Making a Miniature 5 Vane Air Motor

30. okt.. 2020
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In this video I'm making a 5 vane rotor air (pneumatic) motor. This type of motor is used in a variety of air tools seen every day, nothing uncommon. While this may not be very exciting, I found that this is actually a positive displacement pump. That means, it can be a perfectly working miniature supercharger. This type of supercharging was applied decades ago in actual engines and worked very reliably. In my case though I'll need to change the materials of the vanes and the housing for better sealing and reliability. Any suggestions are welcome :)
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  • Excuse me. But your design is completely wrong. The rotor should be in the intake/exhaust side. Nice construction. Poor design

    andre patacchiniandre patacchiniDag siden
  • Here's your easy supercharger! Please read this iv used smog pumps before great positive displacement blower.. a vane pump is all they are

    Oliver ScorsimOliver ScorsimMåned siden
    • @JohnnyQ90 so iv given it some thought how about chopping down a air pencil or grinder? Their certainly cheap enough to play with and well you can certainly machine it down for the volume you want. And there already good to turn at high speeds most use delrin seals so no issues there and aluminum for the rest. The nice ones iv noticed use bronze for the rotor.

      Oliver ScorsimOliver ScorsimMåned siden
    • I didn't make this just for fun haha.. It's the simplest superchargers of all. Only issue is the materials of the housing and vanes...

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90Måned siden
  • Get you some nice sticky oil (not grease its too thick) and it will have more torque.

    Alex RussellAlex RussellMåned siden
  • 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    Robert DantonaRobert Dantona4 måneder siden
  • Its not about rpm. Its more important that it can have sealed chamber and produce enough torque. If not even a turbine or turbo fan will do

    doel89doel894 måneder siden
  • Make that supercharger, please!

    icebluscorpionicebluscorpion4 måneder siden
  • grate piece and work, but you should put the inlet in the narrow part and displace it in the direction of rotation that you want to turn, and the outlet in the with part it woud have more torque and be more efficient.

    julian hjulian h4 måneder siden
  • O::: lets gooo

    Link ZzLink Zz4 måneder siden
  • That'd be an awesome water pump. You could put the shaft into a dremel or drill and run an intake hose into some water and have a hose on the output and probably pump some serious water with that little thing. Awesome build!!!!

    BIG WIGGLEBIG WIGGLE4 måneder siden
  • Imagine making a model wankel engine supercharged by the pneumatic equivalent of a wankel engine... Nice, Vanes and Apex seals, what else could you wish

    Caetano JuniorCaetano Junior4 måneder siden
  • You should do a supercharger

    Rafa AlmenaraRafa Almenara4 måneder siden
  • I grew up with wind powered tools and they are commonly available, it's old science. To make a miniature just buy a cheap tool, copy and downsize it.

    Keith WaterhouseKeith Waterhouse4 måneder siden
  • In your experience which one is the best for air motor? Tesla turbine or Vane or piston? Thx for the video. :)

    y xy x4 måneder siden
  • ingineer asmr Best watching before sleep

    Henri PihetHenri Pihet4 måneder siden
  • Nice build, only one mistake :your shaft is offset to the wrong side, the place on the bottom should be the biggest so that the volume decreases again at the exhaust, this way you will be able to use it as a pump as well

    vlasser Guillaumevlasser Guillaume4 måneder siden
  • Do you have a web site where you buy your bits, and boring bars from?

    jdsstegmanjdsstegman4 måneder siden
  • I think a roots blower/compressor might be easier to do, tolerances aren't as tight as this design or a normal supercharger, there's in principle only two moving parts (which are geared together 1:1 = fairly easy).

    MetroidChildMetroidChild4 måneder siden
  • This thing would be the coolest supercharger ever

    Noah PauletteNoah Paulette4 måneder siden
  • So it does nothing!

    runkillorun 2runkillorun 24 måneder siden
  • do you run carbide tooling or hss?

    Ashton NeedlerAshton Needler4 måneder siden
  • Cool

    GHILLIE7566GHILLIE75664 måneder siden
  • You know far more than, but looking at the shaft its getting air on the right and spinning counter clockwise right? If so wouldn't it make it more efficient to angle the intake pipe 90*? Asking not saying you shoulda done it this way

    MF11283MF112834 måneder siden
  • Quite the desktop you got there to fit that on there

    Ricky107Ricky1074 måneder siden
  • OMG i love this channel

    Nathawat UdkantaNathawat Udkanta5 måneder siden
  • Vc pode fazer um V4 16valvolas??

    só podia ser maranhensesó podia ser maranhense5 måneder siden
  • Before you change anything, I recommend doing a pump characterization. All you need is a flow meter, a manometer or other pressure gauge, some sort of adjustable flow restriction (valve), and a way to drive the pump. This will give you the information you need to size one properly for whatever engine you want to attach it to. Basically, if you know how much air your engine pulls at a certain RPM, then you can size your pump to give the desired boost at that flow rate.

    RocketplaneRocketplane5 måneder siden
  • I love the part when he say « in other way, a supercharger » 😂😂😂

    maxime bertholonmaxime bertholon5 måneder siden
  • wish i had a pocket nc

    Prod. mp3Prod. mp35 måneder siden
  • Please turbine the v4 engine

    Leok wrx 025Leok wrx 0255 måneder siden
  • Teach me please!!! You’re amazingly talented, like triple Beyoncé talent. 😁

    Raul BermudezRaul Bermudez5 måneder siden
  • The videos are very good but I would say they lack music

    Nelson GuerreroNelson Guerrero5 måneder siden
  • and I love your tools.

    Nicolas Cristin FernandezNicolas Cristin Fernandez5 måneder siden
  • I like your videos very much.

    Nicolas Cristin FernandezNicolas Cristin Fernandez5 måneder siden
  • hi johnny, a'm nicolas, from argentina, you know what you can make a hidraulic pump using the air motor, but you must use the springs.

    Nicolas Cristin FernandezNicolas Cristin Fernandez5 måneder siden
  • hello where i can find a ESC starter and battery please

    Eduardo ConsejeroEduardo Consejero5 måneder siden

    Pradumn SinghPradumn Singh5 måneder siden
  • большая вибрация будет

    палина гагаринапалина гагарина5 måneder siden
  • the ole pocket nc not sounding so good lol. got oil bud?

    Twizted CheeseTwizted Cheese5 måneder siden
  • Hey hiiiiii......can u make screw air compressor's tiny airend?

    S R Pneumatic ServicesS R Pneumatic Services5 måneder siden
  • i saw your 4 cylinder engine video and it is awesome so next could you maybe make a V10 or a V12

    Ania W. MTLAnia W. MTL5 måneder siden
    • He doesn't make the motors, a company called Toyan makes them

      NoSpeakGamingNoSpeakGaming4 måneder siden
  • oh my goog

    Cu TửngCu Tửng5 måneder siden
  • That was a awesome video thanks

    Dave’s CreationsDave’s Creations5 måneder siden
  • If you just using it as a vane rotor no need to offset the vanes. Centered up is fine. Prolly get a lot more rpms as the air is not trying to compress. If you want to make super charger. You will want it to compress air. Offset towards outlet so it takes big volume of air and compresses it then dumps into outlet.

    henry arringtonhenry arrington5 måneder siden
  • judson superchargers, used in old vw bug had the same design concept

    Guilherme de Lima PozzattoGuilherme de Lima Pozzatto5 måneder siden
  • sounds like Marge Simpson

    jukeesjukees5 måneder siden
  • 👍👍👍👍

    Sanjeew KumarSanjeew Kumar5 måneder siden
  • You should hook up the supercharger to the rc 4 stroke engine and put it on a rc car

    Mr Nice Guy 69Mr Nice Guy 695 måneder siden
  • I wish you would run air from a scuba tank through it ...3000 psi

    L EdwinL Edwin5 måneder siden
  • I think you meant to say it's a turbo charger. Superchargers are belt driven. It is still really cool. You did a good job.

    LordFluffFluffLordFluffFluff5 måneder siden
  • i immediately thought of a supercharger

  • “2RD prototype”? Would that be somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd?😂

    D BD B5 måneder siden
    • 2rd = turd

      Jairo FrancoJairo Franco9 dager siden
    • yesn't

      Jan TutsJan Tuts4 måneder siden
  • You should try to replicate a LiquidPiston engine.. It's like an inverted rotary. If you used a carburetor it shouldn't be too hard to make it functional. There's even a HowItsMade on it.

    TheGreeNinja13TheGreeNinja135 måneder siden
  • oh god, ur Channel Explodet, u had like 70k subs 10 minutes ago. lol

    Ciulik 102Ciulik 1025 måneder siden
  • Make the cover clear, would look sick

    Gaurav BawaneGaurav Bawane5 måneder siden
  • Hope one day you make an airplane rc with your turbines

    Roy MedinaRoy Medina5 måneder siden
  • Very nice video. Thank you sir.

    M WolfeM Wolfe5 måneder siden
  • I would have made the cover out or acrylic just for style points

    Rob The SquireRob The Squire5 måneder siden
  • 8:35 - Formula One V10 starting up.

    ServerNthusiasTServerNthusiasT5 måneder siden
  • You'll get about 2-3 psi at most (probably at or around 10000rpm) out of that design.

    JackANSIJackANSI5 måneder siden
  • the rotor vane was made of Polyvinyl Chloride or in the common tongue, plastic.

    Jon V.Jon V.5 måneder siden
  • my dude, you need to use this for your mini V4 engine

    Jon V.Jon V.5 måneder siden
  • If your inlet and outlet are both on top of the housing then the rotor should also be above the centreline of the housing so that the air can travel around the rotor and the most work can be extracted. If like your build the rotor is below the centreline the air basically short circuits and travels above the rotor instead of around it.

    ADRIAAN1007ADRIAAN10075 måneder siden
  • Hvac vacuum pumps use a similar concept, i think

    zetabola1zetabola15 måneder siden
  • In other words *ITS A SUPERCHARGER*

    Greasy SteveGreasy Steve5 måneder siden
  • Put that as a supercharger to the v4 or put the i2 on an other car and put it in that

    VetzkiVetzki5 måneder siden
  • This is the same principle as the compressor for the air horns I had on my car.

    MicKMuzZ MKMZMicKMuzZ MKMZ5 måneder siden
  • Now make it run on fuel.

    Sergej NadaždinSergej Nadaždin5 måneder siden
  • The design principle is used in pumps for power steering on cars, springs are not needed as the centrifugal forces are doing best.

    Raphael BreitingRaphael Breiting5 måneder siden
  • Hummm I thought that's what you were making.... Thought it was a small vain pump for fuel or something like that... My bad LoL 😜

    Maleficent CopMaleficent Cop5 måneder siden
    • The nice thing is you can reverse them, enabling them to move fluid either way.

      Maleficent CopMaleficent Cop5 måneder siden
  • Good work brother, congratilations

    Robinho PescaRobinho Pesca5 måneder siden
  • Try this Johnny. On the intake side, and on the cover plate, machine a channel from the high pressure side to the center of the white plastic rotor. Inside the rotor, machine a channel that gets fed high pressure air from the intake to the back of the vanes to help push them outwards. That way even if the first or second vane dont seal properly, pressure differential around the circumference will push the other vanes outwards, as their outside is receiving less pressure then the inside of the rotor. That way you wont need springs but they will still get pushed out. This also means that at low loads, the friction is reduced due to the nearly equal pressure at the back and front of the vanes but as load increases, the air pressure pushes them harder against the outside helping them seal. You have also put the hole for the shaft at the wrong spot, it should be at the top with the rotor blocking air flow from high to low, only allowing the vanes to act under air pressure. The way it is now, the air can only act across the 1-2 cm at the top, which is also why its stalling as your air pressure is pushing a single vane down, allowing air to pass straight through.

    Colin SmithColin Smith5 måneder siden
  • 9:37 Plot twist

    Štěpán MüllerŠtěpán Müller5 måneder siden
  • more speed!

    Janne KokkoJanne Kokko5 måneder siden
  • So if this is gonna be a super charger on a high rpm engine......shouldnt it be better to make the seals out of steel like in rotary engines? Also id say you need some oil too, that plastic wont last long at high rpms and high loads without some lubrication. Delrin (POM) is cool and all but its no magic material, otherwise they would make the wankel seals out of POM. I usually se POM gears used in cheap electronics, say inkjet printers and other cheap devices, none of which is high speed/high temperature.

    Laharl KrichevskoyLaharl Krichevskoy5 måneder siden
  • Why did you use polyethylene?

    petetheprettygooddogpetetheprettygooddog5 måneder siden
  • Whoa

    Abyss PG3DAbyss PG3D5 måneder siden
  • @5:15 - Why not just hold the saw and run the object aroun slowly?

    SnopFopSnopFop5 måneder siden
  • Making a supercharger is worth the time and money for your channal

    enemysteve48 steveenemysteve48 steve5 måneder siden
  • He metion supercharger

    enemysteve48 steveenemysteve48 steve5 måneder siden
  • You should make a mini rotary engine😆🤙

    Mr coconut 123Mr coconut 1235 måneder siden
  • I think you should attempt to build a scale engine! I see them all over NOworld and have great interest just no tools I’d need for it.

    Stratten 45Stratten 455 måneder siden
  • HOW in the world are the fins held captive @ 2:18?? I can't see any way that keeps them from flying out from the force of the spring. I cant see anything from the view at 8:02 either. I think this is a small question with a difficult to explain in text answer. I would greatly appreciate if someone took the time to explain this to me.

    Ole KaarvaagOle Kaarvaag5 måneder siden
  • The vacuum pump of my astra g 1.7 dti is very similar to that.

    Luca G.Luca G.5 måneder siden

    Andy LewisAndy Lewis5 måneder siden
  • 🔝👽👽👽👽🔝👽

    Thiagao TV & vlogsThiagao TV & vlogs5 måneder siden
  • Fyi, there are also liquid ring vane pumps. The will have a minimum operating speed before the liquid ring can support the vacuum/pressure, but it's a simple and low-wear design.

    Marty lawsonMarty lawson5 måneder siden
  • Another way to get rid of the springs is to blead air/oil from the high pressure side to the inside face of the vanes. This will blow them out. I didn't see any secondary finishing of the housing, you'll be able to reduce wear a lot if you finish sand all the wear surfaces. (SWAG, 600 grit with some machining marks still showing to hold oil) Another improvement would be to switch from full-round blade tips to a circular section with a larger radius. This will increase the force that the oil film on the blade tip can support. Matching the width of the rotor to the housing is important for efficiency. I think the easiest way to do this is to assemble the rotor, vanes, and housing then sand the whole assembly to the same height. If you're melting the blade tips, I'd get some bearing-grade Torlon. It has a far higher melting point than Delrin and bit better hot strength than PEEK.

    Marty lawsonMarty lawson5 måneder siden
  • Next time try to use the springs from an old lock

    Jan SchmidtJan Schmidt5 måneder siden
  • 👍

    Werschkow DennisWerschkow Dennis5 måneder siden
  • now do one without the air being forced to take anywhere from a 90 to a 135 degree turn on 2 occasions on its journey through the pump. You can drastically reduce the total exposed port area (and thus the amount of time the rotor spends with length unsupported by the inner face) AND reduce the angle of directional change required just by making the ports perpendicular to the inner face. You can also manufacture the rotors out of PTFE to reduce friction further.

    Enuo EnkiduEnuo Enkidu5 måneder siden
  • make it a water pump next please.

    Justin JJustin J5 måneder siden
  • Jonny walker quarter plus 90 😁😁

    San bSan b5 måneder siden
  • Very cooll i love this but those retractable blades increasing friction at higher rpms that's why it isn't going at very high rpms like every pnumatic rotor does thanyou have a good day

    Huzaifa KhanHuzaifa Khan5 måneder siden
  • Your NC machine sounds awful. Please check your guiderails for any runout and lube them up

    GummelGummel5 måneder siden
  • very similar to a power steering pump

    Ian VitalIan Vital5 måneder siden
  • I waiting for mini supercharger Rotary

    Willy 1Willy 15 måneder siden
  • Saudades desses tipos de vídeo no seu canal.

    Weliton BruscatoWeliton Bruscato5 måneder siden
  • The thing sounds like marge Simpson

    V!!KingV!!King5 måneder siden
  • I wonder, why didn't you do the axle a bit longer, and instead put the rear bearing in the cap instead? With a load bearing component on each side of the vane wheel, I think it would run much "cleaner" with a higher RPM.

    Sebastian NielsenSebastian Nielsen5 måneder siden
  • Put 90psi to that thing

    Alex HickeyAlex Hickey5 måneder siden