Making a BRASS Fuel Tank for the V4 RC Car!

25. mars. 2020
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  • To be honest I've heard that aluminum and brass are alot alike

    Anthony MonizAnthony Moniz9 dager siden
  • Great work. LiFePo4 batteries - good choice! However, try and avoid Copper Alloys being in contact with aluminum as they can cause corrosion problems due to their positions in the Galvanic scale

    KryptosKryptos2 måneder siden
  • I want one of those lathes!!!!

    stan burdickstan burdick3 måneder siden
  • Very nice! Congrats

    As it Should BeAs it Should Be4 måneder siden
  • master of soldering :D aluminium soldering("welding") didnt work for me too...

    kosir1234kosir12344 måneder siden
  • You can't fullfill the tank with diesel with that neak in middle

    Gopikrishna GKGopikrishna GK7 måneder siden
  • I found you mustn’t use any ferrous form of abrasion to clean the Ali. Stainless steel wire brushes work well. I once used a mild steel brush and it was a mess. Also iron oxide grinding wheels don’t work. Hope this helps, love your work.

    Tran SistorTran Sistor7 måneder siden
  • When you switched on that big fan I felt myself getting cooler. My fan was on though

    KingTheProtogenKingTheProtogen8 måneder siden
  • So you could have did the same thing with the aluminum that you did with the brass

    nivesknightnivesknight8 måneder siden
  • You have to heat the tank then use the heat of the metal to melt the braising rods.

    nivesknightnivesknight8 måneder siden
  • Aluminum flux is needed in all aluminum brazing operations. you may sort of get a braising effect without flux but it will be very insufficient and likely will not hold through any stress

    Dario CarafaDario Carafa8 måneder siden
  • You should weld the aluminum.

    Krishbin PaudelKrishbin Paudel8 måneder siden
  • Make a tramisinon

    Rouge T.VRouge T.V8 måneder siden
  • That's awesome ul never be stuck for rc parts or whatever is ur hobby cool piece of equipment 👍

  • boi the solder he is used is for electronics not joints

    los gamerorilos gamerori10 måneder siden
  • hehe the aluminium soldering/brazing should be done the same way you did it with brass soldering(nice solder job there ;) . I clodderd it up too the first times, try to avoid direct flame and don't get it too hot, just like normal soldering but higher temp, but will not flow like solder. And it's really fussy to work with, only good for backup or if it's the only solution avaliable.

    Øyvind PettersenØyvind Pettersen10 måneder siden
  • What about the scrap metal?

    Alireza SafariAlireza Safari10 måneder siden
  • That was so inspiring ....

    Jimmy GoldenDexJimmy GoldenDex10 måneder siden
  • I have had my Ender 3 for about 2 years, and I recommend switching the hotend and extruder to a E3D Titan Aero

    YeBoiNasalSprayYeBoiNasalSpray10 måneder siden
  • 4:30 I can hear my mom now: "NOT THE GOOD SCISSORS!!"

    Tommy HillTommy Hill11 måneder siden
    • Ah ah nice

      Tom ChevreTom Chevre10 måneder siden
  • Hello, you had to have compartmentalized the tank, to avoid the movement of the fuel inside in the curves and start or stops, a greeting.

    Antonio RomeroAntonio Romero11 måneder siden
    • That would have been a better solution, however this can be mitigated by keeping the tank mostly full.

      noxious89123noxious891237 måneder siden
  • Humble request please make micro tig welding machine with weldable aluminium

    Monmohan MaharanaMonmohan MaharanaÅr siden
  • This is awesome. I need to build a tank for a model aircraft and this has shown me how it should be done. Thanks.

    Carl PayneCarl PayneÅr siden
  • Is it RWD???

    Mr. AWDMr. AWDÅr siden
  • John, all I can say is TIG welder, I practiced extensively (2 years) on AL awhile ago: but yes it does take practice-[the hardest practice to do are aluminum soda cans]...I used a Lincoln Electric 300 series, the big expensive one and pure Argon. Not sure if you got it hot enough, but has to be localized/small area and very hot (plasma) for short time. Gas torch is not very do-able.

    Yu ToobYu ToobÅr siden
  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    مستر عليمستر عليÅr siden
  • I can see there are some chinese

  • I've never welded before , but aluminium spreads the heat insanely fast so you have to heat it enough + cleaning the surface helps the stick join much easier. last thing, i think you are heating the rod instead of letting it melt duo the heat of the aluminium .

    Leonardo PereiraLeonardo PereiraÅr siden
  • You should invest in a tig welder. It would be very beneficial

    3warsGunsmithing3warsGunsmithingÅr siden
  • Excellent looking good my man well done and yes a agree stick to soldering lol

    Matt EarnshawMatt EarnshawÅr siden
  • you can make me an adapter from rs 1/5 FS (square on 20mm), to hexagon 1/6 losi super baja rey on 20mm (standard for LOSI). ???

    Александр ИвановАлександр ИвановÅr siden
  • 9:04 music?

    RadioActiveRadioActiveÅr siden
  • What did you use to solder this brass gas tank? Did you use flux or immediately without it?

    Александр ИвановАлександр ИвановÅr siden
  • Very well done! But you need a little hole in the Fuel cap, becaus when your Engine sucks in that fuel in your fuel tank will result a vacuum and your engine is running lean or starves because there will not run any more fuel. If you want to avoid fuel spouting out you can attach a little hose on top. But very good work so far. Maybe yout think about a Tig welder. I can recommend you the Stahlwerk WIG/TIG AC/DC 200 ST IGBT, its cheap compared to other inverters but ist welds very very good! And you finally can weld aluminium, brazz and other metals at a high quality. I bought one for myself before 3 weeks and i can highly recommend it.

    SDEZYSDEZYÅr siden
  • the fuel level gauge is so awesome !

    Light WheellessLight WheellessÅr siden
  • When brazing the aluminum, I don't think you were heating both sides of the edge you were trying to seal. That being said it's incredibly difficult and took me days of attempts and lots of wasted material just to AL braze a small joint correctly :D. Great video!! (as always)

    DanDanÅr siden
  • I use heated air and loads of flux, it seems to be friendly

    kenny Murphykenny MurphyÅr siden
  • Aluminium need proper welding tools

    juhani !juhani !År siden
  • Nice to see my printer isn't the only one with the corners of prints coming up... Can't seem to find a fix

    goobergooberÅr siden
  • dude. i have the same dremel blowtorch. do you also have the issue of the catalyst inside the chamber burning out? I can't use any of the attachments anymore :(

    Raven3oneRaven3oneÅr siden
  • how the f can you be so d to try lod wielded it together it needs to be tig welded.

    Michael GMichael GÅr siden
  • It's a cool tank, but in your last video you noted that the car was too heavy and in this video you make a brass tank that's twice the weight and half the capacity of the plastic one?

    Daniel PrivateDaniel PrivateÅr siden
  • Alumunium welding??

    Shalman AlfaridziShalman AlfaridziÅr siden
  • I hate that a lot of diy videos don't show their machine working :(

    peaceful mindpeaceful mindÅr siden
  • The hard work is really worth !!

  • I think you don't fuse the edges of your plates, so you just "glue" with the rod... need more heat !

    viv ianoviv ianoÅr siden
  • Tig welding for aluminium and there is something wrong with your lathe. The work doesn't spin straight

    Jason RoetsJason RoetsÅr siden
  • soo satifying he's literally building a real car but with exact but smaller parts!!!!!! genius or what!!!????

    •År siden
  • 7:58 AAaaaaaaaaaaa

    Napaphoomsiri SirinualNapaphoomsiri SirinualÅr siden
  • I love all the awesome things you make

    ZKDawgZKDawgÅr siden
  • it looks like the aluminum rod didnt get hot enough to melt properly. have you tried welding?

    Khum DhanKhum DhanÅr siden
  • You need more heat for brazing, that’s why it’s clumpy. I usually try to heat while running the rod across the joint, preferably vertically. Brazing is tough though definitely not my preferred method.

    TheCorbin315TheCorbin315År siden
  • This guy is an artist I swear

    Mohammed ZannarMohammed ZannarÅr siden
  • Don’t want to fork out for the TIG welder? Use some flux to braze! You can find aluminum flux paste in Amazon

    Thigt SquareThigt SquareÅr siden
  • Real realistic lol, gas tank in front of car. "BOOM"

    Genghis KhanGenghis KhanÅr siden
  • So with the alumiweld you have to heat the base metal to temp, then braze. When you keep the flame on the rod you're essentially melting without bonding. I've done really good neat work with the alumiweld rods, and I've done stuff that turned out horrible and bubble gum would've worked better. You kept the flame on the rod, thats why its turning out gloopy and globby. Heat, touch, heat, touch, heat, braze. Everytime you touch the rod to the base metal you're flame should either be ahead of your rod to heat the upcoming weld, or away from the rod. Hope this helps.

    Vault ManVault ManÅr siden
  • Why a metal tank, plastic would be lighter?

    NickNickÅr siden
  • Where is the temp comparision on the head?

    Master CAR CLUBMaster CAR CLUBÅr siden
  • Chingarlyak

    NotoriousNotoriousÅr siden
  • its so cool but, how do you know how much fuel left?

    Onur GümüşOnur GümüşÅr siden
  • huge work !! congrat for your determination !

    Pierre-Henri NavarroPierre-Henri NavarroÅr siden
  • Hay Johnny I hope ur do ok!!! I’ve haven’t seen any new videos lately?! Let us know ur ok man!!!

    jenj524jenj524År siden
    • Everything is perfect, I'm working on the video with the brakes and hopefully tomorrow will be up.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90År siden
  • Outro song??

  • I have nothing to do with RC, but I can't wait until you release a satisfying video.

    Vlad GhidencoVlad GhidencoÅr siden
  • PERFEITO 🇧🇷👍

    bls jbls jÅr siden
  • Nice. Now you only have to 3D print a bracket for the fuel tank and the battery

    Satobatsu KaibaSatobatsu KaibaÅr siden
  • How would you make a cool exhaust system

    DENZIL VansensieDENZIL VansensieÅr siden
  • When is the next episode coming man cant wait to see u finish this❤

  • Давай пасасьоися

    Слава Никитин TVСлава Никитин TVÅr siden
  • Is that an aluminum sheet? what is the thickness? 1mm?

    mocca isheremocca ishereÅr siden
  • Why aren't you using 3d modeling and simulation for better placement of components

    shantanu chauhanshantanu chauhanÅr siden
  • You can fix anything man.....AMAZING

    Devil Z Wangan MidnightDevil Z Wangan MidnightÅr siden
  • Aluminum needs a TIG welder as the aluminum will rapidly oxidize in the heat and cause fusion to fail. in fact, the oxide layer forms in less than a second. the AC of TIG will blast the oxide layer off the surface, and the gas will keep it off by blocking oxygen.

    skyliner_369skyliner_369År siden
  • You weren’t using that brazing rod properly. You heat up the aluminum and then run the bead. It gets chunky like that because you put the flames directly on it.

    James FrameJames FrameÅr siden
  • Do you like that 3d printer was thinking picking one up but I didn't want to buy one of those enders if it was really bad quality

    game with friendsgame with friendsÅr siden
  • Glad to see you are still going, NOworld unsubbed me when I had notify all on (it did this for several of my favorite channels), so I was wondering where you had gone! Thanks for another great video, keep up the good work.

    Puritan 74Puritan 74År siden
  • Thought about using a small alternator/generator so you dont need a battery for the servos?

    pious techpriestpious techpriestÅr siden
  • I get the plastic tank is ugly, and I admit I don't know the fuel efficiency of the engine, but it seems like a step backwards to get less fuel capacity while increasing weight, especially considering the engine isn't incredibly powerful. But who knows. Maybe he'll take a page out of Bad Obsession Motorsport and add a Safe-T turbo.

    Dr. SwissDr. SwissÅr siden
  • So, I suggest that you should put a vent valve or a rollover valve onto this fuel tank Also put a throttle return spring onto the throttle servo, just in case it fails in full throttle to return it to idle

    GLaDOS AiGLaDOS AiÅr siden
  • hi, would you to make mini flywheel generator for charging smartphone? thank's

    SSÅr siden
  • Aluminium brazing.. seems like u didnt heat the part hot enough.. and the filler rod too soft (different compound of alloy)

    Amir PomenAmir PomenÅr siden
  • I think the shock have to be bigger and stronger because of its weigh

    김연호김연호År siden
  • Add micro supercharger

    Yusuf KCYusuf KCÅr siden
  • Is it possible to make a portable hand drill with a methanol engine?

    juijji maikjuijji maikÅr siden
  • That's cool.. think you might of missed flux when welding aluminum

    Robert DeesRobert DeesÅr siden
  • you will sell this car?

    OtávioOtávioÅr siden
  • I wonder if he can make a lathe with his lathe...

    BallerBallerÅr siden
  • Lovely work. That is a very cute & elegant fuel tank.

    smallathesmallatheÅr siden
  • What ever happened to the mini turbos

    ApeCity CaliCrayApeCity CaliCrayÅr siden
  • danggg. just come across his vid series on this V4RC. i have to say, im truly amazed.

    NumanNumanÅr siden
  • Despite having notifications on, I'm not getting notifications? Anyone else having this isssue?

    Picax8398Picax8398År siden
  • Ko

    Minh Gamer OfficialMinh Gamer OfficialÅr siden
  • Fckin 1 am and watching another random shit on NOworld but bra it's quite good. Im a new subscriber

    Carbonel Jim CarlCarbonel Jim CarlÅr siden
  • pleez in next video install motor and brakes

    rida fatimarida fatimaÅr siden
  • please tell me where is disk brakes and motor ?

    rida fatimarida fatimaÅr siden
  • You failed at welding because the only way to weld Aluminium is to tig or mig weld it.In this case thin aluminum would be done by tig.

  • i love this project but i don't understand if this project is only for see a working v4 rc car or to make a high performance rc car. Why make a complex system like this if there are no better performance? maybe just for the joy of doing it

  • He has a lathe but not a welder! Lol!

    rpaull3rpaull3År siden
  • God forbid, people have to pay a welder to weld something for them...

    rpaull3rpaull3År siden
  • Can you make rc metal tank

    likelikeÅr siden