3 Speed Electric RC Car - Part 2/2

8. okt.. 2020
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- MOTOR & ESC Hobbywing EzRun Max8: ban.ggood.vip/UKqz (code: BG12457XC, 10%off)
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  • Some suggestion: You can decrease the gear ratio in the transmission. If you see, the jump from 1st gear to 2nd gear is quite extensive meaning that when the car changes from 1st to 2nd gear along with a high torque motor, the wheel will slip a little and hence decrease the traction. You can decrease the width of the front wheel so that the efficiency while turning is high. If you see , it is easier to turn a smaller width wheel than a bigger width wheel because of it’s low surface area contact. Secondly, more is the area, less is the pressure of a medium. You can even add counterweights at the front of the car but not a lot as while braking the centre of gravity will shift to front end. This counterweight will counter the opposing acceleration force that tends to make the car’s centre of gravity at the back end. Again, fantastic job to create a automatic transmission car. Commendable job .

    Kavan LadKavan Lad4 dager siden
  • I was surprised at the motor sound when the gear changes. I have a Schumacher XTR-3e which is 3 speed but I didn't like it because RWD + short wheelbase = uncontrollable. The car was too unstable so it went on a shelf in the garage lol and I haven't used it for years but the thing I remember was the engine sound changing to a lower tone on gear changes. At high RPM it sounded like an F1 car changing gear, it was awesome. I suspect yours doesn't lower in tone because the motor is too powerful, and on gear change the motor isn't slowing down but the wheels instantly turn faster. Those white spur gears are very soft and don't last long so I suspect with that much power and those gear changes, the teeth will shread quickly.

    Elliot MelloyElliot Melloy11 dager siden
  • Xe đẹp . Chế đồ hay đo bạn

    Phát VlogPhát Vlog13 dager siden
  • You could try to add tread and a little more weight for fraction or make an air based tire so u can reduce the amount of air for more surface of the tire is touching the ground which ads more traction just like drag cars

    Skyler BarnesSkyler Barnes19 dager siden
  • I to sie nazywa palenie gumy dd

    dawid pawlikdawid pawlik20 dager siden
  • Great to see more brushless converted menaces. Mine goes really well :-)

    crmercercrmercer22 dager siden
  • Maybe a softer tire bud. Or a slight tread pattern ide also say add a little weight over the axel but i dont imagine thats ideal

    Agent gumshoeAgent gumshoe23 dager siden
  • hay á

    Hưng ChickenHưng Chicken23 dager siden
  • Johnny whats up, I hope enough of us can convince you to build a 1/8 or 1/5 scale vehicle. These 1/10 scale cars will IMO... NEVER hold their own grip and run stable bcs all the extra added weight from the modifications like the inline engines, creates too much inertia for the small 1/10 scale wheels to lock down. wheel base is too small and the wheel diameter is also too small. Not enough surface contact to support the momentum of its own weight. Im trying to convince you or motivate you to build a much larger scale vehicle. The chassis weight, wheel base and diameter will definitely work great with one of those inline gas engines with enough room and options for design layout. Even the weight of the wheels will help lower center of gravity and assist in surface contact and grip. What do you say man lol?

    Auto Body EverythingAuto Body Everything25 dager siden
  • The best way to improve traction is to massively increase the weight. Also foam tires are no good - you need solid rubber - hard, heavy with a thin outer layer, maybe 1/32 inch thick like surgical rubber tubing...

    electrofly23electrofly2326 dager siden
  • I know this vid is from 5+ months ago but after reading the comments it seems that nobody has raced RC cars and/or knows what they're talking about. Some suggestions for your setup/traction issues: #1, get a tweak board and thoroughly set up your suspension left/right/front/back and perfectly dial in your chassis balance. #2, install a solid rear axle and run one way bearings in the front hubs for your AWD setup. An open rear diff is just a horrible idea for a setup such as this. The unbalanced chassis is causing more load on one wheel vs the other and that in turn spirals out of control with the open diff and that's why you can't get a straight launch. If you really wanted to get fancy you could build a transmission with front/rear/middle TORSEN diffs and that would work quite well but that would take a lot of tuning and would be much heavier than a simple solid rear axle (carbon) and some one way bearings for the front drive wheels.

    murder0nemurder0ne29 dager siden
  • 1:10 scale rc but his using a 1:8 scale motor and esc!!!

    Teddy SantiagoTeddy SantiagoMåned siden
    • It's a Shcumacher menace Gtr which is considered 1:9 scale. Wheelbase is 300mm, so it's definitely not a 1:10.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90Måned siden
  • Go back to a 2S pack.

    ddd228/Dave in Seattle.ddd228/Dave in Seattle.Måned siden
  • Hi there, I was too lazy reading all comments... so if there has been an answer to controllability just ignore mine! ;P Referring to competitor cars like an Mugen MRX where different ratios are used for front and rear axes (about 10% difference) you could try turning down the diameter of your rear tires a bit. Therefore the car will get a little more understeer but the controlability will improve a lot as it "pulls" a bit more from the front! Regards!

    Sven P.Sven P.Måned siden
  • *I really like your car, it very beautiful*

  • HONDA?...

    Luq Studio24Luq Studio24Måned siden
  • New show Idea, Will it lathe? just unreal job you did. well done!

    Bee SodBee SodMåned siden
  • use original old bridge stone tyre peice to make one for this small car and use adhesive to stick that ...and increase 10 gram weight on all wheels or insrease weight of whole car ... reply this comment if found helpfull

    vaibhav kumarvaibhav kumarMåned siden
    • ??

      vaibhav kumarvaibhav kumarMåned siden
  • YesSiRr!! WoW!!

    FILZ FFILZ FMåned siden
  • stronger rubber and more weight?

    Ryzen DivisionRyzen DivisionMåned siden
  • Cut up flat tread mountain bike tyres then glue onto your RC rims otherwise surely there’s a company somewhere that has decent RC tyres?

    RBNZ 2018RBNZ 2018Måned siden
  • You need to add some Ballast in front and behind the wheels closet to the front and rear bumpers as possible I build actual sized race cars it’s a simple traction fix you should only need around 1.2 to 1.5 kg of weighted ballast it should work maybe a little closer to 2 kg but not sure

    RBNZ 2018RBNZ 2018Måned siden
  • Please show top speed

    สเปโต เกร็งรัยสเปโต เกร็งรัยMåned siden
  • I thought this was good...then I saw the NSX body and jizzed in my pants...💦

    hazerdusonehazerdusoneMåned siden
  • Adjust to Softer shock absorbers & balance the tyres for more traction... but for bashing or drifting use harder compound or belted tyres👍🏼

    pengiranbobpengiranbob2 måneder siden
  • was the test run shot in Greece?

    Paris MalParis Mal2 måneder siden
  • Hook up a camera on the car

    puran bridgemalpuran bridgemal2 måneder siden
  • Which country you belong to

    Anuradha's KitchenAnuradha's Kitchen2 måneder siden
  • have you tried using lager wheels off from some today or something? or you could get rc3 wheels that have no design and they are completely filled inside with rubber thread lol what an awesome toy you got !!

    MichalMichal2 måneder siden
  • Face Reveal FINALLY 12:30!!!!!!!😮🤩

    Lisa LeddenLisa Ledden2 måneder siden
  • What frame is this based on?

    Sled_NeckX99Sled_NeckX992 måneder siden
  • Go to a preped drag strip and see if they'll let you run it down the track one or two times that rubber already laid down will help. If the trippers are low enough you might even get a time slip

    Bikes & WrenchesBikes & Wrenches2 måneder siden
  • I wish you would experiment adding some wings to it .

    EpicBuntyEpicBunty2 måneder siden
  • Counterweight the battery bro, it looks heavy on that side and pulling

    Rexx BareRexx Bare2 måneder siden
  • Go with belted rubber tires. They need to be more pliable. Stiff tires don't allow recovery for traction once they break loose. Also, go get yourself a radio that has avc. Spectrum cells a transmitter and receiver and it's not prohibitively expensive. with the amount of power that you have, and the vehicle setup that you are running, you could really benefit from it. the receiver has sensors built into it and will actually counter steer to correct for yaw. It also has other features like making steering less sensitive when the vehicle is at speed and other features that will help prevent spinouts.

    Gadget DeezGadget Deez2 måneder siden
  • I can tell you from experience that the brushless motor you're using has TONS of torque that the gas engine just didnt have. Thus why they have gears. Gears serve to keep the engine in its efficiency range. You dont have that problem with an electric. 100% torque at 0 rpm. Things that are severely hurting you right now. No slipper clutch. When you change gears, that excessive torque shocks the tires and blows them off. Any traction you had will be forever lost. With a gasoline or nitro, you at least had a little recovery time between power strokes. Something you dont have on the electrics. Another thing is braking. Disc brakes suck on rc. And by suck, i mean they work way too well. If you were direct drive with a slipper clutch and had the motor stopping you, it almost acts like abs and allows the tires to stay connected because the motor wont go into a full lockup in brake mode. The tires came apart because you didnt glue them to the wheels. Yes, i know you did, but not enough. High speed applications require the entire inside of the foam tire to be glued to the entire OD of the wheel. This is the only thing that keeps the foam from trying to grow thus ripping apart.

    Gadget DeezGadget Deez2 måneder siden
  • 🎉World record nice nice nice hyper car speed😳😱🤯

    mehmet dedeoglumehmet dedeoglu2 måneder siden
  • Is changing the gear ratio or swapping the motor out for one with less rpm an option? Maybe program a throttle curve? I don’t see any tire material keeping that thing from spinning all 4 wheels with the current setup.

    DustinDustin2 måneder siden
  • Take my tire advice with a grain of salt, but get belted rubber tires. The rubber will increase traction, and the belted part will keep the tires from ballooning and stretching from the high centrifugal force because of the high speed

    Nathan FederoffNathan Federoff2 måneder siden

    Bobby BanksBobby Banks2 måneder siden
  • Why would you add a transmission to an electric motor? Makes zero sense...

    Greg TakacsGreg Takacs2 måneder siden
  • it acts like most of its horses is the turbocharger on a car

    Kaden ParkerKaden Parker2 måneder siden
  • What is the reason for the 2nd and 3rd gear? Seems kinda useless

    It SelfIt Self2 måneder siden
  • Foam tires are mainly used to race on carpet. Rubber tires will be your best bet but st this weight and power there isn't much you can do to make it hook properly.

    MrBensteroMrBenstero2 måneder siden
  • Should of put a mustang body on it since it’s going to end up in the ditch anyways

    Jay BrooksJay Brooks2 måneder siden
  • So powerful that you don't need gears.

    Lucas LittmarckLucas Littmarck2 måneder siden
  • Hello first of all tell you that I love your channel, I think it is very interesting. Regarding the car, I would try to put a battery of equal power but smaller, the car has a lot of weight, I think on that side. On the other hand, there is the issue of aerodynamics since the chassis extensions that you have put on by not wearing the casing may be lifting the car slightly from the front left, removing your grip, check if the differentials work correctly and how you have a good 3d printer would try to make a body shell with a high downforce to try to give it more grip. Regards.

    Daniel hurtado calderonDaniel hurtado calderon3 måneder siden
  • umm... rubber tires with air? lol

    Ubi QuitiloUbi Quitilo3 måneder siden
  • So, basically, you built a car that is way too overpowered for the material used for the tires... at 50% throttle. Duuuuude. That is awesome! Can't wait to see how the thing handles once all the bugs have been solved.

    RuzuchiRuzuchi3 måneder siden
  • Softer rubber should do the trick

    Vincent PanicucciVincent Panicucci3 måneder siden
  • great work broo❣️❣️❣️

    inc ntinc nt3 måneder siden
  • Is the KV too high, that why it jumps into 3rd so fast from first and barely controllable??

    Doobie SkooDoobie Skoo3 måneder siden
  • I'm sure you can find the right size tires at a hobby shop online. Nice work

    Meditation Heath and WellnessMeditation Heath and Wellness3 måneder siden
  • ive got an idea but i think it will be really complicated its basically adding more downforce in the front and in the back(i suggest tilting that rear wing a bit more) and make it so it gets up when accelerating and get at a position of 90 degrees when braking plus you can adjust a bit the weight distribution so you get more grip in the back tires i also suggest making a real rubber tire so you can get more grip :D i really hope i helped you at something and if im wrong about something reply to me please :p

    hckryhckry3 måneder siden
  • Mas njalok sitok😂

    Maula RamadaniMaula Ramadani3 måneder siden
  • Needs DOWNFORCE lol

    Dan SterbakDan Sterbak3 måneder siden
  • Είσαι από την Ελλάδα εκεί είναι Αγία Τριάδα

    Giannis FotosGiannis Fotos3 måneder siden
  • try real rubber that's been vulcanized

    Thomas MacNicolThomas MacNicol3 måneder siden
  • If you can do some tuning and get the power ramp correct this thing is gonna be a beast

    Asher MoralesAsher Morales3 måneder siden
  • Those were Carpet Track Tires bro 😒

    David BooG EDavid BooG E3 måneder siden
  • Put more weight on it by making you rims made of aluminum 😁

    Mark TanteoMark Tanteo3 måneder siden
  • I bought you

    Hsn AadilHsn Aadil3 måneder siden
  • Use proper rubber slicks on it, preferably make your own out of some plastic you probably have lying around

    ColiiColii3 måneder siden
  • I would lock both differentials to 100% that way you dont get anything wonky like one tire stopped and the other spinning twice as fast as it ever should. You could also over drive the front just enough to matter that way the ass end of the car doesn't try to pass the front end of the car. You could also add a gyro and many other electronics that come on newer rc cars to make It handle better. I would also imagine having a real alignment figured out would help more than anything.

    R/C DailyR/C Daily3 måneder siden
  • if you are going to continue to use foam tires on that surface i suggest putting a bead of glue around the wall of the tires to stiffen them up a bit. also there's traction compound for foam tires

    ggjflyguyggjflyguy3 måneder siden
  • Way too many ads in your videos for some reason

    Gsxr 600Gsxr 6004 måneder siden
  • I love your mother so much

    ZEIZARAZEIZARA4 måneder siden
  • Now this is a thing that might hire you to nasa lol.

    GabeRing _GamingGabeRing _Gaming4 måneder siden
  • try rubber tyres

    Tornado 3007Tornado 30074 måneder siden
  • Based on the amount of torque that little baby has, you could probably slip on monster truck alloys and rubbers (rc, of course) and the pickup will still be awesome. 😊

    Aidil MirzaAidil Mirza4 måneder siden
  • What if you put a rubber tire inside of a two piece wheel that allowed the rubber to slip on the rim to act as a sort of clutch?

    Mike BlankMike Blank4 måneder siden
  • Cap the tires you'll get them to hookup

    trich301trich3014 måneder siden
  • love your videos i used to race back in the 80s- 90s when we had lots of tracks here in california , we used Bolink racing tires , the foam compound was very soft and very light weight material, also you need to fully glue them to the rim , as they tend to expand away from the rim , this misshapes the tire and brakes your contact patch with the road. also being light weight material helps as centrifugal force is less on the tire material. once that is fixed the body adds considerable down force , we would never run high speeds without it as it would stick the car to the ground and aerodynamics were a big part of traction. good luck

    TheRoulette77TheRoulette774 måneder siden
  • Does anybody have a vxl esc or motor that you don't need?

    Brezen PereyraBrezen Pereyra4 måneder siden
  • If you leave the edges of the tires square you get more grip, It's like that in skateboarding, I skate for 17 years. If you have round edged wheels its for sliding downhill.

    Jakub GarbaczJakub Garbacz4 måneder siden
  • Love your videos bro. Now that's driving the wheels right off her!

    Randy Rawding IIRandy Rawding II4 måneder siden
  • Thread those tires.

    Malam GustaMalam Gusta4 måneder siden
  • JOHN ? Use some regular rubber hose for tyres(of compound of choice ,cuz it’s hard for me to explain to you but I’m thinking like a radiator hose cut into tyres that way you can make wutever widths you want also ). Turn them down on the lathe to fit rim & desired thickness/profile. Glue on. Use The rubber hose that is string infused belted on the interior of the hose. You should be able to get this at any diameter you desire or close enough I make a rim fit in the 3-d printer like you did there ! 👍. That should help you give you thr advantages of both foams & regular rubber RC tyres. (But solid rubber between rim & road ). Know wut I mean 😉? This should improve traction (lol well. As good as you’ll get with that bad ass setup ). And not balloon any. And you can even use the rotary & put on your lathe to cut a tread pattern of your liking in to the tyres. (Yeah. I’m a RC guy too. Lol ). & you can even cut down foams to put between the outside rubber & actual rim to try that if you wanted 💁‍♂️. That’s just a couple ideas of the top of my head. I just watched ya vid.

    CHONCHON4 måneder siden
  • The choice of rubber is no good

    REVHE4DREVHE4D4 måneder siden
  • Nojoke, Herz some real tyres and put on the chassis, at these speeds, the aerodynamic really has a huge impact, even for this small car

    AcidicAcidic4 måneder siden
  • This is a 1/10 os 1/8 Scale? And you can't make work the reverse?

    Rudá BittencourtRudá Bittencourt4 måneder siden
  • You should get some aftermarket tyres. Try the tyres from Traxxas They are very good.

    Raphael ManskeRaphael Manske4 måneder siden
  • 1:01 Either sounds like chattering teeth, or wood pecker.

    TheJonesChannel11TheJonesChannel114 måneder siden
  • If the road are smoother, you could use some rubber compund liquid and lather all over it and just smooth it out (drag slicks). But since it was asphalt, you (may/not) need tire grooves to keep it gripping. A good tire needs a good amount of plasticity as well. Tyres are made to deform and dampens the vibrations made by wheel spin. If the car was 40/60 (F/R) in weight distribution, you should do AWD with 40/60 as well. Race cars tends to have wider back tyres to make it grip better when accelerating. That's why some sports car have 235 - 265 Front and 255 - 325 Rear.

    VablemeVableme4 måneder siden
  • also try some traction compond on the tires or softer compound

    NOR391NOR3914 måneder siden
  • put a gryo in it futaba makes the best one for surface itwill help to go straight!

    NOR391NOR3914 måneder siden
  • no one mentioned the thermal stress these tires were enduring

    DarkIzoDarkIzo4 måneder siden
  • Downforce. :'D

    CrazyHorse151CrazyHorse1514 måneder siden
  • 3:33 I think your lathe just did a burnout without the smoke.

    PhyPhy4 måneder siden
  • put ABS on break

    Norfaizan NikoNorfaizan Niko4 måneder siden
  • part of me wants to get into the RC car hobby, but i know pretty soon i'd be making 4 motor cars and trying to program in my own LSD, TCS, and ABS, ohh and torque vectoring, and then i'd not be sleeping...

    Andrew FrinkAndrew Frink4 måneder siden
  • Grp xx soft tires will fix that 100%. Foams have almost no grip on hard surfaces.

    LovestrickenLovestricken4 måneder siden
  • first time tuning into the chanel i was so plesed when you put the nsx body on great choice ten stars

    Cuilean BoullandCuilean Boulland4 måneder siden
  • The same tire blows out every time and it’s the same side where the battery is located so I suggest that you try to equalize the weight on both sides of the RC car and that should help with taking off in a straighter line and better traction

    Martin Ruiz DuranMartin Ruiz Duran4 måneder siden
  • Maybe you could build your own traction control system?

    Gs ChadalavadaGs Chadalavada4 måneder siden
  • Lots of great suggestions already. Been a long time (90's) since I did foam tires but I used to spray them with wd-40 to get extra traction. Seems counter-intuitive, but it made them extra tacky. 🤷🏻‍♂️ That beast is looking awesome though 👍

    Trevor WrightTrevor Wright4 måneder siden
  • all wheels drive

    Video Tular MalaysiaVideo Tular Malaysia4 måneder siden
  • There was a dude who made a abs brake for his bicycle. I think the same can be done for a traction control system but I'm not sure how that would be possible with 4wd.

    Ali SoltaniAli Soltani4 måneder siden
  • you could simply use PMT Model Tyres. They have a lot of grip.

    tdsangeltdsangel4 måneder siden
  • I bet that thing would do every bit of 100+ mph based off the engine specs. As for traction, look into some 1/8 scale foam on road race tires/wheels. They are super sticky and will hold up better. Also, putting the body on will help with some downforce, and I would take some time and print out some better wings and other aero parts to add to the body to further increase downforce. Another thing you can do is adjust the way the power comes on throughout the pull of the trigger by tuning the ESC. There should be a bunch of different options within the tuning of it that will allow you to tame the throttle response at the beginning, then will gradually end up at 100% or wherever you feel is enough. My last rc cars esc would allow me to run at 50% of the torque but still give me 100% of the rpm, and I could adjust it however was needed. Another thing to look for as for tires, look at the tires they use on RC dragsters. They are crazy sticky! They are also made to handle that kind of power and not fall apart. Awesome project though! If you ever want to sell it let me know! Haha. Mhrepoman@gmail.com is my email if you want some further suggestions.

    Michael HoffmanMichael Hoffman4 måneder siden