Making the Front DISC Brake System for the V4 RC Car (Rear Brakes will follow)

12. april. 2020
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  • About the 3d printed part: The top of the part has a slight slope which had to be supported. Also, I printed it at 0.28mm layer height which made the surface even worse (I tried it) I didn't any method to fill it, so I printed it again.

    JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90År siden
    • Ultra Super Cool!!!

    • @Frank Jaxtyn i am trying it out right now. Seems good so far.

      Ibrahim AceIbrahim AceMåned siden
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      Frank JaxtynFrank JaxtynMåned siden
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      FrankyBoyFrankyBoy3 måneder siden
    • @FrankyBoy if he just turns it 180 he will get the to smooth finish and no support needed

      eduardo meduardo m3 måneder siden
  • sus brake discs

    OreotuylubamyaOreotuylubamya7 timer siden
  • Ola , eu sou do Brasil tenho um caminhão FG 1/5 queria saber se você daria umas dicas para ele ficar personalizado!!!

    Carlos A. NunesCarlos A. Nunes18 timer siden
  • Or give me it bangladesh shomoli

    avro nathavro nath4 dager siden
  • give me the link if you buy

    avro nathavro nath4 dager siden
  • why arent you making a miniature car that drives through vr?

    Elvis CarageaElvis Caragea7 dager siden
  • Anjirrrr ...Orang kaya lu ya?

    Daief Frananda galuhDaief Frananda galuh12 dager siden
  • This disc brake is sus

    Aaron XuAaron Xu13 dager siden

    Supcrafty 7Supcrafty 716 dager siden
  • Nice work!

    Jer SgnJer Sgn18 dager siden
  • Dude, you got mad skillz!!! I am so impressed. You work is inspiring me to get back into RC cars and get creative!!! Awesome stuff!!!

    realbogusrealbogus18 dager siden
  • vented...

    NaClONaClO22 dager siden
  • How much money for that gays?

    Wibson WibisonoWibson Wibisono22 dager siden
  • kinda sus, it vented

    JimmisphereTTJimmisphereTT28 dager siden
  • brother let the music play in the background

    Faruk DemirayFaruk Demiray28 dager siden
  • ABS

    A Kid On The InternetA Kid On The InternetMåned siden
  • Man I love your vids but plus invest in some bondhus T handle allen wrenches they will change you life lol

    Ryan NicholsRyan NicholsMåned siden
  • >Not machining your own brake calipers. Smh

    QuadzehQuadzehMåned siden
  • Wow we’re do you find the time because I know it takes patience to make what looks like art

    Sarko MazmanyanSarko MazmanyanMåned siden
  • You must paint them red for that extra hp

    Masta BruceMasta Bruce2 måneder siden
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    Олег КоОлег Ко2 måneder siden
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    Benivaldo santosBenivaldo santos3 måneder siden
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    احمد راضياحمد راضي3 måneder siden
  • Greate video!

    Oklon86Oklon863 måneder siden
    • Grayte Coment!

      JimmisphereTTJimmisphereTT28 dager siden
  • Pocket NC V2-10 хороший станочек и цена в 6000$ тоже хорошая

    Сергей СергейСергей Сергей3 måneder siden
  • DISC Brake System vented! DISC Brake System was the imposter

    RazorWolf ProRazorWolf Pro3 måneder siden
  • That tiny cnc type machine is insane. Here i was thinking a mini lathe was badass , then this shows up in my recommended

    Marion CobrettiMarion Cobretti3 måneder siden
  • I mean yes you saved weight here on the brakes but the tank was 2x as heavy and I dont think this made up that ~40g difference over all

    DavidSmashGamesDavidSmashGames3 måneder siden
  • at least these brakes don't need to be bled.

    tailsnumber1fan5590tailsnumber1fan55903 måneder siden
  • You made the second one backwards lol..... hope your mak8ng back ones to use the backwardone later

    Rich MorgensteinRich Morgenstein4 måneder siden
  • Big brake upgrade for an RC car wow

    SteelFlexIncSteelFlexInc4 måneder siden
  • I hope someday this get cheap

    talha drisstalha driss4 måneder siden
  • the mill have a very bad sound... it seems like it's not solid enough to work with aluminium... that's really sad...

    Олег ШтыревОлег Штырев4 måneder siden
  • That's quite thicc disc brake

    Wahyu SetiawanWahyu Setiawan4 måneder siden
  • He makes brake discs on the cnc mill and g0he has a laythe haha, idiot...

    JakobJakob4 måneder siden
  • I used to make this when i was in kindergarten

    Sachin BaijuSachin Baiju4 måneder siden
  • I request for NOworldr make part Toyan eninge how to set parts per ak video only eninge

    Aashish GiriAashish Giri4 måneder siden
  • Aluminum brake discs? Why not plastic at once? And it is easier, and the "braking" will ALSO not be affected! For the future - before taking on something - it is worth reading the relevant literature! Especially about "slip pairs" and why it is customary to make brake discs from iron / cast iron!

    chveykchveyk4 måneder siden
    • @JohnnyQ90 Heating is not the problem! The problem is in the "softness" of aluminum and the ease of its "devouring" during braking: when any force is applied to the surface of aluminum, the "oxide film" is instantly removed from it, and then the process goes "easily and naturally"! At the same time, the pads become "salted" with aluminum powder and stop working from the word at all! I am aware of the model, but for a normal racing model (not a toy) such brakes are useless!

      chveykchveyk4 måneder siden
    • You think that I'm so stupid that I can make everything nice, but for the brakes 'nah, aluminium will work' Scale RC cars are a totally different story. Many RC car manufacturers (not all) make their brake rotors from aluminum with carbon fiber pads. Yes I know, it's crazy, how can it even work. Well it works, and pretty good I have to say. RC cars don't have the mass of a real car which means that the rotors will not reach the temperature of a rotor on a real car. They don't always need steel rotors.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ904 måneder siden
  • Damn it, that’s the second time I’ve watched this and I didn’t even realize till the end

    aterack833aterack8334 måneder siden
  • You can start a 3D print from a stop right? Maybe make a rough plaster block to take some of the space when making hollow prints, that way it is quicker and takes less filament

    aterack833aterack8334 måneder siden
  • Video shows how you made it. Very little of the finish brakes are shown. I watched 12 minutes hoping to see the finish product at different angles and maybe a demo of it operating. Great work. Maybe a mass production model for same for our RC community?

    mikeho469mikeho4694 måneder siden
  • 👍👍👍

    CRYPTO XRPCRYPTO XRP4 måneder siden
  • Nice work, I'm impressed. But you should know that aluminum brake disks are a bad idea, even for an RC car. Cheers.

    Eridan DanEridan Dan4 måneder siden
  • Could you give it a FPV camera system, and control via a cell tower you could drive it all over town without losing range on it 😂😂 Have your rc car racing around tailed by a dozen cop cars and a helicopter

    Davie JayDavie Jay4 måneder siden
  • Speechless...😎

    guidelineukguidelineuk5 måneder siden
  • Guys it sad to say but METAL VENTED

    Wojtek KitaWojtek Kita5 måneder siden
  • Where are you buy brake caliper?.

  • Ko

    Pranay the ShindePranay the Shinde5 måneder siden
  • Amazes me you know how to program all this stuff

    Kyle BiethKyle Bieth5 måneder siden
  • Your starter motor wires look way oversized for the motor they are driving, especially considering they drive it for only a few seconds at a time.

    Player 1Player 15 måneder siden
  • Thumbnail : Vented My heart : REPORT!!!

    Daniel Jeremy P. H. TampubolonDaniel Jeremy P. H. Tampubolon5 måneder siden

      JimmisphereTTJimmisphereTT28 dager siden
  • Nice work! I do have a question. Why didn't you print that cover the other side down. You wouldn't have needed supports and it probably would have been less sanding.

    Mr nonameMr noname5 måneder siden
  • Good Job Johnny

    Je rryJe rry5 måneder siden
  • You could print that up side down so it wont be using that much support

    Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan Kenobi5 måneder siden
  • Carbon ceramic brakes would be lighter.

    ErykEryk5 måneder siden
  • As a big RC junkie myself I would love to have these tools and machines. But somehow I don't think I will be able to convince my wife that I need $100K in tools and equipment to modify $500 RC cars and boats. LOL

    ScarabChrisScarabChris5 måneder siden
  • At 0:32 I thought he got shock

    SM JADEJASM JADEJA6 måneder siden
  • This is way too advanced

    Ay DonHollartAy DonHollart6 måneder siden
  • This is bad coz it has no music

    IRracer88IRracer886 måneder siden
  • Would it have been easier to print it upside down? Less supports?

    atruloonatruloon6 måneder siden
  • I think you will make mini rocket booster too..likes falcon 9

    Banana TipsBanana Tips6 måneder siden
  • Freaking amazing.!!!!!

    Joe.C.1971Joe.C.19716 måneder siden
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    ali asghar teimooriali asghar teimoori6 måneder siden
  • 5:50 i hear music. Is it just me?

    JC StudioJC Studio6 måneder siden
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    Ariel MoreiraAriel Moreira6 måneder siden
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    Ariel MoreiraAriel Moreira6 måneder siden
  • Oiga una pregunta a como vende ese motor de ese corro

    Ariel MoreiraAriel Moreira6 måneder siden
  • Please give buying link of breaking system

    Electrical GuiderElectrical Guider6 måneder siden
  • Just to let you know, slotted disks are better than vented ones

    Fredy SalgadoFredy Salgado6 måneder siden
  • +_+

    Mr. TornadoMr. Tornado6 måneder siden
  • OMG, you are insanely talented!

    xsnrgy05xsnrgy056 måneder siden
  • I used to love it when I'd be test and tuning at my house before a race weekend after a good rebuild, and almost always the little squeaky 12 year olds begging to drive it...even had a parent tell me to let his son have a try...I hate being rude but these people had to be shut up..they had no clue the cost and workwe put in on these..I had to let his dad know that if he has the cash up front to replace the car when...not if his son breaks it.. this dude said how much can a toy like that cost...60 70 dollars?? Must have thought Was-Mart sells TLR and Anyway..I told him to add a zero to the end of 70 and you've a engine no tires..just a rolling chassis. Then another 3 to 4-HUNDRED dollars for the engine..80 for exhaust..60 for wheels and tires..another 200 for electronics..then 300 for a radio....he stopped me there and said never mind son...let's go and NO I'm not getting you I told him to look it up if you do not believe me how expensive they are...said yea sure u can find a RTR for about 300. But not a real race rig...anyways guys..just a story for y'all...I loved that dads look and I'll never forget it...some people are just ignorant and think people are being jerks cuz they can. Shits expensive!! That's the moral of this story.. if anyone is gonna break's gonna be ME

    stilltlrforlifestilltlrforlife7 måneder siden
  • how do you get the brakes

    Norman ConwayNorman Conway7 måneder siden
  • 04:30 : new Daft Punk song ^^

    Stacy PhilippetStacy Philippet7 måneder siden
  • Amazink good very nise mr

    Horas Pc300Horas Pc3007 måneder siden
  • Im just wondering how do you modulate brake pressure?

    Oliver ScorsimOliver Scorsim7 måneder siden
  • I love this kind of work!

    GV ChannelGV Channel7 måneder siden
  • This your video 5 months ago, I think I have idea. Can you make RC electric car with batterai & others up 2 u plain can charge the batterai himself on running rc car?? I can make it, but i dont have everything tools for make it. Thanks.

    A BA B7 måneder siden
  • No cabe duda que es un excelente diseño. Me gustaría tener los planos para Tornear las piezas yo mismo.

    Criss AngelCriss Angel7 måneder siden
  • your work is very very good but can you put a song please

    Massimo AmbrosiniMassimo Ambrosini7 måneder siden
  • Johnny I have a really good regulator, I could give you a discount on it since I love your vids.

    GL2 SweGL2 Swe7 måneder siden
  • Can i buy it all the part?

    Mohd AssiddiqMohd Assiddiq7 måneder siden
  • Satisfying

    TENZENROCKS De7TENZENROCKS De77 måneder siden
  • Hay

    Hai Huynh DienHai Huynh Dien7 måneder siden
  • Joker: Where does he get those wonderful toys?

    Percy JacksonPercy Jackson7 måneder siden
  • Your talent is the best I've ever seen man

    Family ManFamily Man7 måneder siden
  • 5:49 "is that you Wall-E?"

    Eddie AcevedoEddie Acevedo7 måneder siden
  • 5:49 sounds like my playing the flute

    GATOR_SLIDEGATOR_SLIDE7 måneder siden
  • By🌏🌏

    Ankit YadavAnkit Yadav7 måneder siden
  • Do the metal shavings after milling are recycled in any way or are they just wasted?

    Shobhit SinghShobhit Singh7 måneder siden
    • @JohnnyQ90 nice. i can relax now. XD

      Shobhit SinghShobhit Singh7 måneder siden
    • I'm keeping them, and at some point I will melt them back to make chunks of stock material, or I'll give them to a recycling company. In any case, I'm not throwing them away.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ907 måneder siden
  • Awesome, I would also like to have machining skills like you! Great brother, keep it going.

    Revant vardeRevant varde7 måneder siden
  • beautifully made the small vented disc awesome man .👍👌👍👌

    NAVVIN BHATNAVVIN BHAT7 måneder siden
  • Now that's the reason lambos, bugatti and ferarris are so much expensive ... ✌️😋

    Akshay OvalAkshay Oval7 måneder siden
  • amazing bro great work❤❤🇵🇰

    Fa222Fa2228 måneder siden
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  • Wish to have one'😔 but its too much expensive,i dont have enough money to buy'😔 hoping for giveaways.

    MiniMilitia GamingMiniMilitia Gaming8 måneder siden
  • Have you got a link to where you sourced that original brake and calliper combo?

    VincentVincent8 måneder siden
    • Think I found them, search on aliexpress for "RC Car Capo JKMAX crawler Disc Brake"

      VincentVincent8 måneder siden
  • Drilled and slotted break rotors are actually worse. They cause unnecessary wear and tear on the break pads and they rake too long to heat up. It looks really good though. Keep up the great work!

    Shadow 51xShadow 51x8 måneder siden
  • Excellent work!The minutarization is appreciated but waiting to see a 1/5th scale project.With your skills a full scale working vehicle should be easy peasy in that size.Full interior ,engine bay suspension etc4x4 plz

    Tahir UsmanTahir Usman8 måneder siden