Making a TWIN RC Wankel Rotary Engine - The Crankshaft (Eccentric Shaft)

22. nov.. 2020
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Ever since I made the video with the starter modification on my O.S Wankel engine, I wanted to make a multiple rotor assembly. Last year, I found a second one, new on ebay and I didn't lose the chance to buy it. I know many of you will ask me why not a 3 or a 4 rotor engine? It would be absolutely crazy and beautiful, but the cost is really high (almost a grand each) and the complexity is much higher for my skills. We'll start with the 2 rotor and if it works we can dream. Making this crankshaft was quite the task, because due to it's thickness, when the diameter started decreasing on machining, it kept bending slighlty. I was constantly checking with the dial indicator, and the best I could do was to finish the part with 0.02 runout. I could have used a steady rest, but I don't have one at the moment. Also one of my concerns is that I won't heat treat it as it would bent to the point that it'd be unusable. Heat treating is not an option for me unless there is some secret I don't know.
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  • now a mini rx-7

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    • It's an Optimum TU2004V mini lathe.

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  • How can it be wankel and rotary when there 2 different engines all together and before I get started on I am a fully trained Mazda technician with 25 years experience

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  • Next up is a 4 rotor!

    Biscuit RacingBiscuit Racing2 måneder siden

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  • Any plans to ever sell off some of these parts or offer custom fab work? I've got a couple of these motors already on hand and would love to buy an eccentric shaft from you.

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  • Joe Pie ( has put a lifetime of machinist experience into his videos; they might be helpful. Stan at Bar Z ( makes small heat-treat ovens; couldn't hurt to ask if he'd cook your part for you.

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  • This is an art of CNC machining

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  • очень крутая токарка, автор красавчик!

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  • Great job, love your solution for excentric turning. I saw in another video that you plan on hardening the shaft. I think you might get into some problems, because even if you take the right precautions (e.g. heating the shaft standing upright) the part will warp and scale on the surface. Normally hardened shafts get premachined with some allowance left, hardened, tempered and then either ground or hard turned to final dimension.

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  • I'm from Ukraine, Lutsk national technical university, car's and transport technologies departament, PhD. Very interest job. But, can You tell me where and how we able buy a multiple rotor original O.S Wankel engine?

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  • Lose the HSS and get yourself some VBMT finishing inserts for aluminium. These are very +ve rake carbide inserts and they are what you need to stop your surface finish in gummy steel looking like the dog chewed it. Your small lathe cannot deal with -ve rake inserts (not stiff enough) and even with HSS and mild +ve rake your SF still looks like shit. SF is determined by tool edge sharpness, rake & stiffness. There is a minimum cut pressure and if you dick with that, the tool will intermittently not cut and... well.. its the tram lines of doom for you. To avoid this you either need to increase machine stiffness (not practical), increase sharpness (for a very small machine the increase would need to be ludicrous) or increase rake. So increase rake. My machine is not much bigger than yours and heavily positive rake tooling has been a game changer for surface finish.

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  • Love what you are doing where and the between centers turning is a first class. It took me a watching a couple of times to really appreciate the cams. I've been watching machining videos this year and in particular people working through steam engine kits and all of those have eccentrics to operate the valve and NOBODY has done that the way you have. They all have crank shafts to. I don't know if you are involved with the Pocket NC or not but you are their best advertisement. I know there's 2 version of it with the spindles. If you have any recommendations on that please let us all know.

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