even give it extra power. Way too small to give any noticeable power gain.

    patman0250patman0250Måned siden
  • So you're tempted to call it a turbo but you can't because you're saying it's a type of centrifugal compressor? Ahh.. you do know that's basically what a turbo is right.

    patman0250patman0250Måned siden
    • @Chance Favors The Prepared Mind I'm not talking about what car people say, I'm talking about the physics of how they both push air. It's pretty simple to understand even for "car people".

      patman0250patman0250Måned siden
    • @patman0250 they are both forced induction and they both feed air into the engine the same way but car people refer to a “turbo” as being propelled or powered by exhaust gas and a “supercharger, blower, centrifugal supercharger, etc” as being belt driven off the crankshaft. That is why he isn’t referring to it as a “turbo” even though the output process is the same.

      Chance Favors The Prepared MindChance Favors The Prepared MindMåned siden
    • @Chance Favors The Prepared Mind How the thing gets powered is completely irrelevant. It's how it forces the air that's exactly the same. A centrifugal compressor forces air the exact same way a turbo does. Curious though you do know what a centrifugal compressor looks like right?

      patman0250patman0250Måned siden
    • Turbo is powered by exhaust gas, blower or supercharger is powered by direct drive via a drive belt.

      Chance Favors The Prepared MindChance Favors The Prepared MindMåned siden
  • Nice

  • God job on building engine looks really cool

    Memphis BarnwellMemphis BarnwellMåned siden
  • Please make a 6 cylinder inline engine

    Prudhvi KashyapPrudhvi KashyapMåned siden
  • It's a push through setup right now so your gonna need a fuel pump or put the carb before the procharge and that should fix your problems

    Jacob MurphyJacob MurphyMåned siden
  • its a turbocharger not a supercharger

    Eric GarciaEric GarciaMåned siden
  • I dont know if its possible on this scale but you could come up with a diaphragm fuel pump that runs off the crank case pulsation like on many "small motor" applications to avoid the fuel pushing out and at the same time you dont restrict exhuast flow. I know i personally wouldnt really be able to make one that small but you seem alot smarter and like you can fabricate alot better than i ever could.

    Tom StutzTom StutzMåned siden
  • I may sound stupid, but why don’t you hear the centrifugal compressor taking in air l?

    Conner QuickConner QuickMåned siden
  • draw through way easier just harder starting put an airplane prop on it very simple dyno

    lightningjetlightningjetMåned siden
  • Awesome

    Coca ColaCoca ColaMåned siden
  • this is way to cool :)

    ThunderPumpkinThunderPumpkinMåned siden
  • that is a pro charger ( basically a mix of both )

    Sultan AlnaqbiSultan AlnaqbiMåned siden
  • Carburador antes da turbina e maior quantidade de combustível ta com mistura pobre

    EI RC replicasEI RC replicasMåned siden
  • At first, I was wondering how the exhaust in that little engine would be able to adequately spin the comparably massive turbine. Then I saw the belt and was like "ooooohhhhhhhh...supercharger. Like it says in the title." I see you improved the gearing in a later video. This is great stuff!

    GregGregMåned siden
  • thats a turbo

    Mike CooleyMike CooleyMåned siden
  • Make 2jz

    Tamás HusztiTamás HusztiMåned siden
  • supa fun to watch

    Anonymous HamsterAnonymous HamsterMåned siden
  • Nice fab work and very cool video I look forward to seeing the next on this

    Keith HusseyKeith Hussey2 måneder siden
  • Keep breaking the bearier

    Eddie FisherEddie Fisher2 måneder siden
  • А на русском нельзя ?

    Артём ВасиленкоАртём Василенко2 måneder siden
  • これラジコン作れるレベルだぁ

    霧崎鈴霧崎鈴2 måneder siden
  • It sounds like a motorcycle engine.

    Arun RunArun Run2 måneder siden
  • Supercharger or turbocharger

    GOOD Angel gdGOOD Angel gd2 måneder siden
  • poor little pistons are fighting the pressure of air on the up stroke you could do with a valve stopping the air into the cylinder on the way up and give the process some more efficiency.

    Paulo ForgedPaulo Forged2 måneder siden
  • your actually spot on with your numbers and rpm. an engine that has no transmission, accessories (alt, power steering pump, ac)will idol highier cause no work is being done so in theory you put that on and it would idol down to probably 2500 rpms which is close to some full sized engines idol speeds. scale wise pretty spot on. what would happen if you put the pro charger on the twin rotor, does that have a highier rpm limit than the 4 stroke?

    P3PP3RCOATP3PP3RCOAT2 måneder siden
  • I'd put a heavier flywheel

    pistareddupistareddu2 måneder siden