Assembling & Testing a Mini 4 Stroke RC Engine

20. mai. 2020
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  • Hook up a tiny generator to that and you have a very compact and efficient energy source.

    Noneur bisnessNoneur bisnessMåned siden
  • Which battery do we have to use? 7.4V or 11.1 V?

    Carlos GonzálezCarlos GonzálezMåned siden
  • I FINALLY got my engine NOW I can start my PROJECT!!!

    OfficialIngenSportsOfficialIngenSportsMåned siden
  • Please, Pass On These Skills You Have To A Bunch Of Kids. Don't take all you're knowledge to the grave...

    MisterAMuckMisterAMuckMåned siden
  • were is the lube ?????? llddr

    quincy737quincy7373 måneder siden
  • Jonny can u send me a mini 2 stroke engine

    Demian RDemian R5 måneder siden
  • I dont like the fuel vent hose right beside the exhaust. Fuckin sick video tho!

    Evan HansEvan Hans6 måneder siden

    h gloverh glover6 måneder siden
  • Donde se podría compra ese motor?😎

    Fernando perez escotFernando perez escot6 måneder siden
  • Beautiful engine! Quick question: is there any mechanical differences between the Methanol and Gasoline version? I.e. can I buy the Methanol kit version, install a spark plug+CDI and be done with it?

    Manoel C.Manoel C.6 måneder siden
  • Ok now can i install it on my many horse power will it give

    Anuj GoyalAnuj Goyal7 måneder siden
  • Can't wait to see that mounted in something.😎

    Ray WilsonRay Wilson7 måneder siden
  • Nice engine, not a rc engine thow

    adam aadam a7 måneder siden
  • Try not to speed up the video again, we want to see the details of the machine installation

    Docil SpeedDocil Speed8 måneder siden
  • Your engine is very awaysome but plz tell me the price of this engine in next video 😘

    Ali RazaAli Raza8 måneder siden
  • Stopped and closed the video at 1:47 when i see that mark on engine's body 😂😂

  • How much is it

    Sithum AnjanaSithum Anjana8 måneder siden
  • Engine oil?

    김해식Likesea김해식Likesea8 måneder siden
  • Ok so hear me pus mini turbos

    furry gamerfurry gamer8 måneder siden
  • How long does it run? Also any temperature tests after a certain period of operation?

    Aravind VenkatramAravind Venkatram8 måneder siden
  • Atleast a background music maybe

    DARLING dareDARLING dare8 måneder siden
  • They look good dont they . I'm keen to see some application for one tho that's the real test!

    c k Rc k R8 måneder siden
  • Link of fuel?

    Giacomo StanoGiacomo Stano8 måneder siden
  • made in china no good

    달려라코달려라코8 måneder siden
  • Awesome video, that squeaky belt would bug the hell out of me though...subscribed.

    Mad MikeMad Mike8 måneder siden
  • Can you run it indoors or would one risk choking to death on carbon monoxide?

    twistedyogerttwistedyogert8 måneder siden
  • It's a flat head motor, the valves are in the block not the head 👍

    Li'l Pete's WorkshopLi'l Pete's Workshop8 måneder siden
  • You SHOULD add your Micro Supercharger or a turbo...

    FroyTheDudeFroyTheDude9 måneder siden
  • Build a compact RC car with this

    vignesh pandianvignesh pandian9 måneder siden
  • How to buy this engine

    Kalyana SundaramKalyana Sundaram9 måneder siden
  • Put on a turbo

    protogamer2kprotogamer2k9 måneder siden
  • Not ONE drop of lube during assembly...

    Richard ErvinRichard Ervin9 måneder siden
  • How much is this

    all in oneall in one9 måneder siden
  • Onde compra um motor desses🤔

    Marivaldo AlmeidaMarivaldo Almeida9 måneder siden
  • spee engine Rc.,.,. super car speed

    ANKA - GOANKA - GO9 måneder siden
  • Ain’t that the cutest thing

    Walter KnightWalter Knight9 måneder siden
  • भाई इसकी कीमत कितनी है मुझे बताना।

    Sachin Kumar Sachin KumarSachin Kumar Sachin Kumar9 måneder siden
  • Amazing technologi..

    BIO CHANNELBIO CHANNEL9 måneder siden
  • Fan shroud needed

    Tahir UsmanTahir Usman9 måneder siden
  • I wonder if it has a timing belt or chain? *proceeds to take out the most adorable timing belt ever made* daaaaaaawwwwwp

    Matthew FinlayMatthew Finlay9 måneder siden
  • That must've cost a few $.

    joe woodchuckjoe woodchuck9 måneder siden
  • Not a super star follower.not doing politic due to how sick they get... Not fashion freak. Just an old school car custom builder staying in he's garage to build some crazy sh*t... But i do follow people like jonny.. He's DNA (EF) engineer freak.

    adil kanouniadil kanouni9 måneder siden
  • How did i get this parts

    Mohan naniMohan nani9 måneder siden
  • Revesrve mine laptop in vote R

    NASA limbuNASA limbu9 måneder siden
  • Cispy of water gentor

    NASA limbuNASA limbu9 måneder siden
  • Made in china

    pavan kumarpavan kumar9 måneder siden
  • Twin cilinder toyan engine?

    Jilke Schilte SchilteJilke Schilte Schilte9 måneder siden
  • I want buy 2 .Please tell me where can I buy?

    成興桃成興桃9 måneder siden
  • Can this really be used for a R/C aircraft?

    mgoblue0970mgoblue09709 måneder siden
  • Looks pretty gutless compared to a nitro motor

    Ric TorresRic Torres9 måneder siden
  • I didnt see a drop of assembly lube... dry as a bone.

    WesWes9 måneder siden
  • Shelly Ph: 86-13671843635,, Skype:linnaniu1

    cherry leecherry lee9 måneder siden
  • Genius

    Warisan Betta NilaiWarisan Betta Nilai9 måneder siden
  • "Made in China" That's a "no" from me.

    Eddie AndersenEddie Andersen9 måneder siden
  • Is that duel OHC lol cool

    Dennis Stephenson Drone and Aerial PhotographyDennis Stephenson Drone and Aerial Photography9 måneder siden
    • Umm, No. See the single cam at 2:28?

      Mad ScientificMad Scientific9 måneder siden
  • How many cylinders?

    Dennis Stephenson Drone and Aerial PhotographyDennis Stephenson Drone and Aerial Photography9 måneder siden
  • Ferrari

    Media AutomobiliMedia Automobili9 måneder siden
  • I would have modified all the internals before putting it all together because I can’t keep anything factory lol

    Tanner MTanner M9 måneder siden
  • This is the type of guy that will build a custom a/c system for his model figure in his rc car so it looks cool driving around. Great fan me and my dad are hobby machinist as well "southbend". Your skills have come a long way. Every project you have done I dreamed of doing in my 20s. Not having the time to do them myself it is such a joy to see you do them. I'm still waiting on the micro jet turbine. I use to follow a guy but lost his tube name it was like eccentric something hope fully I will find it again.

    Sam NewSam New9 måneder siden
  • What website can you purchase engines like these..

  • Why a small propeller is used

    Pradeep BansalPradeep Bansal9 måneder siden
  • nice putit in rc car naow please

    Bobby BanksBobby Banks10 måneder siden
  • I am from India wher did I get this engine kit

    Manuprasad T RManuprasad T R10 måneder siden
  • Thanks! You just made me impulse buy 7 engine kits!

    Full-BatteryFull-Battery10 måneder siden
  • What does nitro fuel smell like

    Ice cream truck GangIce cream truck Gang10 måneder siden
  • Get it here guys! ►FS-S100AC RC Engine: ►Other RC ►Extra 10% off code: jq90

    JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ9010 måneder siden
  • that hurts to see there is no oil in it (dry assamble ) ,you greased the camshaft only but not the crankshaft 0.0 that engine will overheat and run stuck soon .the fan will not cool if the engine runs dry

    FerenzoliniFerenzolini10 måneder siden
  • 17000 in rupees

    PK artPK art10 måneder siden
  • as a cat i loved it

    CATS 101CATS 10110 måneder siden
  • _Rub a bar of soap on the belt to eliminate the squeak._

    MAGGOT VOMITMAGGOT VOMIT10 måneder siden
  • This is cool but I imagine after 30 mins of revving it, it would get boring no? What else can you do with it?

    LukeLuke10 måneder siden
  • Nice , how does the oil get to the cranckase?

    MaciusMacius10 måneder siden
  • What if you slap that motor in a custom Rc drift car. It would sound EPIC.

    TikTock DailyTikTock Daily10 måneder siden
  • How is the crankshaft lubricated

    Phantom HemiPhantom Hemi10 måneder siden
  • ai injin kona paya jaba

    Galib amio gagica korci aita koy pabo viii KarzaiGalib amio gagica korci aita koy pabo viii Karzai10 måneder siden
  • No oil for the engine??

    Prince Reuben CPrince Reuben C10 måneder siden
  • How long until they make a v8 version or can you connect two v4 engines together?

    Christian LockwoodChristian Lockwood10 måneder siden
  • Price of this one isnt bad at all!

    Gregory KitchensGregory Kitchens10 måneder siden
  • so cute.....👽🛸🛰

    ETET10 måneder siden
  • It looks cool but doesn't seem like it produces a whole lot of power

    Shane DesShane Des10 måneder siden
  • Soy yo sordo yo quiero 626979308

    Narciso Jesús HernándezNarciso Jesús Hernández10 måneder siden
  • Hola buenos noches

    Narciso Jesús HernándezNarciso Jesús Hernández10 måneder siden
  • After all of that they can't include a glow plug? pfft

    BiggityBoggityBooBiggityBoggityBoo10 måneder siden
  • I appreciate that you decided not to underlay some annoying sound.. Pretty calming 😋

    Cokebei3GradCokebei3Grad10 måneder siden
  • I've never seen an engine assembled dry.

    Texn33Texn3310 måneder siden
  • You need background music

    No. one is thereNo. one is there10 måneder siden
  • How much bro

    ទ្រុងបក្សី ប្រយុទ្ធ ស្រុកកំពង់ត្របែកទ្រុងបក្សី ប្រយុទ្ធ ស្រុកកំពង់ត្របែក10 måneder siden
  • saludos desde mexico

    Niño Rata King of spamNiño Rata King of spam10 måneder siden
  • me encanto¡

    Niño Rata King of spamNiño Rata King of spam10 måneder siden
  • What starter and ignition module are you using?

    FluterraFluterra10 måneder siden
  • Please add a turbo!! Or some kind of forced induction

    Mr.FloopykinsMr.Floopykins10 måneder siden
  • Engine running on antifreeze. Cool (ant)

    LHSlashLHSlash10 måneder siden
  • By far one of the coolest little engines I have seen

    marko Heleninmarko Helenin10 måneder siden
  • BTW, are you aware of the superiority of electric motors over combustion?

    NommyNommy10 måneder siden
  • I can't help but feel like this is just make-work for the privileged. Sure, I appreciate it, but I'm relatively privileged too, so that doesn't change anything. Overall I can't shake the feeling this is excessive waste on so many levels, and should not sit comfortably with any right-minded person. That it does with the world like it is is somewhat indicative of our society, and depressing as fuck frankly. If only us privileged cunts would put our capabilities to better use... SpaceX is one of the only things that motivates me nowadays. I don't know what meaningful thing to ask for or suggest, I can only note, this seems ridiculously opulent and excessive. Is there anything you give back to earn or warrant this by any chance?

    NommyNommy10 måneder siden
  • Honda owners feel jealous----

  • Love the low idle

    dadigitechmandadigitechman10 måneder siden
    • Something about that, no? One of the tests I used to put every small engine rebuild thru back in my day was the low idle test... It not only tells you the thing was put together right, it's a dead simple way of adjusting the carb

      Mad ScientificMad Scientific9 måneder siden
  • Se o faustino tivesse aí ele ia dizer.... *TÁ GORDO*

    Opala Porra !!!Opala Porra !!!10 måneder siden
  • I'm amazed how some YT channels can get away with making videos without any talking/explanations.

    electronicsNmoreelectronicsNmore10 måneder siden
  • Proudly 'Made in China'

    Patrick CorcoranPatrick Corcoran10 måneder siden