How 3 Speed Transmissions work in RC Cars & Next project!

16. juli. 2020
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Before this thing becomes a shelf queen, I wanted to give a last chance on the 3 speed transmission to work. Originally this chassis came with a screaming 38,000rpm 2 stroke engine which was capable enough to make the centrifugal clutch of 2nd and 3rd gear to engage. The second gear would engage at 5,000rpm and 3rd at 7,000rpm+. The v4 engine though can't do that, as it can rev maximum to 10,000rpm and with the gear reduction it's even lower. That means that it's impossible to activate the clutch at those rpm. Since it's not an adjustable clutch to precisely adjust the shifting point of each gear, the only thing I could do, was to soften the springs of 2nd and 3rd gear of the clutch to engage them at lower rpm. Unfortunately that didn't happen, and I could't soften them anymore, because the clutch shoes could fall out and lose them. I really didn't want to postpone this video any longer as it was supposed to take no more than 1-2 days. I kind of feel shame for posting it, but at least I hope some people will appreciate it. As for the next project, I know many of you won't like it, but if by now you haven't noticed, I weird XD. Seriously though, this chassis, the Schumacher Menace GTR had one electric version from factory with the 3 speed transmission, exactly in the way I'm going to make it. Only different thing will be the size of the brushless motor, which will be huge. As I said in the video, I'm not giving up on combustion engines. As a matter of fact, by the end of this month there's a video coming with a very unique single cylinder 4 stroke engine.
Thank you for your support and nice comments.
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-3D printer: QIDI X-Max:
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-Thermal camera:
-Toyan FS V400A Engine --- 10% Coupon Code :jq90
-Toyan FS S100G Engine
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  • Be careful spinning that thing without it being in its gear.. it reminds me of the time when I was a kid, I wanted to see the clutch on my mini bike engage, so I took off the clutch bell and started the engine. When I reved it up, the weights flew off, nearly hitting me in the head as they departed the back yard!

    Thomas AltrudaThomas Altruda2 måneder siden
  • Nononoo ELECTRIC

    Brillian ElangBrillian Elang3 måneder siden
  • Those 4800 rpm you got from the engine/gearbox were without any load. Something tells me that number will be quite different with the weight of the car it has to get moving.

    Josef OdiumJosef Odium3 måneder siden
  • congrats, this is amazing project... I think the final drive is to wide, the engine doesn't higher the rpm

    Daniel Benavides FurtadoDaniel Benavides Furtado3 måneder siden
  • It's amazing. It's probably not a good idea to test or drive the car on a street with so many storm drains. As you are now keenly aware, accidents happen, and it would suck to see all this work go down a storm drain.

    ace1usmcace1usmc3 måneder siden
  • @JohnnyQ90 It sounds like you aren't getting the maximum RPM from the engine as well. I have successfully tuned many nitro carbs to be able to sit at idle for several minutes and go straight to wide open throttle with very little hesitation. The trick is to set it on the bench fully assembled and set the mix for WOT on the hi end needle. Obviously make sure the chassis is secured to the bench and the wheels are off the ground. Once you get the max RPM's set correctly you can then set the idle needle on the side of the throttle lever. Start with a half turn counter clockwise then try to start it. Use a quarter turn at a time after that while trying to start it each time. Once you get it running half way decent you can fine tune it so it will idle at a low enough RPM to leave the clutch disengaged. To do that you will have to turn the idle needle clockwise until it starts to sputter. Then turn the idle setscrew clockwise until it revs again. Keep going back and forth between the screws until you get the desired idle. It's a tedious process but will reward you with a working three speed transmission as I am pretty positive you have adjusted it perfectly to work in this setup.

    tazimafiedtazimafied4 måneder siden
  • I find all of this stuff fascinating, especially the mechanical components. I'm just curious though (forgive the noob question), how does first gear disengage under normal circumstances (i.e. without the extra ratchet/ripping the teeth off the next gear)?

    1DShoe1DShoe4 måneder siden
  • ¿Where can I buy that gear change?

    Gerard Martinez FernandezGerard Martinez Fernandez5 måneder siden
  • Will you make it but RWD and have gyro

    RASHYA RAYRASHYA RAY5 måneder siden
  • Spring is still to hard when it's under load it's not making that rpm

    Rodney JonesRodney Jones6 måneder siden
  • Turbo time then it have the power to make the gears work

    JOE GOMEZJOE GOMEZ6 måneder siden
  • I like the channel and what he shows, but why do you never speak?

    Henk V HartenHenk V Harten7 måneder siden
  • it looks like its not getting enough rpms underload its redline most likely is lower then 4600 when you measured it cause it had no load on the engine

    Kenny AgneKenny Agne7 måneder siden
  • Good vid showed me stuff I didn't know which I always appreciate :-) ... of course the engine rpm when driving the car is much lower than it is when running up on a stand.

    Del CatDel Cat7 måneder siden
  • That car neds a turbo

    Samurai GamingSamurai Gaming7 måneder siden
  • How much would you charge to convert mine to electric

    Del HigginsDel Higgins7 måneder siden
  • Increase the weight of the arm?

    Cody BurnsCody Burns8 måneder siden
  • I will take the electric one if you don’t like it lol

    James ONeailJames ONeail8 måneder siden
  • Here’s how you could fix the rpm for the gears to engage . Step 1 add or put gears at the input of the transition to increase how fast the gears rotate in the transmission. Ratio of 2/1.34 Step 2 put gears at the output of the gearbox to decrease how fast the gears by the same amount you put to equalize the original power of the engine 1.34/2

    Steam MaussSSteam MaussS8 måneder siden
  • Inline 4

    Alvin CortezAlvin Cortez8 måneder siden
  • Ur making a Tesla, what’s wrong with that 👍🏽

    StellaPiggie YTStellaPiggie YT8 måneder siden
  • New drag slicks or just worn out tires?

    CalthecoolCalthecool8 måneder siden
  • Hey Johnny, are you from Greece?

    F0RM4TF0RM4T8 måneder siden
  • Where can I get that 3 Speed transmission? Does someone have a link for me with all required parts?

    Marcel FruntkeMarcel Fruntke8 måneder siden

      TEDoddTEDodd4 måneder siden
  • What you do is amazing, just amazing! I enjoy all your fine craftsmanship. 👍🏻

    Frank BizFrank Biz8 måneder siden
  • How about build a manual clutch

  • HAHAHA the whole time I'm watching this I'm thinking "He should just use a brushless motor. Na he'll never do that, his whole thing is the small engines" Proceeds to announce the next build will be brushless.

    Scott WootenScott Wooten8 måneder siden
  • you should make some covers with seals to go over the camshaft bearings to stop the oil from escaping

    Caleb TellierCaleb Tellier8 måneder siden
  • What about adding some better fuel on the engine 💪🏼 or a small supercharger 🤔

    Benny LaraBenny Lara8 måneder siden
  • Lets be honest, after working on a engine that still has problems months after the starting period, I to would want to work on something easier. I do not blame you a bit. You're having fun, and we're here for the ride.

    TheJonesChannel11TheJonesChannel118 måneder siden
  • nothing wrong with electric...

    BystanderWitnessedBystanderWitnessed8 måneder siden
  • Is it possible you're starting with a too "tall" a first gear, like starting a manual tranny car in third rather than first? As it is now, you're not getting the revs you need out of the engine, so you might want to try changing the gearing rather than the clutch release points. With a lower first sprocket you'll spin faster; worth a try. If it does work, you'll likely need to change 2nd and 3rd gear diameters accordingly. Car should be a rocketship. You publish absolutely terrific stuff and I'm a big fan of your work. You've got a wonderful, natural mechanical ability and it's a pleasure to watch it in action. Why not tell us a bit more about yourself when you get a chance?

    Tobin SpirerTobin Spirer8 måneder siden
  • Dont give up! Make a prony brake and measure hp at transmission vs rated hp. If drop off then that whacky drive is likely culprit. 3 HP should be plenty to push that car high speed. The prony brake will also allow you to observe at what rpm is peak hp and what rpm is peak torque. You cant just clip some off the end of a spring and call it quits!!!!!

    Joe WarehamJoe Wareham8 måneder siden
  • Build a microdyno to test different vehicles..

    Gary StintenGary Stinten8 måneder siden
  • if I were you I would throw on transmission from savages 21 hpi it have adjustment screws for set at rpm in transmission and yes it 4wd it 3rd speed if you wanted reve on it there kits add in but remove 2nd n 3rd gears

    K ZK Z8 måneder siden
  • I am a Taiwanese who likes your videos.

    T MarkT Mark8 måneder siden
  • Make a rotary rc engine

    Anthony MirandaAnthony Miranda8 måneder siden
  • Bold on turbo.. Who agreed 🤝 👍

    Danly LouisDanly Louis8 måneder siden
  • Who else cant wait for him to build a drifting car

    kyle hauserkyle hauser8 måneder siden
  • Johnny, your clutch is engaging near redline. I've done the 4 stroke thing myself (airplane 4 strokes into land vehicles). You must use heavier clutch shoes!! That's a 15cc engine it has way more power than you've seen so far.. its just not making it past the clutch. Buy some 1/8" tungsten rod off ebay, and drill holes into your clutch shoes. Press a section of the tungsten rod into the hole and bam, weighted shoes. It will make ALL the difference. There are pics of this solution over on RCTech forums, I can give you a link.

    timjs1018timjs10189 måneder siden
  • Seems like first gear is too hight almost like it should be second

  • Muy bueno,que lastima que la caja le falla,fue una larga espera paea verlo terminado👎

    santiago martinsantiago martin9 måneder siden
  • I can’t wait. Been a nitro guy my whole life but brushless motors make me smile albeit in a different way.

    LeroyLeroy9 måneder siden

    OBAMIUMOBAMIUM9 måneder siden
  • Maybe the engine doesn't spin fast enough under load to engage the clutches?

    Damon DeathDamon Death9 måneder siden
  • When the car is in the air, The revs are alot higher because there is no traction. Could it be that when its got weight the car is not achieving the right revs? Try lowering the spring softness a bit more maybe to compensate for the traction requierd and the weight.... Its like a real car going up a hill compared to a car that is in the air with the wheels lifted...

    Schalk de BeerSchalk de Beer9 måneder siden
    • Instead of cutting the springs. Try the same length just softer. And is there no way you can make that a closed unit clutch so the springs cannot fall out? By adding a very thin plastic cover on both sides?... If the clutch becomes wider maybe compensate with a deeper or wider gear....

      Schalk de BeerSchalk de Beer9 måneder siden
  • Yeah, I'm sorry, I hate you for this. I hate electric cars ... even if they're big or small and RC ... we need mini V12!

    themacs the camera manthemacs the camera man9 måneder siden
  • Id recommend traxxas parts they’re really good

    Ali AlkuwariAli Alkuwari9 måneder siden
  • Cutting a spring makes it stiffer!! Sounds counterintuitive but think of a spring as a straight rod. If you try to bend a long rod you can bend it easier than a short rod. A spring is a straight rod wound in a coil. So cutting a spring creates less material to flex and increases the spring rate.

    inothomeinothome9 måneder siden
  • I have the same V4 shifting problem also, but I have an idea to fix it. If it works I will share it with everyone. Keep up the great builds my friend!

    Dennis Dempsey Radio out of controlDennis Dempsey Radio out of control9 måneder siden
  • You should check out the transmission breakdown on a CEN gst 7.7 for second and third gear. There is no spur gear notch To break off. the clutch engagement is fully adjustable without disassembly. Adjustable Spring tension using a set screw.

    speed demonspeed demon9 måneder siden
  • Можете зделать пожалуста пелараму только маленькую 1:8 буду очень благодарен

    Украинец обезбашинийУкраинец обезбашиний9 måneder siden
  • Another great video Johnny, one question though. It seems the fuelling is totally out when its on the road compared to on the stand. Probably because under load it requires more fuel. This could be why it seems to struggle to get to high rpm's. If the enine revs to 11,500, surely you should be changing from 1st to 2nd at 4000rpm and 3rd at 6750-7500rpm? But it don't appear on the street to be hitting anywhere near those revs. Thoughts?

    BuggerlugzBuggerlugz9 måneder siden
  • Even if it won't shift properly I'm still very impressed with the time and dedication it took to make a running and driving rc car with a real engine basically from scratch.

    WackoZacko15WackoZacko159 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know where to buy a good 4 stroke engine model to build?

    Stefano De CaroStefano De Caro9 måneder siden
  • I bought one of these Toyan engines but I have a feeling I’m not using the right fuel. It’s 25% nitromethane 20% lubricant. Should I be mixing my own fuel?

    BMW M3BMW M39 måneder siden
  • you should active aero. or active suspension

    saucy nonchalancesaucy nonchalance9 måneder siden
  • Rotatory plssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Average Drift 69Average Drift 699 måneder siden
  • I just can’t believe you crashed that baby

    Marie ThomasMarie Thomas9 måneder siden
  • Ive been looking for a new channel to watch and this is freaking intresting

    Preston MatthewsPreston Matthews9 måneder siden
  • It looks to me as if all the gears would be engaged simultaneously at sufficient rpm's. Could someone explain to me what I am missing here? How are the lower gears 'disconnected' from the drive when the higher gears engage?

    Aron ListAron List9 måneder siden
  • I just stumbled across this and wow... I'm 40 and rc has xhanged alot since I first started with a rc buggy. Any way can abyone help me find some good sites to find out about gas rc engines

    Chris CampbellChris Campbell9 måneder siden
  • मुझे ऐसी लेनी है कितने की है कहां मिलेगी

    Mahaveer VermaMahaveer Verma9 måneder siden
    • @xoobo vola hi

      Mahaveer VermaMahaveer Verma9 måneder siden
    • Hi

      Mahaveer VermaMahaveer Verma9 måneder siden
  • sensacional o seu trabalho, parabéns!!!👍👍👍

  • your max rpm with and without load are different. you're still not hitting the rpm range while under load?

    rb bashrb bash9 måneder siden
  • do a drag car preferably not electric

    SlinkyveilSlinkyveil9 måneder siden
  • Carbon fiber

    Mateusz WayneMateusz Wayne9 måneder siden
  • How dare you say we're gonna hate you. Lol. Anyway, the load when you put your rc onn the bench will be diffrent compare to on the actual road (Sorry bad english) It probably wont even reach 2500 RPM on the road because the weight on the car. My assumption is, the V4 dont have enough torque to reach the rpm to swich gear on road. But if you put it on bench it will because no load. Maybe... i dont know.

    Poison StorePoison Store9 måneder siden
  • Let me explain about the gear. You need thinner but longer spring for the 2nd gear and relatively stronger for the 3rd gear. You measured the RPM of the gears and no load. In loads it never go 4,000 RPM. You need to adjust the 2nd gear spring to engage at 800 RPM and for the 3rd gear 1,200 RPM. But as I told thinner but a little bit longer spring.

    Abdul KaderAbdul Kader9 måneder siden
  • Please supercharge this v4

    Thunder OpThunder Op9 måneder siden
  • battery.But electric Vehicles (including RC cars) are very silent so they may not be so impressive.

    miko foinmiko foin9 måneder siden
  • Τέλεια ιδέα τα ηλεκτρικά μοτέρ.

    Dimitris MitsigunDimitris Mitsigun9 måneder siden
  • Don't give up on that V4!!!. It looks like it has a lot of torque but not enough RPMs for the transmission. Keep Trying!

    Miguel RodriguezMiguel Rodriguez9 måneder siden
    • tension arm. Just a thought.

      miko foinmiko foin9 måneder siden
  • Wow,despite me NOT liking you going back to an Electric-motor for the next video...........I was totally re-joyed to hear that You'll soon be making a video of a 4-stroker,so that's awesome!!! Absolutely LOVE every single video You ever do,regardless if it's with electrics or fuel-powered!!! :-)

    menom7menom79 måneder siden
  • Don't make it a shelf queen, you spent hours on it, just thrash it drift or whatever down your street and have fun with it my man. looking forward for your next build 👍

    the_RC_Addictthe_RC_Addict9 måneder siden
  • Nothing wrong with electric, but how about having both?

    Static VapourStatic Vapour9 måneder siden
  • Very nice car but why would you put dud combustion dianosour turd in that beautiful car

    Scott KernanScott Kernan9 måneder siden
  • Put the car on a treadmill and check the rpm and arrange the gears according to the rpm

    Ahmed Daud HussainAhmed Daud Hussain9 måneder siden
  • How about an engine driven generator that then supplies voltage to electric motors? Like a locomotive. air compressor that then drives air motors fro the drive train.

    Daniel RamseyDaniel Ramsey9 måneder siden
  • Glad to see you starting a new project. The videos are extremely enjoying to watch and sort of addictive too! On another note, do you really need 3 speeds with an electric motor?

    Can OzcivelekCan Ozcivelek9 måneder siden
  • Ummm. Much as I admire your work, I have to say something. You made a petrol engine for an RC car. A wonderfully insane thing to do. Now we come to the gearbox. We expect more full insanity. A machined set of gears which are change by remote control. Obviously. You can't start using common sense now, just when we have assigned you to the luny bin. We want the full puppy!

    Peter DriscollPeter Driscoll9 måneder siden
  • Молодец не останавливаясь 👍

    Алкесей ВолковАлкесей Волков9 måneder siden
  • If the screaming two cycle engines make much more rpm and power while weighing much less, whey haven't you developed a multi-cylinder two cycle? I'm thinking three in line by attaching the crankcases together would be an absolute monster.

    Ronald ColmanRonald Colman9 måneder siden
  • Sounds like it's stuck in third.

    Joe KrimJoe Krim9 måneder siden
  • RC-Jet-engine-car 😍

    Paul6kvPaul6kv9 måneder siden
  • You should try working with that micro rotary engine that you had

    bilinas minibilinas mini9 måneder siden
  • Looking forward to the electric build 👍🏾👍🏾

    Skiridr22Skiridr229 måneder siden
  • 9:05 in this video provides a 3d printed solution that might work well in this application.

    David NDavid N9 måneder siden
  • What about a centrifugal design, with a belt drive and tensioner? As the "pinion" pulley expands speed increases. You would have to find the right balance with the springs and tension arm. Just a thought.

    Eric ZajacEric Zajac9 måneder siden
    • Or the tensioner could be servo actuated allowing the pulley to expand as needed.

      Eric ZajacEric Zajac9 måneder siden
  • I love the engine stuff but I've actually been curious about a 2 or 3 speed electric car for ages so i cant wait for the vids

    malachi manville downermalachi manville downer9 måneder siden
    • i mean you have a LOT of engines ... maybe you can put them together ... double nitro engined saw doesn't count, it's not a vehicle lol

      bilinas minibilinas mini9 måneder siden
  • metal printer?

    gary miles-watsongary miles-watson9 måneder siden
  • You better be right about the electric version. I like engines better. But electrics 😬😬😬 maybe i will like this one.

    Benjamin MugoBenjamin Mugo9 måneder siden
  • Go rotor engine build

    hubil whubil w9 måneder siden
  • electric bah unsubbed....

    LeviathanLeviathan9 måneder siden
  • I think I'm missing something, if 3rd gear is engaged while 2nd is also engaged, wouldn't that just jam the transmission?

    Carl SiemensCarl Siemens9 måneder siden
  • Now it needs a mini turbo or supercharger

    foldingbladefoldingblade9 måneder siden
  • Am damn excited about the new electric engine start build as soon as possible 😁👌👌👌 it's really great idea.just hit it😁👌👌👌

    Åshutosh BÅshutosh B9 måneder siden
  • Great vid. Thanks.

    sandra folsomsandra folsom9 måneder siden
  • Thought this was a good video then read the description where you think it's a fail, nah everyone knows these things don't work first time, publishing your successes and failures help people learn, keep the great videos coming!

    Pete SmithPete Smith9 måneder siden
  • Dont feel bad about the electric motor. Sounds like you're having lack of torque to reach higher rpm. Electric ones have plenty of power at low rpm, and a wide range of rpm. Youll have to reconfigure the ratios surely, but i think that would he a nice learning, and a step to build a combustion project. I'll encourage you to do it. Big sucess I'm expecting for you

    Rodrigo LopezRodrigo Lopez9 måneder siden