Inline 4 Cylinder FOUR Stroke 13,500 rpm RC Engine!

6. des.. 2020
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  • Hi guys, in case you are interested in getting one, here it is: TOYAN FS-L400 : $100 OFF Coupon Code :L400 , Only $699.99 ,Save $100

    JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ904 måneder siden
    • How does it oil its crank and rod bearings?

      Jesse HarriottJesse Harriott2 måneder siden
    • I see that you added petronas coolant.

      Sujendran Nair TheywaharenSujendran Nair Theywaharen2 måneder siden
    • @Mark Wakelin hi what when i use methanol, Oil And natural 95? Will IT runing ? :D thanks

      lamka malalamka mala2 måneder siden
    • That is freaking cool. I'm a rc heli guy but I really like that. Cool stuff on your channel found it by accident.

      jimmy Djimmy D3 måneder siden
    • @KarsonNow I'm thinking unleaded gas, then u add the oil and nitro in the ratio shown...

      Robert StockdellRobert Stockdell3 måneder siden
  • Where did you buy it but for me to o

    Dyson MilanzieDyson Milanzie8 timer siden
  • That’s Badass

    outlawed14outlawed142 dager siden
  • Is this for RC CAR?

  • Engine oil

    178 M.SusiKaran178 M.SusiKaran4 dager siden
  • Rs ?

    YUVARAJ RYUVARAJ R11 dager siden
  • Now its time to design a car. To fit that engine in. Like a replica of a car scaled down. With drive shaft and axle and differential.

    AlAl13 dager siden
  • Very nice... Now let's the transmission!

    Martin LindseyMartin Lindsey15 dager siden
  • can this engine be used for marine applications?

    SteveSteve17 dager siden
  • Bruh 3 horsepower out of a 14cc is absolutely insane, now i get why it costs $800.

    da struggleda struggle21 dag siden
  • Clicked the link and $800 for this little engine!?!?!? Holy crap you can buy an actual bigger motorcycle or car engine for less!

    J watsonJ watson24 dager siden
  • Does anyone think they'll make an i6 or v6/v8 engine?

    LS's LAE DepartmentLS's LAE Department27 dager siden
  • Cho xin cho bán

    Pé BựPé BựMåned siden
  • how do these small inline engines compare to the normal nitro rc engines as far as power and potential top speed. i guess the question im asking is more "is this style engine mainly for cool points and preference, or is there a performance related reason to have one of these instead?" Most of your single cylinder nitro rc engines can run 33,000 rpm or more. i see that with this engine wide open its maxed at 13,500 maybe? so unless the engine makes much more torque and hp at lower rpm it seems to me that this is a less performance based option and more a style or personal preference.

    TheProdistiniTheProdistiniMåned siden
  • you can make two turbos for the toyan l400 and then add them

    Carsten AhlmannCarsten AhlmannMåned siden
  • you can also make racing valves for the toyan l400

    Carsten AhlmannCarsten AhlmannMåned siden
  • you can also make pistons for the l400 racing

    Carsten AhlmannCarsten AhlmannMåned siden
  • This company deletes reviews. I purchased an l200 and during idle the engine began making an unusual sound and stalled. After inspecting for the cause i found a connecting rod bolt had come loose. I contacted enginediy and i was told by Lucas that the bolts may not have been properly tightened at the factory. I was told to check for wear and tighten the rod bolts. I did this after thouroughly cleaning the engine internals. Made sure all caps were secure and started. 3 little tanks later at idle, the second rod encountered the same problem, only this time the bolt came far out enough to the break the head right off. I have had e mails back and forth for months and have not seen any customer service result. I have even had my review of the l200 engine deleted on 3 occassions. It is a cool little engine but the service however for me is no good. I will never purchase this engine for that reason.

    Justin AllenJustin AllenMåned siden
  • Petronas 😎

    ayanoayanoMåned siden
  • What If we add a turbocharger With nitrous oxide

    Botho RhakhoBotho RhakhoMåned siden
  • What they machine the main bearings but only use the outer ones???

    T.S. True sportsmanT.S. True sportsmanMåned siden
  • Curious pennies be put in like a remote control car or something that would be nice to see

    carl seizcarl seizMåned siden
  • Hey guys iam from INDIA❤️❤️🔥🔥

    SPÃRTÃ X PRØ !SPÃRTÃ X PRØ !Måned siden
  • Plus change the carb to a bigger one

    Chris RacerChris RacerMåned siden
  • Could you make a engine modification Smaller stroke bigger bore => higer rpm

    Chris RacerChris RacerMåned siden
  • i think that the place innest of the cooling tube its very bad, its too close to fans and too close to cam belt...

    Raffaele VanacoreRaffaele VanacoreMåned siden
  • Do u think u can gat 1 like that but not as much money.

    Lewis RigleyLewis RigleyMåned siden
  • 9:19 can the engine not be low stationary like a 1: 1 car engine? about 600-1200rpm 5000rpm is like turning half a turn of the gas handle

    Muhammad Hamzah RobbaniMuhammad Hamzah RobbaniMåned siden
  • 13k aint very impressive when it was idling at like 5k lol

    Daniel Van NulandDaniel Van NulandMåned siden
  • I need this engine

    DEEPU R.K.DEEPU R.K.Måned siden
  • I wanna put this in an rc drift car

    SiN LoudSiN LoudMåned siden
  • Water intake is in a horrible place

    bigpep360bigpep360Måned siden

    Mkgaring animatesMkgaring animatesMåned siden
  • sounds like an f3

    Gabriel SRCGabriel SRC2 måneder siden
  • $800+ paperweight

    Beetle JuiceBeetle Juice2 måneder siden
  • Someone needs to scale this up and run it in a car

    HellowHellow2 måneder siden
  • What does a kit like this cost?

    torobytetorobyte2 måneder siden
  • No oil pump, no oil, no lubrication? Or like in 2 stroke, fuel mixed with oil?

    Nikolai RumshinNikolai Rumshin2 måneder siden
  • Price Haw Mach

    Hindi best songsHindi best songs2 måneder siden
  • Hehe

    Wesley SSJBEWesley SSJBE2 måneder siden
  • Do you know if exist a small Dirsel engine to put inside a 1:11 scale train model? Thanks

    Antonio BandiniAntonio Bandini2 måneder siden
  • Vtec just kicked in yo!

    Not_RealNot_Real2 måneder siden
  • ok so what the heck does it do

    Dave FordDave Ford2 måneder siden
  • Something is going to explode

    Dave FordDave Ford2 måneder siden
  • why dont they have oil?

    EnjoyMyHitsYTEnjoyMyHitsYT2 måneder siden
  • Hey great spot for the water line. Moving belt and spinning. What could go wrong?

    E&CE&C2 måneder siden
  • Man your gonna have the fastest block of wood on the block.

    emoney7472emoney74722 måneder siden
  • If this goes into an rc car it will have almost the same weight/power ratio as a 1000hp supra.

    The ProThe Pro2 måneder siden
  • Sempurna...👍

    Lek CikguLek Cikgu2 måneder siden
  • Idk like to see one of these In a rc!

  • can you actually put this in my honda civic RC car?

    ArdeactArdeact2 måneder siden
  • That is a killer model 4 stroke. With a smooth idle. Make air cleaners for it. Take care of it. Connect it to a generator. Charge your friends car battery, or yours. I seen it at your link for 699. On bay they want 1150 to 1500 or more.

    Moss Fett LabsMoss Fett Labs2 måneder siden
  • Need to 3D print a fan shroud for the radiator to improve cooling efficiency.

    gregb11385gregb113852 måneder siden
  • Johnny for the fan blades, have you though of producing parts made out of carbon fiber? I recommend you to watch Ramy RC this guy makes his own airplanes out of carbon fiber.

    Neil CastroNeil Castro2 måneder siden
  • such a cool engine! weve seen it before but cant wait to see where Johnny takes it! So excited for another JQ90 journey! Thanks man!

    rc Ohiorc Ohio2 måneder siden
  • Se escucha mejor que mi moto ninja 500:v

    Edu MotovlogsEdu Motovlogs2 måneder siden
  • Remove the starter clutch and put a on-on switch in and you got a generator for lights, controller and bat.

    The Roaming KiltThe Roaming Kilt2 måneder siden
  • Sounds like absolute shit.

    RoberoseinRoberosein2 måneder siden
  • wtf is a glow plug???.....did you meant to say sparkplugs?

    Davideo JockeyDavideo Jockey2 måneder siden
  • That was Insane

    Cak NduCak Ndu2 måneder siden
  • So is the bottom end of the engine lubed by 2t oil from blowby ? And do the glow plugs need constant power or only for starting ?

    lachlan westrupplachlan westrupp2 måneder siden
  • why the hell does a petrol RC car have glow plugs

    bradster2214bradster22142 måneder siden
  • Sounds better that Hybrid F1 cars...

    Abelardo RuizAbelardo Ruiz2 måneder siden
  • It appears that the coolant is flowing. I dont know if its the lighting in the video but it seems there are bubbles in the lines with coolant not flowing.

    Christian HernandezChristian Hernandez2 måneder siden
  • wow petronas from malaysia

    PakDiePakDie2 måneder siden
  • Watch your knuckles on that fan!

    D GTD GT2 måneder siden
  • Bhai ye kha mile ga

    Vikash RingnodiyaVikash Ringnodiya2 måneder siden
  • ah shit this man leaked the f1 engines in a few years

    lucazlucaz2 måneder siden
  • What lubes the crank?

    live and let livelive and let live2 måneder siden
  • te sitate

    Aaron KösterAaron Köster2 måneder siden
  • ah yes, coolant tube between fan and belt

    The Magic BoyThe Magic Boy2 måneder siden
  • Nyao ah

    Dangdut GeboyDangdut Geboy2 måneder siden
  • Where stands itb for? Someone

    Maurits JaMaurits Ja2 måneder siden
  • Is this for flying mini planes? Or for mini RC cars?

    Jon HopJon Hop2 måneder siden
  • Hey bro i want this ...

    javeed khanjaveed khan2 måneder siden
  • Dang that water inlet pipe has got to be in the worst possible place

    DennisH22ADennisH22A2 måneder siden
  • It needs a mini 2 step

    István IlosvaiIstván Ilosvai2 måneder siden
  • I love it ! a real miniature engine ^^ super ! friendly from Belgium :)

  • Wow Petronas colant

    NOR AMINNOR AMIN2 måneder siden
  • Creality Ender V3 3D printer?

    daniel czdaniel cz2 måneder siden
  • How about a V8 with a pair of turbos?

    Friedric KrolopFriedric Krolop2 måneder siden
  • Aaa I'd love to be a build this. But just another 300 bucks and it'd be worth how much I paid for my car xD If I had a place to do it, and the money, I'd probably get a project car. I love fixing things. (Nothing special. Literally I'd just want to rebuild an engine, maybe the transmission too, and get the car running again. I don't care for cosmetics. Just utility xD)

    HachiroHachiro2 måneder siden
  • Now all you need is an automatic transmission with torque converter!!!

    Jennifer ChaseJennifer Chase2 måneder siden
  • Hey man which one is more powerful the toyan engines or nitro engine? Toyan is 4 stroke and nitro is 2 stroke right? So 2 stroke gives more power? I want to build rc using engines but don't know which one to buy

    Funny Clips FirstFunny Clips First2 måneder siden
  • Make a scale MR2 rc car with this engine.

    FoxfriedFoxfried2 måneder siden
  • make a boat with it, maybe 3d printed

    Falk ReineckeFalk Reinecke2 måneder siden
  • This miniature engine seems to be no joke. Curious of the specs: how many Ounce-inches of torque? And how many My Little Ponies are you able to theoretically put to the ground? Pardon the changes to the norm, but as it’s a scale version I had to adjust for deflation, not inflation. Altering the verbiage allows it to be understood due to relative size.

    Carbon No6Carbon No62 måneder siden
  • That thing is absolutely stupid! And by stupid I mean -> 😦😯😲 STUPIDLY AMAZING! The detail that the designer(s) is over-the-top! Incredible! I had no idea these existed until very recently. Never had a use for them before and still don’t so I bought 40!

    Carbon No6Carbon No62 måneder siden
  • How long can this pos toy run?

    J JoneskiJ Joneski2 måneder siden
  • WOOW

    Hamza BelezrakHamza Belezrak2 måneder siden
  • 9:25: And now we know how Formula 1 will sound in a few years

    Pius SchmidtPius Schmidt2 måneder siden
  • did you notice? one of your screw is loose

    Christian TheodorusChristian Theodorus2 måneder siden
  • Yo creo que deberia ponerle aceite en el carter, el cigüeñal se va a gripar

    Fran Sito PonsFran Sito Pons2 måneder siden
  • Does it come with user friendly direction for assembly?

    Brian WoodBrian Wood2 måneder siden
  • هاي وين حصله المكينه وانه بل عراق

    حسين حسينحسين حسين2 måneder siden
  • Would this power my weed whacker

    Victor SupremeVictor Supreme2 måneder siden
  • I severely wish I could buy one of these, building one would be total heaven 🤘🤪

    Stig MartinStig Martin2 måneder siden
  • Why it is a dry sump?

    Maya MayaMaya Maya2 måneder siden
  • За такие деньги можно жигу купить :3

    VadyaVadya2 måneder siden
  • imagine getting the tanks mixed up

    Mediumrare27Mediumrare272 måneder siden