3 Speed Electric RC Car - Part 1/2

21. aug.. 2020
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►The parts that I used and you might find them useful:
-Transmitter and receiver: bit.ly/2tMUDNG
- SERVO URUAV Deluxe: ban.ggood.vip/UKqy
(code:BGBLS3714, 20%OFF)
- MOTOR & ESC Hobbywing EzRun Max8: ban.ggood.vip/UKqz (code: BG12457XC, 10%off)
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  • i'm thinking about trying to make a gas engine 3 speed rc car. any tips?

    End Zone ProductionsEnd Zone Productions2 dager siden
  • Wow ❗❗❗

    ONFF WORLDONFF WORLD6 dager siden
  • I had an offroad version of this back in the 90's, had the 2 speed trans on it. Trying to remember the name of it.

    brady moritzbrady moritz8 dager siden
  • I have the same radio, great range and very reliable!

    Sarge ScumSarge Scum11 dager siden
  • Those Schumacher gears are made of cheese. I think they used the same in the XTR-3e and they really don't last long even with a nitro engine.

    Elliot MelloyElliot Melloy11 dager siden
  • 14:26 "I refuse to promote something that doesnt pay me"? xD Why did you strip rest of the gens ace bashing logo?

    Ev0ltionEv0ltion13 dager siden
  • It makes me happy to watch things iwill never be able to afford

    Botho RhakhoBotho Rhakho16 dager siden
  • esto es sublime y bello

    Oscar CondeOscar CondeMåned siden
  • 15:34 bangset, kaget guwa

    Cok DehCok DehMåned siden
  • I dislike those plastic gears, metal gears are much better and saves a lot.

    Otiesh RC GarageOtiesh RC GarageMåned siden
  • So interesting you How you made your own motor mount actually due to motor heat I have seen motor mounts brake after certain time of use. My tow motor mounts are already broken.

    Otiesh RC GarageOtiesh RC GarageMåned siden
  • 🇮🇩 I like Your Video 👍

    wanchanelwanchanelMåned siden
  • What base chassis is used here (Purple)?

    Chris JohnsonChris JohnsonMåned siden
  • congratulations for the project, execution and use of professional equipment 🚀👍

    VTB VIRTUAL TEST BENCH RC electric enginesVTB VIRTUAL TEST BENCH RC electric enginesMåned siden
  • OoOo you have an qidi xmax. Niceeee.

    Guy UbertiGuy UbertiMåned siden
  • Teach me my master! amazing build! thank you!

    Bee SodBee SodMåned siden
  • as a starter i'm saving up to buy my first kit but you take this to the next levle haha

    Alicia HoflackAlicia HoflackMåned siden
  • Thats a CVT transmission... Its garbage. Just kidding :p

    Pablo HernandezPablo Hernandez2 måneder siden
  • 9:22 bro,what a strong sticker

    Enes GÖZÜKARAEnes GÖZÜKARA2 måneder siden
  • hello you have a good idea, try to improve it so that it can be set . name model car Schumacher Menace GTR

    djdanc123456djdanc1234562 måneder siden
  • Amazing video as well as part two. I saw part two first unfortunately and kept wondering if that was a menace gtr. You don’t see many of them anymore and it’s pretty hard to find parts for them. But again awesome videos. I do have a question for you though. Do you have the original body and any original parts that you would be interested in selling?

    FpvDroneLife215FpvDroneLife2152 måneder siden
  • For all my rc people out there, we understand how annoying it can be changing out the gear to get a top speed run 😭

    mojoro438mojoro4382 måneder siden
  • what is that mat on your workbench?

    xavi0nxavi0n2 måneder siden
  • Too bad you couldnt add a 1 way clutch to 3rd. You wouldnt be able to have reverse (it'd lock up between 3rd and 1st fighting each other) but at least you'd be able to use the motor through 3rd gear to brake. Forward and brake without extra servos etc is still better than all the added complexity.

    Gadget DeezGadget Deez2 måneder siden
  • .

    Rising ForceRising Force2 måneder siden
  • How to solder to thick wire?

    li motherli mother2 måneder siden
  • I would like to see RC motors (and ESCs) with delta-wye transition which would give you a 1.73:1 gear for free.

    Elvis PfützenreuterElvis Pfützenreuter2 måneder siden
  • My mind is blown from the title🤯🤯🤯

    TheRealStonerSimpsonTheRealStonerSimpson2 måneder siden
  • I think I've found my favorite RC Channel 👍🏾👍🏾

    Briyen MartinBriyen Martin3 måneder siden
  • Thank you!

    Dan WoodruffDan Woodruff3 måneder siden
  • I use to have Team Associated nitro TC3,,, stupid fast, too fast,, If you blinked, it was gone! having a non fail safe radio was it's demise.

    jocrp6jocrp63 måneder siden
  • At the first look the motor mount looks like Pac-Man! 😂

    Cecil RC FANCLUBCecil RC FANCLUB3 måneder siden
  • Can you make 2 or 3 speed for electric skateboard 6374 motor

    Brad DidenkoBrad Didenko4 måneder siden
  • That is an amazing set up you have really skilful

    Gsxr 600Gsxr 6004 måneder siden
  • I This guy is really intelligent I just wish he’d talk about his parts and voiced learning in his videos

    Brice SuireBrice Suire4 måneder siden
  • I would love to have these machines to do stuff like that myself...

    Prime LenkzyPrime Lenkzy4 måneder siden
  • I know the style of your videos man, i just got lost in em for like 4 hours straight.

    Link ZzLink Zz4 måneder siden
  • man that sounds scary to drive. I will most likely crash it in 5 minutes lol.

    hillboy2001hillboy20014 måneder siden
  • This is not a combustion engine, therefore you don't gain much form shifting gears. The characteristics of electric engines make shifting gears (more or less) obsolete.

    Robert NowakRobert Nowak4 måneder siden
  • If only I can scrub my school shoe that fast!🤣😅😆😉

    Game MasterGame Master5 måneder siden
  • Got everything needed to make it look like new Only original part is the body

    Hank HildebrantHank Hildebrant5 måneder siden
  • Auto?! What!!!!

    samuel mahersamuel maher5 måneder siden
  • stupid guy, dumbest rc driver .

    ActionFanActionFan5 måneder siden
  • The battery is realy big you could get 2 smaller with 5200mha and they would fit fine

    OlifaxOlifax5 måneder siden
  • You have all mesin for make this 👏

    youtube channelyoutube channel5 måneder siden
  • Hi sir I'm Filipino can I have some free rc car like using gas I want to say this cuz my son like rc car using gas ang I can't buy it cuz we are poor can I have free rc car using gas I want to gift it to my son in this christmas

    Avelino AparecioAvelino Aparecio5 måneder siden
  • Fun project but you really don't need different speeds with an electric motor.

    Billy JamesonBilly Jameson6 måneder siden
  • And don't forget to add ABS to those disc brakes man❤️❤️❤️

  • I have a scar in the exact same place on your left hand! I opened a part to take off the vice and slipped, my hand ran underneath a brand new 10mm carbide endmill, sliced deep... Aww memories....

    cdmDiegocdmDiego6 måneder siden
  • I've never seen a single fluted carbide drill before! wow!!

    cdmDiegocdmDiego6 måneder siden
  • 👍

    Gacheru MburuGacheru Mburu6 måneder siden
  • Awesome job on that !

    Pete StoupasPete Stoupas6 måneder siden
  • *im making a homemade rc all i need is bevel gear to connect it with motors and i can't find one smh 😐*

    sen paisen pai6 måneder siden
  • The shift points really need to be widened ALOT, and softer foam of the tyres. Also you will need to glue the tyres all the way, not just the edges

    iwillbatiwillbat6 måneder siden
  • Wow this is a great idea of ​​what model it is.

    ladislav stanekladislav stanek6 måneder siden
  • Hows the gearbox work

    howtofixbrandhowtofixbrand6 måneder siden
  • sorry what chassie do you use for this build

    Sokki LaurentSokki Laurent6 måneder siden
  • what chisie is that

    Sokki LaurentSokki Laurent6 måneder siden
  • what is part 2

    Carson RitterCarson Ritter6 måneder siden
  • I wonder if all his frames are all custom made or if he buys them

    Jake HeddensJake Heddens6 måneder siden
  • I knew (more or less) what was going to happen at 15:25, but it still made me jump lol

    durgundurgun6 måneder siden
  • hi friend, love this interesting video. I'd like to get a mutual friendship.pls, support me too.

  • Next episode : i turbod my ex car

    Mauritazu •Mauritazu •7 måneder siden
  • Still waiting on part 2 JQ. Where you at??

    Beatz AintFree MobileBeatz AintFree Mobile7 måneder siden
  • The moter is going to tear apart the nylon gears. Keep some spare gears!

    Rewatkar GauravRewatkar Gaurav7 måneder siden
  • Can’t wait for part 2!

    DaveDave7 måneder siden
  • So I don't understood what is the principle of operation that gearbox?

    The NamelessThe Nameless7 måneder siden
  • Arrma limitless/infraction/felony speedgear !!!

    BIG FLOYDBIG FLOYD7 måneder siden
  • Because if you didn't have three gears ...... what?

    TrondyneTrondyne7 måneder siden
  • Nothing New!!

    SuperDooperSuperDooper7 måneder siden
  • This channel...I’ve been subbed for years, and I just love watching the process.

    Shane EllisShane Ellis7 måneder siden
  • That thing has a 55,000 rpm limit

    Joseph lettrichJoseph lettrich7 måneder siden
  • Even if that thing was stuck in third it would still burn tyre and do atleast 60 I had that motor and esc in my rc and I was running a 15 tooth pinion and 48 tooth spur and it did atleast 60 if not more

    Joseph lettrichJoseph lettrich7 måneder siden
  • When coming next part

    Ivan ČurovićIvan Čurović7 måneder siden
  • Нехера не понял механизм переключения,ну хер с ним,лайк

    gnom757gnom7577 måneder siden
  • God, that little test snap made me jump!

    SteveSteve7 måneder siden
  • Your channel and your work 👌🏻👌🏻

    voice&music channelvoice&music channel7 måneder siden
  • I can't even make the 3 speed automatic transmission Show every thing into detail ?

  • So... it’s pathetic automatic scum. But small

    SamSam7 måneder siden
  • You won't need brakes, the motor has plenty! And I believe the gears are only necessary for nitrogen engines as they are lower rpm 🤟 it'll go to fast

    Brendon PowerBrendon Power7 måneder siden
  • 15:02

    Helmi YahyaHelmi Yahya7 måneder siden
  • Great video! What mill machine do you have??

    Lucas MatasLucas Matas7 måneder siden
  • I need some explanation on how the gears are 'shifting'. Because I already see 3 of them connected right there. And he didn't add a rail system, for the both the side to side, and back and forth for moving the motor. If the motor itself isn't moving on the plate, how is it switching gears.

    MechMech7 måneder siden
    • My guess is every white plastic gear has a ratchet and one centrifugal clutch, which engages at a certain speed. When the clutch of the next gear engages, the slower gear will ratched, since the driveshaft will spin faster than the gear itself. When the clutch disengage at lower speeds, the next gear down will take over again. And the first gear (the slowest) only has a ratchet, therefore it will always engange when the shaft spins slower than that.

      Niklas MertensNiklas Mertens7 måneder siden
  • Seems to work well hurry up and test drive so we can see it go !

    Trev OhlsonTrev Ohlson7 måneder siden
  • The only thing holding those gears on the drive collar to the motor is locktite? Idk man

    Derron GiovanniDerron Giovanni7 måneder siden
  • I wonder, will the plastic components survive tho? This thing is going to be hella fast.

    Iqbal HarditoIqbal Hardito7 måneder siden
  • How is that belt moving when the toothed sides were stuck together as he was assembling the diffs

    Shane FrittsShane Fritts7 måneder siden
  • i have that same controller ...love my radiolink!

    Dom VitoDom Vito7 måneder siden
  • Make a gearbox that could beat the rc land speed record?

    GefiltefishGefiltefish7 måneder siden
  • Very nice project!

    mtctookie25mtctookie257 måneder siden
  • This is going to be a ROCKET!

    Mattia AlesiMattia Alesi7 måneder siden
  • Hi, you don't need three gerars, you need only third gear. You have torque from zero to maximum and we talk about 36.960 rpm without a clutch. The ball-diffs can not resist the power. If they are not tighten enough, then they will melt down.

    ODO_ITALODO_ITAL7 måneder siden
  • That's a lot of power for that 3 gear system... brushless has so much more torque than nitro, which kind of negates the need for the multi-speed transmission. You have a lot more RPM's as well with a brushless system. Will be interesting to see how that 3-speed holds up. I had the 1st/2nd gear locking issue on my losi aftershock after I installed a stronger engine. It had a very weak two speed system on it. With the extra torque the new engine had, the 2-speed pucks would hop the flat spot on the 2-speed shaft and effectively lock 2nd and 1st at the same time. Was fine until about the 8th tank of break-in, then that happened. lol! Ended up buying the more robust LST 2-speed assembly.

    Bryan L olds97_lssBryan L olds97_lss7 måneder siden
  • Thank you for not ruining this video with annoying repetitive music :)

    Dean BrowneDean Browne7 måneder siden
  • Bhurt😳😝😜😂🤣...

    Bhurt SahebBhurt Saheb7 måneder siden
  • Putra dewa

    Honda MotorkuHonda Motorku7 måneder siden
  • Enjoyed every bit of the video.

    Siddhant KumawatSiddhant Kumawat7 måneder siden
  • He should add an extra back mount for the moter a free floating one is good for straiggt for ward stuff but a front and back mount allows for the stress of hitting ramps etc to be shared so the moter stays in place

    Overkill GamingOverkill Gaming7 måneder siden
  • I love the fact that we have seen Johnny's last nitro build and are now experiencing his new electric build

    WuddadidWuddadid7 måneder siden
  • Wow nice 👍

    Psv48p HPsv48p H7 måneder siden