8 + 8 Cylinder Stirling Engine

25. sep.. 2020
287 742 Ganger

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  • How about using induction to heat the pipes.

    BryanBryan6 dager siden
  • Olá.quanto é esse motor aí

    izidorio severino costaizidorio severino costa11 dager siden
  • This is the steampunkiest thing ive ever seen!

    Uncle Star Wars Satchmo98Uncle Star Wars Satchmo9814 dager siden
  • I'd love to see a flywheel and alternator fitted to this engine.

    J KJ KMåned siden
  • So the looser fitting parts are why these engines can't rev as high.

    Bill BergenBill BergenMåned siden
  • $505 Aussie dollars 😳

    W WW WMåned siden
  • Most sterling engines: wow it takes so little energy to run that it can be powered by the heat of your hand! This sterling engine: literally needs a fuckin blowtorch

    PorutacPorutac2 måneder siden
  • super top gebaut

    Basteln mit AndyBasteln mit Andy2 måneder siden
  • that is basicly a gas powered shiny desk fan right? =D

    Dominik HejlDominik Hejl3 måneder siden
  • Can i be your assistant ?

    Daniyal QamarDaniyal Qamar3 måneder siden
  • what would be the name of the APP of the thermal camera?

    PROJETO158PROJETO1583 måneder siden
  • How did your phone do infrared/heat mapping?

    Carl PadoverCarl Padover3 måneder siden
  • How many horses? 😂

    Edoardo FerrariEdoardo Ferrari4 måneder siden
  • I would love to get one of these for my Dad, but they are a little too expensive right now =(

    RinnerRinner4 måneder siden
  • RPM \ 3....

    eran zureran zur4 måneder siden
  • Nice space heater

    HexHex4 måneder siden
  • $600 for that junk, looks like they have purchased it from elsewhere and stuck that god awful base on it. Stirling engines can be very efficient with low friction and heat re-generators, this is a terrible design.

    shaunsprogressshaunsprogress4 måneder siden
  • I can still remember being educated on stirling engines in 1999, whilst doing my mechanical engineering degree. They were then using them by philips electronics to create ultra low temperatures.

    Erik SErik S4 måneder siden
  • Cyber Monday is 12% 😉 (love the channel, absolutely incredible and a joy to watch)

    Kerry MayshKerry Maysh4 måneder siden
  • What's up with the music at the end? Amazing! :D

    CrazyHorse151CrazyHorse1514 måneder siden
  • 1

    QuinbiQuinbi4 måneder siden
  • a fancy desktop fan..nice

    atuk brontokatuk brontok4 måneder siden
  • Wow...a box...within a box...within a box..serious shipping skills 👍😏

    Speckled JimSpeckled Jim4 måneder siden
  • Cool

    SUS-GUYSUS-GUY4 måneder siden
  • 手床的精密程度如何?

    小哥俩小哥俩4 måneder siden
  • now make a jet engine stirling cooled

    GemoTourixFrGemoTourixFr4 måneder siden
  • To bad its not a functional motor u can put on a plane

    Corey BihlCorey Bihl5 måneder siden
  • Very protective shipping

    Corey BihlCorey Bihl5 måneder siden
  • i was going to buy this but i saw the price, it's more expensive than my car's engine on ebay

    FrancisFrancis5 måneder siden

    C L O N EC L O N E5 måneder siden
  • Why don't you try hydrogen

    Madhavi KunaMadhavi Kuna5 måneder siden
  • Is it posible to make an rc stirling

    Car Lover PhotographyCar Lover Photography5 måneder siden
  • Who else wants to make a plane with this engine or is it just me.

    MiG-21MiG-215 måneder siden
  • Hi sir I'm Filipino can I have some free rc car like using gas I want to say this cuz my son like rc car using gas ang I can't buy it cuz we are poor can I have free rc car using gas I want to gift it to my son in this christmas

    Avelino AparecioAvelino Aparecio5 måneder siden
  • What's the name of thermal scanner app used here?

    Asad Bin SaberAsad Bin Saber6 måneder siden
  • That thing looks like it belongs on an alien spacecraft. Amazing.

    CalthecoolCalthecool6 måneder siden
  • Awesome

    Steffan StonneSteffan Stonne6 måneder siden
  • name of app for temperature?

    WatashiWatashi6 måneder siden
  • a real hot fan XD

    J: SobevJ: Sobev6 måneder siden
  • I came across one of your videos yesterday and have been watching most of them on your channel since, very interesting and inspiring, the quality of your videos is amazing and they're very educational. I would like to do stuff like this myself but I'm not sure how, would be nice if you could help give us some advice or enlighten us how you come to doing all of this stuff yourself.

    Hugh KockeHugh Kocke6 måneder siden
  • Lifespan of this engine? How many minutes?

    Jan KindlJan Kindl6 måneder siden
  • Do you live in France? Love your content and channel, I always look forward to your next release!

    Der DracheDer Drache6 måneder siden
  • 청원진행중 홍남기 기재부 장관 해임을 강력히 요구합니다

    사이버드사이버드6 måneder siden
  • I don't like the way that shakes..

    Green alienGreen alien6 måneder siden
  • I am exited!it would be more exciting when you unbox a rotary engine.

    BLK DNABLK DNA6 måneder siden
  • still waiting for that electric rc car m8!

    the_platapusthe_platapus6 måneder siden
  • It looks kind of like a jet engine

    Ice cream truck GangIce cream truck Gang6 måneder siden
  • I don't know why but for some reason whenever is an engine running especially at full throttle weather small or big, i feel it's gonna blow up

    Unruly KingUnruly King6 måneder siden
  • that packaging... oh my.

  • noworld.info/video/video/lKW8itV6zKyp2NU.html

  • wow waiting to full build airplane

    raymond gacusanraymond gacusan6 måneder siden
  • Hey, I like your videos. I'd like to see you make this engine model I saw in a video into a running engine noworld.info/video/video/un2opb2Imr2euJo.html

    Myles HillMyles Hill6 måneder siden
  • When you said next video has more pistons I was thinking more of a v8 or v10 .not going to lie I’m not interested in this type of engine at all it’s not carberated it doesn’t ignite from spark plugs. Not a fan unless it’s gasoline with a carb and pistons

    Logan BLogan B6 måneder siden

    walid Curiouswalid Curious6 måneder siden
  • That’s a lot quieter than I thought it was going to be

    MrBonger88MrBonger886 måneder siden
  • 4:43 when you get sonic the hedgehog flashbacks

    M KM K6 måneder siden
  • How does the motion of the pistons translate into rotation of the propeller?

    Craig TaylorCraig Taylor6 måneder siden
  • Your new desk fan will be the talk of the whole office

    TNH ScottyTNH Scotty6 måneder siden
  • 16

    คนดี กืบไม่ในโลกคนดี กืบไม่ในโลก6 måneder siden
  • Amazing machine wins top marks for looking cool and 1/10 for efficiency.

    Jonathan BallJonathan Ball6 måneder siden
  • very great package !!!

    frederic thomfrederic thom6 måneder siden
  • Would LOVE to see a R/C Plane with one of these! Either that, or a Hovercraft!

    Rodrigo R. GobattoRodrigo R. Gobatto6 måneder siden
  • Beautiful work of art! Until someone loses a finger....

    Chainsaw FPVChainsaw FPV6 måneder siden
  • Packaged incredibly well, but fark me, what a piss week engine for the amount of fuel pumped into it ;-) Still a cool looking toy

    MrBenski81MrBenski816 måneder siden
  • Dude can you share to me what android application to measure the temperature?

    Wen Jo TV OfficialWen Jo TV Official6 måneder siden
  • Make a plane with it

    SavegEinstin1 is the best YeetSavegEinstin1 is the best Yeet6 måneder siden
  • Noice, I loike 👍🏻

    Абдул ВахидАбдул Вахид6 måneder siden
  • Interesting engine. I thought I might order it. then I saw the price and nearly fell out of my chair.

    Craig DowneyCraig Downey6 måneder siden
  • I want to make a dremel out of this, lol that would be great

    Slick MikeSlick Mike6 måneder siden
    • @Slick Mike yeah

      Bill BergenBill BergenMåned siden
    • @Bill Bergen simple, we uhhh scale up the engine Or add 80 of them like that motorcycle powered by 50 chainsaws

      Slick MikeSlick MikeMåned siden
    • @Slick Mike yeah but isn't it too small for a real tractor?

      Bill BergenBill BergenMåned siden
    • @Bill Bergen or a tractor

      Slick MikeSlick MikeMåned siden
    • Or a rc tractor.

      Bill BergenBill BergenMåned siden
  • When is the rc car gona be finich

    Anomaly XDAnomaly XD6 måneder siden
  • Καλημέρα. Σε ποιό μέρος της Ελλάδας μένεις?

    lpap ggialpap ggia6 måneder siden
  • Next episode :rc plane gas powered

    kronikphasekronikphase6 måneder siden
  • It would prob run faster on an rc plane bc there would be less air resistance so rc plane ?

    carson's firewoodcarson's firewood6 måneder siden
  • Convenient desk fan with a Built in Flamethrower

    Luke DavisLuke Davis6 måneder siden
  • Packed like a 1:1 turbojet engine 🤣

    Mattia AlesiMattia Alesi6 måneder siden
  • I like this. Can you make very powerful jet engine? 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😉

    Hasitha madhubhashanaHasitha madhubhashana6 måneder siden
  • Muy impresionante !hermoso motor .me causó gracia la parte en la que dice..requiere unos ajustes jaja sigo tu canal hace años..saludossss

    santiago martinsantiago martin6 måneder siden
  • A very fancy table fan :)

    Halesh SHalesh S6 måneder siden
  • I wish there were items not made in china... hate giving a cent to any chinese company as their tax dollars goes towards their gov't producing more concentration camps.

    dan725dan7256 måneder siden
  • That’s cool looking

    Randy RobinsonRandy Robinson6 måneder siden
  • How much HP?

    3D Созидатель3D Созидатель6 måneder siden
  • Run it inside a freezer.

    Daniel RamseyDaniel Ramsey6 måneder siden
  • Could that be used for an RC plane ?

    Cruzerlou OutdoorsCruzerlou Outdoors6 måneder siden
  • Bet that thing was cheap lol

    RandyRandy6 måneder siden
  • looks absolutely amazing

    Meme ManMeme Man6 måneder siden
  • This would be an awesome desk fan for geeks 😍

    Michael SmithMichael Smith6 måneder siden
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    mori vlogmori vlog6 måneder siden
  • No cooling?

    Christopher FleuryChristopher Fleury6 måneder siden
  • sooooo a gas powered desk fan? XD

    OvAeonsOvAeons6 måneder siden
  • Stirling engines do NOT *need* "looser assemblies" to work properly. They do need low friction due to their low power density, but the loose assembly in this instance, is there because the swashplate has a very complicated linkage. (Each attachment wants to move in an elongated figure 8, projected onto the sphere centered on the plate.) It's just easier to give it a little play than to make a precise, low-friction linkage.

    Benjamin MillerBenjamin Miller6 måneder siden
    • Benjamin Miller being loose like that, would one expect the links to wear quicker?

      Rob DunfordRob Dunford6 måneder siden
  • crazy

    ZorkzZorkz6 måneder siden
  • I want one but way out of my price range plus I'm building a PC

    ChargingHotrod7 _ChargingHotrod7 _6 måneder siden
  • I wonder what the thrust would be, but seeing as it has very little toque its probably not the best lol.

    Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITIONUnexpected SPANISH INQUISITION6 måneder siden
  • Интересно и красиво, хоть и бесполезно.

    Сергей СПбСергей СПб6 måneder siden
  • Could you make it more efficient by closing off the back end, making the exhaust for the heat smaller, with a small air inlet like on a propane torch? Or by adding a regenerator like steel wire inside the tubes.

    CreeperOnYourHouseCreeperOnYourHouse6 måneder siden
  • Please tell me someone is gonna put this in an rc plane! 🤞🤞

    Sad PandaSad Panda6 måneder siden
  • Could the prop move clockwise or can it only move counterclockwise

    Yon YemYon Yem6 måneder siden
  • I really like this one. Very cool design.

    kush killerkush killer6 måneder siden
  • Oh wow it runs

    knut riisknut riis6 måneder siden
  • Cool engine

    Chamary stigersChamary stigers6 måneder siden