Making a NEW INTAKE Manifold & Starter Motor FAIL

21. mars. 2020
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►Aluminium welding sticks:
►Thermal camera:
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  • I’d have 3D printed the manifold.

    Nigel Ponsonby SmytheNigel Ponsonby SmytheMåned siden
  • golden hands :D

    Petar TelebarPetar TelebarMåned siden
  • 4:11 Video idea: Make tools that are more comfortable, with more clearance for your fingers. Just a thought. I like everything you film, so I'd like this as well. 😁

    SneakyGunzSneakyGunz2 måneder siden
  • Final words.. "I'll make a new one."

    RustedRaysRustedRays2 måneder siden
  • Do u charge to make the manifold?

    Maurice SmithMaurice Smith4 måneder siden
  • I would of used the old ones and cut out holes for the air on the roof of the car. Some trumpets on the roof would of looked interesting.

    Carlos AlmeidaCarlos Almeida4 måneder siden
  • Try filling the small tubes with sand before bending them. The sand will keep the tube from collapsing.

    MrCarnutbill67MrCarnutbill674 måneder siden
  • why do you never talk?

    Thapelo MabulanaThapelo Mabulana6 måneder siden
  • Is your tap stand available for purchase?

    Pat duhPat duh7 måneder siden
  • One wonder if there's a possibility to port those two valve heads?? I mean everyone want to use a better manifold and carb... but at the end of the day that doesn't mean nothing with out opening the intake ports.... Hey then you'll get cut on the catch 22 and have to open the exhaust side as well.....

    MigueldeservantesMigueldeservantes7 måneder siden
  • i like him making his own rc nitro parts

    Arvin PilapilArvin Pilapil8 måneder siden
  • Very cool... top job!!!

    Henry StollHenry Stoll9 måneder siden
  • Don't feel bad about your brazing, I'm terrible at it... I'll eventually get better

    Zrage VIIZrage VII9 måneder siden
  • "I'll make a new one" I see what you did there.

    Bradley JohnsonBradley Johnson10 måneder siden
  • dont blow the welds on that intake manifold the way brian almost did in the 1st fast and furious.....

    ben hagerben hager10 måneder siden
  • You could have put sand in the pipes to keep them from twisting like that.

    Hangover Samui AdminHangover Samui Admin10 måneder siden
  • it needs a supercharger

    8bitfrenzy8bitfrenzy11 måneder siden
  • Poor design, the sharp airflow angles alone are hindering performance. There is no smooth transitions anywhere.

    Eccentric SmithyEccentric Smithy11 måneder siden
  • Could have used zink instead of aluminium rods to weld the pieces together, zink requiers less heat.

    CharlerdfghCharlerdfgh11 måneder siden
  • my question is why didnt you use the stock manifold and put a carb at each end you would end up with even flow?

    Arthur HackmanArthur Hackman11 måneder siden
  • Ohhh so thats what that tip for the dremel is for

    Guillem AllepuzGuillem Allepuz11 måneder siden
  • 6:30 Bro you are always doing it right you bring me peace in my soul when I watch your vids this ish entrancing

    MatthomarMatthomar11 måneder siden
  • I like your work

    Emanuel RaduEmanuel Radu11 måneder siden
  • hadiiii woooiiii 🔥🔥🔥🔥👁️👁️👁️☕☕

    Aqil purwanto GamersAqil purwanto Gamers11 måneder siden
  • Will you make blowoff for turbo?

    TusiumasiTusiumasi11 måneder siden
  • Unbelievable man u r genius 👍👍👍

    fiaz afridifiaz afridi11 måneder siden
  • Make a roof scoop for the quad carb

    Lucky DrawerLucky Drawer11 måneder siden
  • Be a nitro engine using electric spark

    Lanh Ha quyenLanh Ha quyen11 måneder siden
  • add supercharger that you created before.

    Zidan RecryZidan Recry11 måneder siden
  • Cool video, I liked it very much

  • You didnt weld anything you soldiered the parts together the parent metal never melted but amazing stuff other than that

    Corey BumbaughCorey BumbaughÅr siden
  • Intanto invece di saldarlo e limarlo tutto potevi farlo dal pieno direttamente, poi è partita benissimo si è visro.... Prrr Prrr e poi si è spaccato tutto😂😂😂

    Giacomo BandiniGiacomo BandiniÅr siden
  • Hey Johnny! When this amazing build is all done i hope you consider doing a crazy RC boat build! Maybe with that little wankle! Keep up the great work!

    Remi & ChristinaRemi & ChristinaÅr siden
  • JohnnyQ90 is the best at making stuff by him self!@#$%^&*()

    Carlos AzizCarlos AzizÅr siden
  • hi can i make a turbo?

    МяуМяуÅr siden
  • The best chanel build RC moster 👍👍

    Buddy PrasetyoBuddy PrasetyoÅr siden
  • Just saying that's not welding that's actually brazing

    TheRetiredPlayrTheRetiredPlayrÅr siden
  • Como con sigo un carro ya preparado

    Jose RoblesJose RoblesÅr siden
  • That curve was sick

    Joshua BarbaJoshua BarbaÅr siden
  • With all the fancy tools you got, Im surprised you havent invested in an AC tig welder.

    WYOGarageWYOGarageÅr siden
    • @JohnnyQ90 ah, fair enough. I know everlast makes some nice compact machines, but accounting for the argon bottle inside a small shop, probably wouldnt be the best idea if it decides to let its lungs out and take up all the useful breathing air.

      WYOGarageWYOGarageÅr siden
    • I haven't for 2 reasons. My workshop is extremely tiny, and I don't have the knowledge and skills to use it yet.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90År siden
  • Why not trying to make another attempt at a miniature Turbocharger for this build?

    Mr_ResourceMr_ResourceÅr siden
  • Well, you actually MAY recommend this type of welding for parts exposed to a high mechanical stress. My personal experience proved with other folks' results showed the fact that the HTS 2000 and similar solders are in fact way tougher than most of the aluminum alloys - and are not as fragile as you may expect from AlSi alloy breed. They also grip soldered parts deadly and in most cases it's easier to tear one of the soldered details apart then to make the seam let go.

    Harlequin The SerpentHarlequin The SerpentÅr siden
  • Just add a turbo keychain to the intake lol

    Kd2TrillKd2TrillÅr siden
  • mini turbo system next?

    _ Diceman __ Diceman _År siden
  • احنه العرب اكل ومندي وظراط حشاكم ياطيبين

    صباح النجفي النجفيصباح النجفي النجفيÅr siden
  • عاشت ايدك يابطل ولله اني فخور بيك وأحييك يابطل على هاذه صناعات الجميله اروعه البديعه حقيقه تسر اناظر والله 👏👏💪💪

    صباح النجفي النجفيصباح النجفي النجفيÅr siden
  • Rotary

    Felix MellaFelix MellaÅr siden
  • What do you buy a shitty welder for Xmas ... a grinder

    wooloongabbawooloongabbaÅr siden
  • Hi, Can you make a video of model RC engine making step by step?

    Abhishek DusaneAbhishek DusaneÅr siden
  • 👏👏👏

    1순위달기1순위달기År siden
  • Should make a butterfly setup on the intake instead of a carb

    Jamie HargreavesJamie HargreavesÅr siden
  • do turbo for this engine :) pls

    Široký chodící PutinŠiroký chodící PutinÅr siden

    StopableStopableÅr siden
  • I admit that I'm curious as to why you didn't try a dual carb setup, offset front and rear slightly to keep the height profile down?

    chris31795chris31795År siden
  • this really shows the complexity of an ICE versus an electric motor, I Mean hell his whole car basically has a low-end electric RC system, just to run the engine. Crazy, this is why the electric RC cars are dominating the market

    Torin SchravenTorin SchravenÅr siden
  • i wanna hang wth this guy for a day

    R3LL1KR3LL1KÅr siden
  • You can use a C02 canister for nitrous, this one guy used it on this pocket bike but I forgot his name

    ANYTHING 23ANYTHING 23År siden
  • This guy has the best quarantine break

    Mark Can last 12roundsMark Can last 12roundsÅr siden
  • In a future upload: " I noticed the engine didn't have much power at higher anyway I build VTEC for it lmao. Smol engine go BAAAAAAAAAAAHH " LOVE THIS PROJECT DUDE!!!

  • Are you able to fabricate a two crankshaft at your shop?

    Renix CharlesRenix CharlesÅr siden
  • My guy has 1 million subs and a 20 Samsung like wtf

    BWG_SpenceBWG_SpenceÅr siden
  • brazing aluminum is a waste of time

    #16 Racing#16 RacingÅr siden
  • Necesito ver este auto terminado. Es un placer ver tus videos xD

    Daniel BolfetaDaniel BolfetaÅr siden
  • Don’t try an rc motor they’re good for rpm use a motor good for torque for your starter

    G-Fam 3G-Fam 3År siden
  • Thoughts on the intake.. 1.Three 90 degree bends are less then optimal for feeding the cylinders. 2.The air will need to make an 180 degree bend feed the cylinder below the carb... 3. The decreased air velocity will reduce engine power. I would recommend looking at how v8 plenums as an example.

    konjiki240sxkonjiki240sxÅr siden
  • That's what I love, no talking, just work

    Loris FoucartLoris FoucartÅr siden
  • Your work is amazing

    sparky357sparky357År siden
  • you should try and make a turbo for the engine

    Citizen TechCitizen TechÅr siden
  • 6:16 what did you spray on the sand paper?

    69_W Y A T T_ G R I G G S _42069_W Y A T T_ G R I G G S _420År siden
  • I enjoy watching you work

    Tribal 69Tribal 69År siden
  • castle creations has some pretty powerful 1/16th scale motors. I've never seen a brushless motor shear a driveshaft before...stranger things. The VXL motor is a pretty high rpm low torque motor, if you need more torque try either a 4/6 pole brushless motor or a 100t brushed motor, whatever tickles your fancy :)

    Elvin ChateauvertElvin ChateauvertÅr siden
  • Nice

    Luca SchulhauserLuca SchulhauserÅr siden
  • Whats the outro music called

    MarioMarioÅr siden
  • Instead of the aluminum sticks would silver soldering work? I have seen you soft solder before and it is the same except with higher temperatures and a different stronger solder. You get the benefit (and penalties) of needing flux. It would give you better penetration under larger objects.

    Some GuySome GuyÅr siden
  • Has the attempt at forced induction been abandoned? I havent watched in a while, last I saw was the centrifugal one. I had my doubts about it scaling... most engineering equations I use (structural engineering ) involving circles have a radius squared... if it is a circle that is doing something it is radius to the third or fourth. From what I remember of hydraulics it had similar equations. So scaling 4 times down would be at least 16 times less and as much as 256 times less. What is your conclusion on the bottleneck? Other than spinning it to a million RPM is there a viable solution?

    Some GuySome GuyÅr siden
  • That’s not welding. It’s “Aluminium brazing “ if you want I’ll weld them successfully for . I’ll do it for free . I’ve been watching your videos for years . It’s the least I could do ( sorry! The starter motor failed! ) silly me 🤪🤪. ukÅr siden
  • Where is the a.c. compressor, radiator and powered windows?

    nickoloesnickoloesÅr siden
  • Bending tubes tight radi try filling tube with water and few drops dish soap, then freeze, the small crystals should the structure, search brass instrument making

    that bloke in frontthat bloke in frontÅr siden
  • Dual plane intake manifolds make more power than single open ones. For cars at least

    motor0ilmotor0ilÅr siden
  • You should turbo the engine

    Square body Chevy loverSquare body Chevy loverÅr siden
  • Hello !!! Could you please do a hydraulic nano press? Would be great for robotical system that compress sand and make cubes. And then can make mini houses. My idea is make a "wall-e" design and send it to mars, to pre-build our new houses. It blow my mind XD

    Entre mis cosasEntre mis cosasÅr siden
  • I was wondering whether you considered carving an iso grid or an ortho grid in the chassis to save weight. My geeky nature would push me to try it

    Boleslaw SzemplinskiBoleslaw SzemplinskiÅr siden
  • What speed and feed rate do you cnc aluminium? PS your skills are amazing

    steve martinsteve martinÅr siden
  • put a mini turbo on here, like cnc one, dont get an electric one

    Kaleb CroteauKaleb CroteauÅr siden
  • This is asmr for tinkerers of any type. 🤘

    Gun PowderGun PowderÅr siden
  • When soldering you need to get the parts MUCH hotter and it'll work.

    TabrisTabrisÅr siden
  • Can I have your car please

    Leo WatsonLeo WatsonÅr siden
  • You better put the turbo on it

    Andrew GislasonAndrew GislasonÅr siden
  • Brass instruments are shaped with thin walled tubing filled with ice. They actually fill the tubes with water. Freeze them. Then do the bends to make sure the tubes don't collapse. Worth a try if you need to do that again.

    zendell37zendell37År siden
  • Please update more videos durin these quarantine days!

    S H B N ChannelS H B N ChannelÅr siden
  • Tiny roots supercharger and custom intake manifold for twin carbs!

    Aidan MorrisAidan MorrisÅr siden
  • Just found your channel yesterday. I'm not an RC guy at all, but I am fascinated with mechanical things since I was a kid in the 1970's-80's and worked as a machinist for a short time making parts for agricultural equipment. Ever since then I've had an interest in machining, and the equipment you are using is really interesting to me as well. I dig seeing people doing the things that they love, so you're bringing a lot to the platform for me to enjoy, and probably learn a few things along the way. Thanks for that and keep it up! New subscriber.

    Bravo 4 AdventureBravo 4 AdventureÅr siden
  • Make v8

    future foxfuture foxÅr siden
  • Over thinking the intake and flow. Look at how full size engines do theirs. I was actually thinking to move the runners, maybe a slight angle where it picks up fuel. Should be interesting to see how this version runs though!

    Just FishingJust FishingÅr siden
    • You talking like vertical runners like older carbed cars? Dont think he has the clearance under the body for that. One reason he doesn't wanna use the individuals. But that would be a good set up if he had the space

      Cody, AightCody, AightÅr siden
  • Are you planning on selling it?

    Robert VivianRobert VivianÅr siden
  • Wow, very good video!

    Lifestyle Cooking FoodsLifestyle Cooking FoodsÅr siden
  • Cant wait for ure rc car was fully made.Goodluck bro!👍

    Muhammad SyukriMuhammad SyukriÅr siden
  • @JohnnyQ90 What settings do you use for the Pocket NC? I've been dabbling in it lately, and I can't seem to get good settings for plunge operations, or bits for plunge operations. I have been using some of Ed Kramer's settings for the standard milling by layer with the 2 flute bits from PNC's Website. Suggestions? Guides? Recommended products? Thanks in advance!

    The Silver FoxThe Silver FoxÅr siden
  • Why did the beginning peice look like a Muzzle Break?

    CyroxCyroxÅr siden
  • Oh man that’s awesome 👍

    Luke’s Vintage Rc Car RestosLuke’s Vintage Rc Car RestosÅr siden