0.6psi @ 90,000rpm Supercharger on MINI 2 Cylinder Four Stroke Engine! - BLOW Through Setup

16. jan.. 2021
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I know the blowthrough setup isn't the best method for this type of engines, since their carburetor isn't meant to take boost. Despite that, I wanted to give it one more chance before I move to the drawthrough setup.
Trying to supercharge a model engine with a centrifugal compressor is is way harder than the positive displacement ones. This thing has to spin at hundreds of thousands of revolution in order to give some useful numbers.
Nevertheless, I wanted to do it as I know many people would be interested in seeing it.
Next up is the draw through setup, for which I'm very curious to see how it's going to work. Chances are that overall it's going to be better.
Of source we need to measure the power output, that's why I'm planning to build a prony brake dyno and see the results.
And yes, at some point it will be mounted on a r/c car. Most of the I engines
I have, will be mounted on something, because I'm too tired as you seeing them all the time on a stand.
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  • that doesn't sound like 90k rpm (at all)

    Brian BerghBrian Bergh2 måneder siden
    • @JohnnyQ90 Very impressed with your Pocket NC mill! Little Toyan should be pressure liquid cooled.

      Roger TycholizRoger Tycholiz23 dager siden
    • @Alpha Wërks automotive I know they need more than 6 tenths of a pound of boost to make more power. The amount of extra fuel you can burn with 6 tenths of a pound of pressure is most likely far less than what it takes to turn the supercharger.

      tarstarkusztarstarkuszMåned siden
    • @Latonia Varma Awesome! Took about 15 minutes but it worked!

      Koda RaylanKoda RaylanMåned siden
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      Latonia VarmaLatonia VarmaMåned siden
    • I'm guessing this produces LESS power with the "supercharger" attached than it does naturally aspirated. There is a lot of drag involved and very little in the way of air pumping, plus a portion of that air-pumping is going to the tank for pressurizing the fuel.

      tarstarkusztarstarkuszMåned siden
  • It would be interesting if there was a fully capable miniature DYNO with computer software these small engines could be tested on👍 My money is on you to be able to build one of these types of DYNO’s

    Ron WeberRon Weber6 timer siden
  • Had a steam engine when I was younger and did have a fascination wit Paddle steamers etc

    Paul BrandtPaul Brandt3 dager siden
  • แม้กะให้จังเลยล่ะไม่สนได้เลย😅😅😅

    Don-NoppadonDon-Noppadon4 dager siden
  • Amazing work! Waiting for the day I see this in a scale engine bay running!

    RealOneThreeSevensRealOneThreeSevens5 dager siden
  • Does the 0.6 PSI of boost compensate for the power absorbed by the supercharger? On very small engines you're better off with a displacement supercharger instead of a 'turbo' (roto-dynamic, impeller) type blower. They will be much more efficient (boost produced versus power absorbed) and will actually increase the power output. In other words, they will actually do their job.

    Devil's OffspringDevil's Offspring8 dager siden
  • Love these videos! No talking, just really cool stuff.

    Pete DazerPete Dazer12 dager siden
  • Well, that was kinda underwhelming. With the single carburettor, the engine ran really poorly. Absolutely no throttle response, and not revving anywhere near its potential. Adding the turbo only made it worse.

    Lars BirkemoseLars Birkemose13 dager siden
  • That is cool!! I think if you make the inlet cone smaller you will produce more boost

    kale taubertkale taubert14 dager siden
  • Is there a way to make a timing advance one these motors?

    kyle fitzgeraldkyle fitzgerald17 dager siden
  • I was thinking perhaps the Superchargers inlet diameter is too small

    Early BirdEarly Bird20 dager siden
  • Love all your videos. I've been thinking though, given the scale of the engines are so much smaller, is PSI an accurate way to gauge how efficient your supercharger is? Should the .6 PSI reading be scaled up, say 10X (I think the engine is a 1/10 scale model) which would be 6 PSI. I'm sure you've done all the math, but the fact that tiny blower is pushing .6 PSI through tiny manifolds is damn impressive. Congrats on a great achievement!

    Thomas SThomas S20 dager siden
  • Try advancing the timing on the cam 1 tooth

    Construction KingConstruction King21 dag siden
  • you need ecu and tune it

    langra manlangra manMåned siden
  • Why is it not running on the exhaust gases? Instead of the crank?

    Leonardo LombardLeonardo LombardMåned siden
  • കാണാൻ നല്ല രസമാണ് ❤️❤️

    Thomas AntonyThomas AntonyMåned siden
  • I think u should try plunger type injectors on top of both cylinders

    Sara MatthewsSara MatthewsMåned siden
  • ,,,,,, =0,4 = lol = waw /♡

    Nafisa DuraniNafisa DuraniMåned siden
  • Are you using a forced induction throttle body? If not, how are you preventing the fuel from blowing back up the line?

    Jonathan DoughJonathan DoughMåned siden
    • There is a back pressure line after the supercharger, that goes to the fuel tank and presuurizes so fuel can be pushed in to the carburetor.

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ90Måned siden
  • 11:21 are. Those water droplets or is the turbo housing spinning inside

    B1G_ben-B1G_ben-Måned siden
  • Would you be able to build supercharger and I buy it off you? Because that would be really cool if you could

    Abdul RamziAbdul RamziMåned siden
  • how much this motor price??????

    Best MusicsBest MusicsMåned siden
  • Fix a silencer like tractor

    Prudhvi KashyapPrudhvi KashyapMåned siden
  • What are the compressor measurements? Id be interested in what trim it is. Radial superchargers usually have a very low trim number. They do more compression at lower rpms.

    Joe KJoe KMåned siden
  • Lad’s got himself some Propper gauges......

    Ignatios NelsonIgnatios NelsonMåned siden
  • Does this run on nitro only or can it run on gas?

    JoeJoeMåned siden
  • A inletfunnel & roundet edges will be an idea...

    GpunktHartmanGpunktHartmanMåned siden
  • Great choice using ceramic bearings in the supercharger. Even better would be full ceramic bearings.

    R BR B2 måneder siden
  • noworld.info/dev/FqQFcjPCq21S1M-Y1b2Hjw

    Etem ATEŞEtem ATEŞ2 måneder siden
  • Congratulations on your wonderful work. Where did you buy such small pulleys and belts? Thank you.

    simio39simio392 måneder siden
  • Your machine work is amazing mate. Got a question for ya.. How much could the connecting rods in that motor be holding it back since it is using traditional bronze bushings without a pressurized lubrication system? or at the very least an oil slinger tossing lube up on shaft for cooling. Also maybe machine a velocity stack for that turbine to help it draw more air effectively too. Not sure the effects on a test stand with one but once its a rolling unit could help a bit.

    Borgonian EvolutionBorgonian Evolution2 måneder siden
  • It would be cool to see a turbo instead a super, especially if it would sound like one

    Simeon SteidlSimeon Steidl2 måneder siden
  • Its got quite a slow throttle response

    Bristol RcBristol Rc2 måneder siden
  • Let me know when you get to 10 psi gauge pressure.

    j kj k2 måneder siden
  • Imma wait for the stututututu

    The WaffleThe Waffle2 måneder siden
    • I want a weeeeeeeeeeee

      The WaffleThe WaffleMåned siden
    • Thats a turbo does not a supercharger

      MrLazyBonesMrLazyBonesMåned siden
  • Great job, i like the idea and i can give you a little friendly advice from one mechanic to another mechanic. I do allot of force induction projects and the pressure on the fuel needs to be higher the the pressure on the charger. Lets say an engine like a 2.0 litter using 1000cc injectors, the idler fuel pressure is 43psi and depending on the engine compression the injection pulse is 1.2ms on 900 to 1200rpm. When the charger start to force the air inside the engine normally the pressure on the fuel advance 1.1psi per pound of boost. I don’t know if this help you, I think if you add an electric or manual fuel pump with regulator you can fix your problem. I would like to see that project working at 100% soon!

    Jose EmanuelJose Emanuel2 måneder siden
  • I'm thinking maybe now your Boost is good enough but it can't get enough fuel flow for full throttle

    BRS RCBRS RC2 måneder siden
  • That is so badass! Where do you get all the different size micro belts? Hey man I don't mean to judge I'm just really curious. Why do you wear rubber gloves when you're working with such clean stuff?

    BRS RCBRS RC2 måneder siden
  • Many thanks for this video..It runs like a dream now!!

    ben roofben roof2 måneder siden
  • Maybe a twin scroll in the future... I feel like you definitely got the skills

    kyle Culpkyle Culp2 måneder siden
  • Was mach ich hier 😂😂

    l zvsx ll zvsx l2 måneder siden
  • The edges on intake of the blower absolutely have to be rounded over on the ID. Airflow over 90 degree edges actually produces significant turbulence that effectively choke the intake as air mass and velocity through the tube increases. Basically it creates a circular vortex inside the lip of the intake entrance and the faster the air flows through that point the faster that vortex rotates meaning that there is a point at which it will choke itself. The solution to this? Taper the edge of the intake. Even a plain old 45 taper from the ID to the OD will dramatically improve flow and reduce lag. It is basically creating a circular airfoil. This is Bernoulli and Venturi doing work. There is a video called "ducted fan theory 101" that should explain this all much better than I can. When done properly you go from a turbulent column of air through a straight tube to a vortex flow (think tornado) that rotates with the impeller. A tapered bore also acts as a compressor of sorts and the natural vortex flow of a Venturi all add up tremendously. Just beveling the id edges will smooth your setup out and amplify the sound of the blower radically (think trumpet or megaphone for your blower) Longass story short... the keywords you're looking for here are "Velocity Stack" and "bellmouth". Welcome to aerodynamics buddy!

    Adam ConnellAdam Connell2 måneder siden
    • BTW the circular vortex im initially talking about is the same type of vortex a vortex cannon makes, but it stays at the inside lip of a the tube vs. Traveling out.

      Adam ConnellAdam Connell2 måneder siden
  • u must change needle valve reacher after connecting super charger !

    Pedram SghPedram Sgh2 måneder siden
  • You do amazing work. The thing is you can’t scale aerodynamics. The rules that apply to full scale turbo machinery doesn’t apply to this scale.

    Pete KPete K2 måneder siden
  • LIar. 90k rpm. try 2500

    J JoneskiJ Joneski2 måneder siden
    • @J Joneski you're positive..

      MrLazyBonesMrLazyBonesMåned siden
    • @JohnnyQ90 LOLOLOLOLOL. Dream lalalaland for you

      J JoneskiJ Joneski2 måneder siden
    • @JohnnyQ90 calling bs on your rpm's dude. I'm not the only one that knows you are full of it. More than 3k and your shit will shake to pieces.

      J JoneskiJ Joneski2 måneder siden
    • Are you referring to the engine which is doing 11,000 or to the supercharger that is actually spinning at 90,000rpm?

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ902 måneder siden
  • isnt that a turbo not a supercharger??

    Jerber KrellJerber Krell2 måneder siden
    • Its a centrifugal supercharger

      Redtooth 75Redtooth 752 måneder siden
  • wtf theres no way this little engine can move a car bruh

    Alex SainsburyAlex Sainsbury2 måneder siden
  • Is the boost guage attached to the open end of the supercharger?

    thiscocksthiscocks2 måneder siden
  • Next... put on RC car?

    Squarebody Case /Wade McKenneySquarebody Case /Wade McKenney2 måneder siden
  • You have to put a boosted motor under load to make boost.

    Jason NeaceJason Neace2 måneder siden
  • Also, I think it would be if you built twin turbos and see if it helps with lag.

    Mickey BeahlMickey Beahl2 måneder siden
  • I want to see this man build a legit street car. I believe he would be a master at the art. He'll, I'd even like for him to build the turbo setup on my next car.

    Mickey BeahlMickey Beahl2 måneder siden
  • must be the new engine that will go in the 2022 f150

    scott russellscott russell2 måneder siden
  • Rev it higher and you have a happy customer

    Miloš ĐošićMiloš Đošić2 måneder siden
  • Nice toys, good work, no more and no less...🤷‍♂

    Peter WinterPeter Winter2 måneder siden
  • Awesome job ! Supercharge a carburettor engine isn't easy, no wonder we couldn't see too much examples in the 1:1 car history even. That's why R5 Alpine Turbos had the carb before the Turbo made an extreme long intake for the mixture. Wasn't a throttle response king but at least it gave good afr whatever the manifold pressure was. With blown carb You have to play with fuel pressure at least what You made with the pressurized tank. Maybe connect the tube after the throttle valve (to the intake manifold) could be a bit better, but it needs to be tested for sure, and also need a connection. :) I really like the project, was a pleasure to see how You worked on it ! I'm curious about the output compared the "non blower" version. :)

    AlpiAlpi2 måneder siden
  • This would be so bad ass in a 1/10 axial rock bouncer

    lee Boylee Boy2 måneder siden
  • Your supercharger isn't making boost when the duct is on the engine. You may be able to pressurize a closed chamber to half a PSI, but the intake of an engine is under vacuum. So when a supercharger on a car makes 7 PSI of positive manifold pressure, that's on top filling the 14+ inches of vacuum.

    Angry YankeeAngry Yankee2 måneder siden
  • Where do u get the engines?

    Alex OlteanAlex Oltean2 måneder siden
  • This is mindless polution of our fragile environment.

    Alex SheppardAlex Sheppard2 måneder siden
  • Do you sell your snails??

    Front DeskFront Desk2 måneder siden
  • so cool!

    Brad KBrad K2 måneder siden
  • How would this engine sound like if it were attached to a small scale car transmission?

    Doc NathanDoc Nathan2 måneder siden
  • Esta fora de ponto esse motor, está com a explosão atrasada.

    Joemcoy RPGMakersJoemcoy RPGMakers2 måneder siden
  • 0.6psi without the engine consuming air is not the same.... measure the pressure with the compressor connected to the engine to get a realistic value

    Diego MayánDiego Mayán2 måneder siden
  • Once again, I ran the calculations of this compressor per Casey and Robinson nondimensional parameters and you will not make any usable boost until you spin this thing about as twice as fast as you are now. Given your blade design is optimized and it's sized appropriately which I already know it's not with only 4 blades. Your best bet would be to effectively double the compressor size, increase the number of blades, spin it to around 100k or more rpm and try again with the 4 cylinder Toyan. In theory, C&R checks out.. I'll send you a blade design with comp map if interested..

    D RD R2 måneder siden
  • Make an exhaust for it. Make it sound good.

    IIGrayfoxIIIIGrayfoxII2 måneder siden
  • You should see if you can make a turbo for it

    Poor Boyz and Bias PliezPoor Boyz and Bias Pliez2 måneder siden
  • Almost worth it to rig up some sort of an O2 sensor to monitor AFR live, I'd think

    Sola OutdoorsSola Outdoors2 måneder siden
  • You loose a lot of pressure pressuring the tank from the inlet, try pressuring tank from another system an let the full pressure go through the inlet !

    Colin JolivetColin Jolivet2 måneder siden
  • lel

    MarioMario2 måneder siden
  • Don't mean to be rude but was there actually any engineering put into the supercharger? I see you're not happy with it. Supercharger looks way too big for the engine, it's literally half the size of it.

    AndrewAndrew2 måneder siden
  • This is pretty cool, tiny engines are great to study for future modified cars like actual real cars.

    Louigie OtaLouigie Ota2 måneder siden
  • How is it cooled?

    Peter MainwaringPeter Mainwaring2 måneder siden
  • Amazing and beautiful video ❤️😍

    Supreme RepairsSupreme Repairs2 måneder siden
  • needs boost referenced fuel pressure for blow through to work without leaning out

    Andrew SmartAndrew Smart2 måneder siden
  • Well that was a waste of time watching that.

    Col CroucherCol Croucher2 måneder siden

    Surround The WorldSurround The World2 måneder siden
  • 90 .000?????

    Luciano KLuciano K2 måneder siden
  • Make this motor SCREAM..Dump the Liquid fuel idea.. Draw air thru a small filter to make Vapor.. wow.. will it GO..

    Matt WalshMatt Walsh2 måneder siden
  • It seems to be running slower with super charger, Maybe it's not designed for the same

    Mach TechnoscienceMach Technoscience2 måneder siden
  • Is this click bait?

    blookyblops and the tinfoil hat gangblookyblops and the tinfoil hat gang2 måneder siden
    • Engine is spinning at 11,000rpm and supercharger at 90,000rpm and I showed that. How it's clickbait?

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ902 måneder siden
  • This is so damn cool. I wish I had the tools and knowledge to do things like this

    James AJames A2 måneder siden
  • All to what end?

    Hector MoralesHector Morales2 måneder siden
  • You're throttle delay might just be because of the turbo I've seen that happen on a few cars I think that's pretty common you're all good

    Joe BluntsJoe Blunts2 måneder siden
  • This is so insanely cool I'm amazed

    Joe BluntsJoe Blunts2 måneder siden
  • Wow this man is a genius. Please help me with my nitro rc I need an intake manifold I can't find one with out buy a 120$ exhaust system and I can't even find any to buy anymore they're discontinued

    Joe BluntsJoe Blunts2 måneder siden
  • Try to move the throttle to the inlet of the supercharger, that might work better for you.

    djzlobodjzlobo2 måneder siden
  • It needs a tuned exhaust! It's a 2 stroke!

    ClockFixer 1964ClockFixer 19642 måneder siden
  • Dyno run when?

    Kristaps ValainisKristaps Valainis2 måneder siden
  • make sure to tune your motor like any engine when you add something like that it will always need to be tuned to the new environment otherwise yes it will run like shit

    sandy1234853sandy12348532 måneder siden
  • electric motor is better

    Did3DDid3D2 måneder siden
  • Electric fuel pump would solve a lot of issues. when the SC spools its having to fill the volume in that huge (for this scale) fuel tank. Electric fuel pump and remove that line from the blower. should help a lot. also I think the supercharger needs to spin at about 200k rpm, not sure what its upper limit is though...

    Xyic0reXyic0re2 måneder siden
    • Agreed, that engine sounds quite fuel starved.

      Alexander BonardiAlexander Bonardi2 måneder siden
  • 2 Cylinder 4 Stroke is that possible?! It might have been 2 Cylinder 4 Valves...

    Ramp10erRamp10er2 måneder siden
  • Timing !

    thomas grokenbergerthomas grokenberger2 måneder siden
  • How much time did it make to build this? Wish i could strap one of these into a smart lol

    CarlCarl2 måneder siden
  • takes care to prevent coronavirus

    Bruno LaeskerBruno Laesker2 måneder siden
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  • This is awesome!!!

    AlandrielAlandriel2 måneder siden
  • 3or4.000 rpms max

    Chris FerrellChris Ferrell2 måneder siden
    • Lol

      JohnnyQ90JohnnyQ902 måneder siden
  • My neighbors musty think I am running my weed eater in my house

    chinablue whochinablue who2 måneder siden